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Updated FCA Fleet Policies

Discussion in 'Police, Taxis, Ambulances, etc' started by AHBGuru, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. AHBGuru

    AHBGuru Active Member

    Mar 22, 2015
    So we have some changes to consider, these apply to late model Law Enforcement Vehicles (Charger Pursuit, Durango and Ram SSV):

    1) Vehicle may be current model year, but must be "in service" a minimum of 6 months before retail purchase will be allowed. The definition of "in service" does include demo/executive driven, including MFR test vehicles.

    2). 5/100 extended warranty (Fleet) no longer follows the car. A retail customer purchasing a fleet vehicle will receive the retail (5/60) warranty, with the option to add a Mopar warranty.

    3) Bid vs Retail delineation continues. What this entails is the different models and how they're marketed and sold to customers.

    For our purposes here, the most important thing for anyone who is considering the purchase or sale of a late (or current) model fleet vehicle, be certain you and your dealer are using the correct valuation figures, as a Charger Pursuit is *not* an SE or R/T, nor is a Durango SSV an SXT or R/T.

    Be advised that most online valuation "tools" do not include fleet models. You may use NADA Guides, which often lists most years of Chrysler fleet models, or consult directly with your bank or credit union for further research. Do not accept valuations from a dealer or lender based on a retail model.
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