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Welcome to the Project Board

Discussion in 'Projects, mods, restoration' started by Jeff2KPatriotBlue, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. Jeff2KPatriotBlue

    Jeff2KPatriotBlue Radioactive

    Aug 6, 2002

    This is a place to document your projects. Let us know what you are starting with, what your goals are, how things move along, your stumbling blocks... you know what I am talking about.

  2. fishon

    fishon Guest

    just started 1988 dodge daytona shelby z rebuild. car is in fair condition. I don't think it will take alot of work. sure is a fun car to drive.
  3. mirada80

    mirada80 Guest

  4. kg4iqb

    kg4iqb Guest

    I'm currently fixing up a 1970 Dodge Polara. Almost through with it. It has a .383 ci with a two barrel carb. I have to adjust the carb and fix one of the seats and put a paint job on it, and she'll be ready. As soon as I'm able, I will post a pic on here!
  5. furiousgeorge

    furiousgeorge Member

    Jun 27, 2004
    Yello, I'm currently restoring a '66 Sport Fury, 383 commando/727. So far it runs and used to drive (massive brake failure put me back into the Grand Am for now!) She's rough, but still has lots of miles in her yet.
  6. Have recently bought a 1965 plymouth vailiant 100 4 door car. Very straight car, but mostly all original. Thought it would be great to talk to alot of other people that has the very same car, or types of cars as I do. I am a mopar nut but do also have other cars besides mopars. I have this 65 valiant, and my father and have a few cars that we restore together. We have a 57 chevy belair, and an all original 68'Torino with 30k miles. Our true passions are mopars! I am trying to find a 71' 340 duster to remake the car my father had when he was a kid. That has probaly been the hardest car to find with a staright body on it! My father has restored a 38' plymouth coupe, 71 duster, lots of fury III's, and one sport fury that was an original 426 car. I guess our ultimate goal is to try to find a 71 hemi cuda' but these days they are so hard to find, and the price tags are so far past what I am looking to spend!! Back to my valiant. It had an all original slant six with air conditioning on it. I have totaly redone the underside of the car, tanks, breaks drums, and all new lines. I have half way finished the inside if the car. I just got finished putting the Proline set up with two weber 2 barrels on it with headers and dual exhaust. This has been very exciting to do, and frustrating at the same time! I have recently been talking with Doug Dutra from dutra duals and he has been a great help with some minor qwirks. I am fully done with the motor and am very happy with this setup. Talk about an HP upgrade frome bone stock. I did not put a cam in it, but I am doing that next year when I paint the car and pull the motor. With headers and dual exhaust on the car, it sounds so good and most of the time just like a v8. Sorry for the long post, hope I didn't bore anybody. I will post pictures of this valiant project, and other mopars that we have done in the past next week.

    65 V.A. Valiant
  7. girly-car

    girly-car Guest

    yeah, i have a '90 daytona that is my baby. it's the only car i have ever had...it's a family heirloom of sorts. it's had a hard life, but now, tens of thousands of dollars later i have decided since i have replaced virtually everything mechanical on the car, i may as well finish it and start on some body work. there are still some things that need to be done on the inside, but it has run for close to 3 monthes straight (knock on wood) with out visiting the shop, so i think she is ready for a treat. if anyone has any tips, please clue me in. she's got alot of dents and dings and the front ground effect is cracked...i am currently trying to figure out if there is a way to patch it or if i should just bite it and replace the thing.
  8. Badass283

    Badass283 Guest

    Hi all, I to am new to this so I thought I'd check in and get to know the site. I just aquired a 63 Valiant ragtop as my new project (as if I don't have enough already) So I means that I v'e got to sell my 63 Signet Hardtop. My plans call for new paint, a new (used) left quarter, disc brakes, Etc. The original 225 runs good, but this time I'm planning on using a late model fuel injected 360 from a newer truck along with the overdrive trans. I'll send pics as I progress. Also, if any one's intersted, my 63 Hardtop is for sale. It features a 318/904, discs, 8-3/4, Custom vinyl and tweed interior, 16' wheels, and custom paint. $6,000.00 I'll email pics. Anyway, I'm planning to get started on the 'vert soon and would love to trade ideas/ tech info with anyone interested.

