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Water In Rear Driver Side Foot Well Dodge Caliber

Discussion in 'Compacts: Renegade, Patriot, Compass, Caliber' started by Matthew, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. Matthew

    Matthew Is pushing for progress!

    So I have a question, dose any one know how water would be getting in the rear driver side foot well of a dodge caliber. It's my dad's car it's an 06, I don't know how long it has been leaking as he never noticed. Mom noticed today when she went to put something in the back seat. as there where 3 to 5 (it submerged a road side emergency) inches it was about a half inch from the top of the hump between the front driver foot well and the rear driver side foot well under the driver seat. it is also clear from the small amount of water in the front divers well it has gone over the hump ether during heavy rain or when he drives down the hill we live on. there is not water in the in the rear or front passenger foot well so I don't think it would be a plugged drain for the HV/AC system as to me that would flood both front (from foot well vent) and rear foot well (from the floor vent to the back) Is this a common problem? I don't think it is a door seal as I would hope my dad would notice (but given that he did not notice 3-5 inches of standing water in the car I don't know) the amount of water leaking in coming into the car that way. Is there a know problem like this? and where would the water be coming from?
  2. ImperialCrown

    ImperialCrown Moderator Level III Supporter

    The first step is to find out where the water is entering. You may have to pull the seats, interior trim and carpet up and out (this may be wise to help speed drying). Wet carpets that sit will begin to stink.
    Being that the car is 10 years old, is the water leak something that just began happening? Any recent body or dash service?
    The rear seat footwell is about the lowest point of the floorpan, so water can be collecting here and coming from further away. Usually water drip trails will leave a water 'stain' behind. Do you see any water leak witness stains on the bottom of the HVAC housing? Is the carpet damp where the HVAC box is up against the firewall?
    If the cowl/wiper area is plugged up with leaves and tree debris, this can clog rains and overflow into the fresh air intake. This is common for cars parked under or around trees.
    The antenna cable grommet entering the right kick panel area can become dislodged and let water into the right floor.
    Taillamp or rear hatchback grommet sealing can fail and let water into the car. This will usually flood the spare tire well, but water can travel forward into the passenger area.
    Does the car have a sunroof? The 4 drain tubes are known to plug up and overflow into the car.
    Chrysler released a couple of TSBs for Caliber water leaks.
    A 'water test' with a garden hose on low pressure can be used to try and recreate a water leak to find out exactly where it is entering.
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  3. chuzz

    chuzz Active Member

    I agree with IC about the sunroof drains. I used to own a Caliber and am STILL a member of a Caliber forum. This is a known issue with sunroof Calibers.
  4. ka9yhd

    ka9yhd Member

    IC do they still use body caulking? I remember when I had a problem with the spare tire well in my 1987 Shelby CSX filling up with water, and I purchased the vehicle new. Years later I found an article about the body caulking on the Shadow.

    So I am wondering if they missed a spot or the body caulking is getting hard and starting to leak on his Caliber.
  5. ImperialCrown

    ImperialCrown Moderator Level III Supporter

    The body seam caulking was applied by robots. There were some early-producton missed spots and the factory released a document on possible places to look that might have the missed caulking.
    This is an early Caliber, but I would have thought that water leaks due to open seams would have made their presence known before it was 10 years old. Maybe not.
  6. Fast Eddie

    Fast Eddie Valued Member Level III Supporter

    Have 2 water leak stories...............1970 Plymouth Sport day I went to clean out the trunk and I decided to check out the spare since the car was less than a year old and I wondered how the air pressure was in the tire. Pulled up the mat and then the fibreboard cover and the well was full of water covering the tire completely. Popped the plastic cap in bottom of well and drained the water and didn't replace the cap. Found out the leak was at the bottom of the rear window where the glass is curved and filled with RTV and that solved the problem.

    Second story was wifes new Dart Swinger. Car was only about a month old when there was a heavy overnight thunderstorm. When she went to use the car the next day as she was backing out of the driveway and hit the incline water came running out of the glovebox. She stopped the car and checked it out and the glovebox was full of water and all the car documents were soaked. Found leak at base of windshield and repaired. Never had another water leak with any of my Chrysler products since then.
  7. paullybob

    paullybob Member

    Sunroof drain tubes are most likely blocked by debris or a spider that made itself a new home. Either blow them out with a shot of compressed air or run a thin piece of thin stiff wire through the drain tubes. That should clear out your issue I'd think.