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Where Did You Find Your Daytona?

Discussion in 'GFAQ: G-Body Frequently Asked Questions' started by TurboPacifica, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. I first bought my 86 Turbo Z in 1987 as a demo. It had everything in it, leather, trip computer, power everything, sunroof and yuck a 3 speed automatic. Did some work to it, Direct Connection computer, shift kit, intercooler on top and some other minor stuff. It was fast, faster than my friends stock 87 Shelby T2. Used to brake rev it like crazy. But when the VNT came out for 90, my cousin who was a mechanic at a Dodge dealer told me to try it out. Man he was right, I traded my 86 Turbo Z in for it in March of 1990 and I beat the Heck out of that car for 8 years. I went through 4 sets of tires the first 2 years. I'll tell you if anyone says that the VNT wasn't reliable, they don't know what their talking about. Yes the VNT needed 14 psi boost to make the same HP as the T2 at 12PSI but the extra 25ft/lb of torque and the fact that you can get full boost at about 2,000RPM's was amazing. Not one problem with the motor or VNT, the only problems were the accessories, alternator, A/C compressor, water pump. The car was a dream. Averaged 25MPG while still beating late 80's early 90's Camaros and Mustangs. If only they had the goodies then that they have now. It would have been amazing. BTW, I used to race on a SCCA road racing track, 1/4 mile doesn't do it for me. I had it till 1998 when I sold it cause I got married and had a baby. It wasn't a family car and I was living in an apartment with no place to store it. I don't have any Daytonas anymore and really want to find a 90 VNT with the A568 tranny. That tranny with the better syncros and better shifter was awesome. If I can't find a 90 VNT, then I'll settle for a 88 or 89 T2. As you guys can see 7 years without my VNT has made me very itchy.
  2. rachilders

    rachilders Guest

    Purchased my '85 Turbo Z new in January of '85. Ordered it from a dealer in Horsham, PA. Moved to New Orleans in '90 and Longview, Texas (100 miles or so east of Dallas) in 2002. Loved it from the start and the only Dodge that I'd consider as a replacement would be a Viper. However, the Daytona cost me $12,000 new and that would hardly cover the tax, shipping and prep on a Viper these days. I also don't want to even THINK about the cost of insurance on the Viper compared to the Daytona ($300 a year full coverage. Age does have it's advantages sometimes)! :eek:
  3. My Grandmother bought mine new in '88. When i was 3 I asked her if I could have it and she said yes. So when I graduated she decided to get a new car and give me her Daytona. I love it to death and you would have to pay me alot of money for me to sell it.
  4. white93iroc

    white93iroc Nothin' but MOPAR for me!!

    Feb 5, 2003
    Found my first Daytona on a dealers lot looking all shiny & ready to be driven. Less than a month later I drove it into the back of a construction workers truck. Check my site for details.

    Got my second Daytona, to replace the first, from the wheels and deals here in Indiana. Drove 90 minutes away to get it. Drove it till the turbo blew.

    Got my third and current Daytona after I ventured away from Dodges with a Probe GT. I found it on ebay and went to Columbus, Ohio to get it. Been driving it ever since. Probably won't ever part with it, just add more to the collection as funds become available.
  5. msmart86_2000

    msmart86_2000 Member

    Feb 13, 2003
    I found mine @ Fink's used cars in Zanesville, OH. in 1998.(about 45 min. from me.) was the only stick that I could find at the time. of course, if I knew then what I know now, I think I would've gotten one a lot sooner. It also had all it's paint then. They also recently had a '66 Corvair that was in nice shape, but It wasn't THE ONE of those for me.