  9. Bigalexe

    Bigalexe Guest

    I got an 81 Horizon for my first car with 69000 miles (this post is dated May 2, 2005). So far i replaced both front coil springs and am fighting with the carb to get the car to stop stalling... thats in a topic on the Horizon / Omni board. Anyway its gonna get a new exhaust cause its got a hole in the muffler and besides that ive just done small stuff like i bled the brakes, oil change, trans-fluid / filter, and its gonna get a radiator flush'n'fill soon.

    anyway its great for a free car but i just feel a bit slighted on the dependable end
  10. Ive got a 72 Challenger witht he original 318 and possibly the original tranny ill have to look at the numbers. The body in in almost perfect shape. One problem witht he body is it rusted out on the rear passenger side fender well and when my dad had it he cut the rust out and never replaced the panel so theres a hole in the fender well. The motor is giong to need to be totally rebuilt i think. Im sure all the seals and bearings in the drive train will need to be replaced. It has disc brakes in the fron and a brake job is in order. It would be in my garage but ive been working twelve hour days for the past month and havent had time on the weekends. But i cant wait to start on it.
  11. mikesquared

    mikesquared Member

    Apr 27, 2005
    1994 GC Glaval conversion.
    So far...
    removed rear storage box that came with conversion roof, added plate with a pair of Oz Subs.
    Added 2 110v outlets
    Neons under dash
    customized grill from a 94 Voyager (pics once I figure the camera out)
    Smoooooth ride (ala 1 leaf spring per side, yes 1 lonely leaf)
    Blaupunkt speakers in dash, doors rear
    Air box removed and K/N style cone attatched to end of tube
    2.5inch highflow exhaust (including Cat)
    ok, you all can stop laughing now.

  12. hello all,

    I have a 68, charger 383 original four speed charger red car, which to this day am yet to see one like it or even close so really don't know how rare it is but I know it is rare being a 4 speed car............ and is still in the middle of a restoration it was very rough when we got it and has been put off and restarted for other project cars, it has been in the makeing for about 10 years hope to finish some day, untill then I will just have to enjoy my 70' charger r/t

    just wondering but everyone knows what R/T stands for right?
  13. cavemanmoron

    cavemanmoron Active Member

    Feb 26, 2004
    I am old enough to recall those cars being sold new,and the really cool
    White Hat boys commercial on tv with the cute girl wearing a white cowboy hat.

    Yeah I know what R/T stands for,LOL.
  14. mekanic4755

    mekanic4755 Guest

    Howdy Iam restoring a 1950 Plymouth special deluxe coupe, to be a daily driver. Man what was I thinking, no really I love this old piece of junk, since I first saw her. I call her Patty,yeah I know but she just kinda looks like a patty. Kinda wide in the trunk and old and rusty but classy. Anyhow she has the original flathead six and three on the tree and still runs and only smokes a little good oil pressure, though. Can you believe that 56 years old and still chugging along. Man thats some serious Detroit iron. I feel like banging my head against her heavy duty rear fenders sometimes, fixing the floor board rust through has got to be the biggest pain, although just finding the correct parts is a lot of funto ---Oh yeah. But I will eventually get her done, and the way I see it no since having and old classic if you don't drive it, so I'm going too. See ya all at Oldtown, you will know Patty, she's the one with the horn that sounds like a train. Hey fellows anybody know where I can get a good used 225 slant six and auto tranny. Thanks Terry :blink:
  15. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Favors Fine Fifth Avenues

    Oct 10, 2004
    this may be a newer vehicle but since this is the "Project board" i'll show mine:

    I am in the process of restoring my 1985 Chrysler Fifth Avenue, titled "Rough" to driveable condition. it was a very special car, not very good looking but it was my first M body. it had grenaded the tranny at 190K about 2 years ago, and i have already replaced it with a A904 from a '89 Ram truck. i had the car running enough to find out the tranny works, but now i have to fix a timing issue with the 318 (fix the tranny then engine dies, cascade failure) but i hope to also use this car as an experimental guinea pig for some ideas to help the M platform work better, save trouble diagnosing and improve economy.

