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Valiant/Dart v. Volare/Aspen

Discussion in 'A Body: Duster, Valiant, Dart, etc' started by 77LeBaron, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. 68RT

    68RT Well-Known Member

    Aug 8, 2003
    While the Aspen/Volare might have been a better riding vehicle, I had a 75 Duster and when I opened the trunk lid and saw the non-flat floor with about half the room, I did not trade mine in and walked away. The Duster had near station wagon storage capacity and with three kids, I needed all of that to take a week long trip. Having a Super six would have been nice but I later towed a Winnebago trailer behind for probably 8k miles with the 225 and manual OD trans and got 20mpg in that configuration. (Had to have air shocks maxed out due to a heavy tongue weight and long tail on the Duster). Still one of my favorite past vehicles. Without the trailer, it got 30MPG.
  2. voiceofstl

    voiceofstl Well-Known Member

    Jan 15, 2010
    I also think they updated the A body....Like how they updated the B body to the R. Yes the R was a failure mainly due to styyling and other issues.
    Look at the 80 Cordorbra which based on the F body but looked totally diferant and it had fantasic looking new dash.
    All the A body needed was the rubber isolation like 73 B bodys got and better sound proofing.. The body could've strected a little bit and the interior made more upscale.
  3. 77LeBaron

    77LeBaron Member

    Feb 3, 2017
    I had the 1976 Plymouth Volare sedan triple black with a Burgundy Vinyl I thought it was leather interior , Power windows , A/C , 318 engine and it was dependable if anything . The plastic trim pieces even in 1982 were starting to flake . Great first car !

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