  6. desecrator

    desecrator Guest

    My 92 Daytona ES V6 auto was my first car. I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect car. My parent were really cool and said they'd pay half of what ever (the more money I saved, the more they'd help) car I chose. This was 1997 and I was 17. I remember seeing a green Daytona (it was probably a 89-91 ES) and was infatuated... it was kind of beat up though, and we didn't trust the dealer. The search continued, and my parents were leaning towards a new "reliable" vehicle... at one point they offered to pay a lot more than half if I'd take a new Chevy something... But I saw an ad for a 92 ES. I went to look at it and I was in love. It was beautiful... the raspberry color and the body and interior that we have all come to love. It was in great shape except for peeling paint on the roof. Ran perfect. It was $5000 and was worth every penny. At first, the 'rents said no, but when they saw how much it meant to me, they agreed. I drove it for 5 years. I took it everywhere and had some of the best times of my life in that car. It was part of me. When I graduated college in 2002, as a grad present, my parents offered their Camry if I traded my Daytona in towards their new car. I agreed, reluctantly (as it was at 115,000 and didn't run great anymore). Well, I still have the Camry, and it is as solid and reliable... a great form of transportation, but it has no soul or personality. A few weeks ago, for no apparent reason, I became very nostalgic about the Daytona. When Carfax revealed that my old Daytona had been totaled, I vowed to get another... as similar as possible. Within a few days, I found a 93 ES V6 auto in Chicagoland listed as "purple". I had a hunch and requested photos. Sure enough, it was raspberry. I twin of my 92 ES. I got $1995 cash and had a buddy drive me 600+ miles to Chicago and drove her home. 23 hours round trip. It's now in winter storage and will get a complete workover come spring.

    I found that the Daytona was way more than just a car. I had to right a wrong and I feel I did. It sounds silly to all my friends here, but I'm sure all of you understand all too well.
  7. 'Wolfman

    'Wolfman Guest

    My Daytona came into the family fresh off of the lot as a commuter car for my Dad. He wanted a turbo model, but could not find one without the ground effects and such. He wanted something simple, and so chose the 3.0l V6. Once I got my liscense, I learned how to drive standard on this car, and drove it for awhile until last year it was transferred over to me. It had a lot of work done, and it's my baby. Excelent college transportation, and a danged sexy set of wheels.
  8. Daytona Brad

    Daytona Brad Guest

    I got my 89 Es from an auto wrecker 4 $850. I got my 85 turbo from some guy that worked at kia and traded a trubo bluge hood 4 her. And my 85 turbo Z i got from some guy that lives like 10 min away from me 4 $445
  9. b-88-d

    b-88-d New Member

    Mar 15, 2004
    I factory ordered my Daytona in October '87, the base model (black with grey interior), with no options. Our son was just born, money was tight, and I wanted a second car. The 'tona was the only FWD hatchback available at the time, so it was my only choice. It's a great little car, and has served me well. Within the last few years, I have given it all new brakes, struts, shocks, CV joints, tires, repaired the rust and a new paint job. I have modified it with an MSD 6A, Comp Cam 268H, reworked throttle body w/65pph injector, three TBI spacers, K&N, underdrive pulley, adjustable cam gear, and cat-less low restriction exhaust. It also has the front air dam and sand blasted and painted pizza wheels. It runs strong, and just about keeps up with our 165 HP Probe GT. I'm thinking that if the body and electrical system are still holding out in a couple of years (the 'tona is my winter beater, a '98 F-Body is my summer ride) I'll give it a complete re-work, and keep it another 20 years! :D
  10. 1992IROC

    1992IROC Guest

    I was looking for a Dodge Daytona didn't care what year model or what color. I just remembered how much fun it was driving my 1985 Daytona Turbo. Found one really close to me in LA. Found out it was a 1992 IROC in red. Went to go look at her and found out the car had some body damage and the transmission was on the edge. But the girl was willing to sell her to me for $1200. Found out that someone had placed gear oil instead of motor oil into the trasmission. Well that caused the transmission to lock up. But after all that I ended up getting a used tranny for $500. So the car ended up costing me $1700. And she is great take a lock for yourself.