    I plan to convert this car to a late 1980s Dodge Ram style 2-bbl TBI Fuel Injection system in the distant future. it will enable the key scan method of computer code diagnosis. also improve economy and be easier to start. (no more pumping the gas pedal and no more lean burn) i hope to pull this off in the simplest manner and if i do, it will make a nice conversion and nice info for future F/J/M owners.

    But for now all i want the car to do is drive. in its present state it would make for a nice work car, since the "rich, corinthian leather" interior is far gone. (seats are ripped entirely up front, one seat don't power operate anymore and center armrest is bad) and headliner is hanging with mouse damage.
  16. Actonbell

    Actonbell Guest

    1982 Chrysler Cordoba, glacier blue, with white simulated convertible top. Bucket seats, shift in the console. It isn’t dead yet! :p
  17. Druqk_7

    Druqk_7 Guest

    I'm performing an engine swap for my 85 Dodge aries Station wagon se. From the 2.2 TBI to a 3.0 v6 out of a 87 caravan ( turbo's beware lol)
    I bouught the van for a 150 bucks ( tranny's busted) At first i was going to buy another transmission for the swap but ,I've read that the motor bolts on to the A-413 trans. Is this true ???? The motor is in pretty good shape ( 100k on it) and as far as i can tell everthing should go smoothly. It's poasted on cardomain if ya want to check it out (http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2642016) lemme know what you think!!!!
  18. 74 charger

    74 charger Guest

    Hi I'm almost done with my 74 Charger, will be at Carlisle with it . I still need to get a couple things here and there but it will be there . If any one knows were to get the rubber that goes around the bumpper please let me know. ;)
  19. 58dodge

    58dodge New Member

    Jul 2, 2007
    Hello all,
    My project is a 1958 Dodge d100 p/u w/ short step side bed. I have had the truck since 1997 and I am doing a, very slow, frame off resto. I am anticipating the truck to appear somewhat stock, only a slight lowering with IFS and leveling the rear to give it a good feel on the road. Additionally the Flat6 has been removed and I have a 1967 383ci big block to go back in it. When its done I am looking for a streetable 400hp. All of this will be wrapped in B5 blue paint. Can't wait to get it done and take it out for a spin. Mopar Nats here I come (2009).
  20. Fly Boy Fury

    Fly Boy Fury Member

    Jul 23, 2007
    Hey out there.

    Last week I picked up a 78 small Fury 440 Pursuit sedan. Last of the breed. Air Force fleet vehicle that I can tell so fer. U-code E86 A38.

    Before I can decide just where to go with this project (and it IS a project), I hafta see how correct it is.

    I like clean air as much as the next guy, maybe more. What I do know is, it'll have to meet latest CA Smog Law approved under Grey Davis' reign... Fine. And Grey --- if you were ever listening --- the OVS bounty program isn't helping jack except Gross Polluter factories who buy the smog credit obtained as bountied, crushed, classic cars. You just robbed Peter to pay Paul. Smoke (or is it Smog?) and Mirrors. :angry: Here's another one you're not getting. And I'm bringing more back to CA for the Collectors. B) Ahem.

    My initial thought was restore it to police spec until, I learned it's build history. I dunno that there's much interest in USAF correct car (not sexy like a CHP unit), or if there are even resources to gleen from.

    It is numbers match motor, good for 255 hp I'm told. Match trans, two (three technically) fender tags. Correct LB carb and ESA module, 3.2 sure grip 9.25, dual exh (cats missing), with the most all goodies seemingly intact. Even the Mopar radiator, alternator and starter.

    Today, I thought it might make a good set of wheel to lease to movie studios for the next chase thriller. BTW, I LUVVED Grindhouse Deathproof, but it was tuff to watch the destruction. I'd rather see blood! Rent it when it hits Netflix.

    Anyways, that's it for now. But I have to say: I want to see this one through to a respectable life again, not just end up a daily driver.

    Thanks, K2 (Fly Boy Fury)

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