  11. SouthernNites

    SouthernNites Member

    Jul 9, 2003
    Wife had totalled her car one day while working, So we where looking for her a replacement car after she had recovered from the wreck enough to get around. We had been scouring the internet, newspapers, and all the locale car lots. It was getting down to the wire to where she was just about out of time to make up her mind on a car because she had to return to work in the next couple of days. We where on our way home from another day of car lot shopping and she seen a Toyota Camry she liked on this one car lot so we pulled in. We looked at the Camry and talked to the salesman, the car had too many miles on it for my taste, and started looking around his lot and she found a 98 Kia Sephia she liked. We where pulling out to test drive the Kia and I saw The back end of the Daytona hiding in a group of cars on the lot. I was turning all the way around in my seat as my wife was pulling out of the lot. Wife asked my what I was looking at, told her I thought I saw a car I might be interested in. The Kia drove great and had low miles on it. When we got back to the lot I immediately went to the Daytona, it was a 92 Iroc... popped the hood... no turbo but the v-6. Body and interior was in excellent shape. Test drove the Iroc, ran like a dream. The car lot wanted $4999 for the Kia and $3999 for the Daytona. When we got back I told the guy, I would give him $6000 off the lot for both cars. He took it. So we bought both cars.
  12. scarecrow8205

    scarecrow8205 Member

    Apr 12, 2005
    I was looking for a shelby with t-tops, a 5 spd & 2.2T2....probably six months & found one, and the kid that had it wouldn't sell it. So I got on e-bay & found EXACTLY what I wanted for $500.00....catch was it was in dire need of an overhaul, and it was well over 400 miles from where I live. I bought it. $300 towing bill from just north of Trenton NJ to Clearfield, PA. Its been in the garage since I bought it last June. It was beat on for sure, but is shining up nicely with a little elbow grease & a hefty wad of cash. I had to replace the windshield...that was fun...NEVER AGAIN....the engines whats holding me up now, I think the turbo may be bad. Umm...new brakes/calipers/rotors/lines, Cooper Cobra's all the way around, all new steering, exhaust. The engines bored .050 & the heads shaved to .020. new valves, lifters, ect...I cleaned Heck out of the interior and am hoping to sell my other car as soon as I get this one running, for enough to get a paintjob.
  13. supraMTR

    supraMTR Guest

    My dad bought mine in 1986 from a co-worker with 25k on it. It is an '84, black on black leather. 2.2T1 with a 525. Sunroof, pizza wheels and no air. When I turned 16, it got turned over to me. I drove it through high school and my first semester of college. By that time, January of '99, I had blown the motor. I put a new one in but never got it quite right, so I sold it to a friend of mine. She built a new motor for it, bought a new clutch and flywheel and then let it sit. So it sat in her drive until she gave it back to me, now it is rotting in my garage. There is some nasty rust on the driver side rocker, and the paint is shot, but other than that it is complete.
  14. CJ Chitwood

    CJ Chitwood Hubby and Daddy Extraordinaire

    Nov 30, 2004
    My first car was the 1973 Beetle. Mine was basically the cheapest Beetle there was, practically zero options. Long story short, even though I tried to keep it running, I didn't try very hard to keep the speed to a reasonable amount and after a lot of 85 mph highway driving (stock 1600cc dual port) it finally broke down one too many times. Good car for learning the basics, though, and although a PITA, it was rather easy to repair and maintain.

    I drove my sister's 84 Mercury Marquis after the beetle broke, though I never owned the Merc. One of the freeze plugs blew and I had no idea at the time what had happened. I was on my way to work, in predawn darkness, in a car my boss (I was an electrician's helper and I was assigned to various Journeymen during my time in that trade) would not recognize me in, so I wanted to get as close to work as I could. Got right to the turnoff before the engine seized up on me. Would have cost too much to repair, was sent to junkz (with a fresh rebuilt 3-speed auto! :angry: ).

    My dad then said, "Son, it's time to find you a new car". Prior to the electrician stint, I worked for Tire Kingdom for a month. I didn't realize it at the time, but God was setting me up. He arranged for an owner of an (86?) Daytona to need an oil change. It was black, IIRC. I had a thing against Ford and Chevy because (a) Mustangs and Camaros (and Firebirds) were too rich for my blood for the ones I did like, and ( b ) they were too common. I wasn't sure what Dodge offered. Then I sat in this Daytona and fell in love with the interior, and the fact it was neither Ford nor GM but was still domestic. My father and I had gone all over looking at Mustangs mostly, and standing next to an overpriced black '94 vert, he said "I'm afraid it's a little too much car for you anyway". At some point I had told my father that I thought it was a Daytona that I liked at Tire Kingdom, and he found one at a dealership.

    So off we went. We were walking to the car, and I looked all over for it. At first, I made the rookie mistake of thinking it was a Firebird or Camaro (all I could see was the front clip, from the side, with popup lights and the 86 I was in at TK was obviously the four-beamer). Then we got to it and I could tell it wasn't a Firebird, but wasn't sure what it was until I saw the pentastar emblem on the nose. Salesman brought me the keys to it and for some reason to a Sunbird Convertible next to it with a ragged top. Sat in both, and loved the Daytona. Wanted a convertible, but not enough to deal with the blocky switches on the Sunbird's instrument panel.

    I was eager for the car: It was mint. The paint was perfect, except for a very small section of clearcoat that had peeled off just behind the driver's door. It needed a headliner and sunvisors, and there was a very small cirular burn in the passenger side floor carpeting where it looked like the cigar lighter might have been dropped. The rest of the interior was immaculate though, and looked like it was showroom. Odo said 78,801 miles. I test drove it and returned it. It still read 78,801. It didn't register with me at the time, either.

    We went home to see about getting loans. We found we could qualify for something like $3200 or $3000 or something similar. My dad and I talked, and I decided I really wanted that car. We went back to the dealer, and haggled. They told us they had the car listed in a previous week's paper for $6,000. The guy brought it down to $5,000 for us. My father haggled some more, and I had left the room at some point. Eventually we got the guy down to $3,205 for the car, total, with provision that the headliner would get replaced. (I failed to require replacement of the sunvisors as well -- the headliner would have been $50, the sunvisors much less, but at the time I was broke and just never got around to fixing them).

    I think this was around late 1998 or so. In late May of 1999, I was at a red light. At that time, NADA, KBB, or Edmunds (I forget which) said the car was worth $5,000. A Navy guy from the Carolinas was driving a new 1998 or 1999 Chevy S-10, and instead of watching the road, was watching a Hobby World sign, with its flashing neon airplanes, cars, and trains. He looked forward just in time to slam on the brakes and swerve to the side, just not enough to miss me. Probably about a 40 to 45 mph impact to the rear, and totalled my baby. Had to fight with the other guy's insurance, GEICO, to get $3,200. Wish I'd have kept the car, because it was worth plenty in parts, but I didn't.

    I loved Daytonas. Loved that car too much. I now had $3,200 to find another car. Actually, we just used it to pay off the remainder of the loan, which left us with about $2000 or thereabouts. I couldn't see myself driving any other car, and I was already starting to learn too much about them. Off we went in search of others.

    We found several. Some turbo, some not, none of them in anywhere NEAR the same shape as the one I lost. Either had rust, or needed bodywork, or engine work, or transmission work. Literally, my car had been nearly perfect ('cept for a pesky code 23 and sometimes I think 24 or 25 and was it 13? with no symptoms), and I realized I wasn't going to find another. So, we decided to narrow the search to cars which needed only exterior work, as it was more important I have reliable transportation than a mint condition exterior.

    I had discovered that there was a V6 option thanks to a black 90-ish driving down the local road with the V6 badge on the hip. Turned out to be that we found a red/silver 1990 V6 in a nearby small town about an hour down the road from where I lived at the time. The guy was wanting $2,000; we talked him to $1,800 and he sold to us.

    We took the car to the place to which we were moving, where I transferred what I could from the '89 to the '90 (mainly the headliner and tonneau cover - most everything else was a different shade of grey so it would have stuck out too much). Had to get accustomed to the new interior (I hated it at first), but the car had a Heck of a lot more get-the-Heck-up-and-go than the old '89 2.5 N/A 3-speed had. Well, an improvement of 4 seconds on the 0-60. I eventually fell in love with that car.

    November 1, 2004: Wrecked. Took a direct nose hit from a Saturn to the left fender. My own fault, and I've owned up to it. The car's repairable, yet I haven't had the opportunity to really do anything on it. Sits in the garage at present, with junkyard fender, nose clip, and various other parts laying beside it.

    November... 12? 13? 2004: Found out that the discovery of Daytonas for sale in my area would be a difficult task now that they're reaching the graduation age. Even the youngest are now 12 years old. But, we did find a halfway decent one about 4 hours driving time away in Winter Park, FL. Dodge dealer employee was moving to a Honda 'ship, and wanted to go from Mopar to Slowcar for image reasons (methinks he was tired of fixing the car, to be honest). The pics he sent me in e-mail showed evidence that he was originally asking $1,800 for her. The price we were quoted was $2,800. I worked him down to $2,100, barely, because he "really would like to see a fellow Mopar guy drive it". Methinks because it wasn't worth but $1,800 anyway. Still, I wanted a Daytona, and it was for the most part exactly as I expected it to be, so I dealt with a slight overprice.

    I now drive my third Daytona. 1986 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z C/S with t-tops. God, I love typing that! Not because of the words, but because it's such a long and drawn-out moniker for a car, lol! But seriously... The paint job was cheap (thankfully, we have a '92 Grand Voyager, a '90 Daytona, and a '72 Karmann Ghia that need paint and will be great practice), with spider cracks and chips and flakes coming off in various places; the body is dinged up pretty fairly (not too bad, but was obviously a parking-lot car), and the t-top p-seals were torn and poorly mended. The car leaks a little. I had to remove the tint since it was so blurry I couldn't see through it, and I had a small amount of electrical rewiring to do. I *THINK* the car is stock again, electrically. I've already replaced the rear tires with cheap Dunlops, and I had to buy seat covers since I couldn't afford to have the passenger seat reupholstered. There's a sensor or computer gone bad in it somewhere, and every time it rains she don't want to run (it was notably worse today, when the misfiring and (post-ignition or backfiring, not sure which) occured...). I've had to replace a rear bearing AND an alternator connection because the rear bearing wasn't properly packed when installed by previous serviceman and the alternator connector was crimped on and didn't have enough current capacity to support the load... Basically, a lot of tiny nit pickly problems.

    But, yeah, that's how I found all three of my Daytonas.

    :eek: here we are, 45 minutes after I started....

  15. Daedelus

    Daedelus Guest

    The glorious purchase of my Daytona was in August of 2003 for $2900. After looking around at an endless number of lots, I came to one and there sat the wonderful white beauty. I took it for a test drive and it handle like a gem. I decided to take it out on the Deerfoot (in Calgary), and opened her up...beautiful! Brought it back and bought it on the spot, but then...in January, tragidy struck! I hit a patch of black ice, and ALMOST missed a light post. The Daytona was believed to be no more. The insurance company said it was going to be a write-off, but I knew better. I decided to keep her and fix her. I put $3000 into her and she was as good as new...and so, the Daytona has continued to live on...and even recently has lived passed the 200,000 km mark!
  16. Roehm

    Roehm Member

    Mar 2, 2004
    1st Car: 84' Laser 2.2 TBI 5-spd

    Well I think this was back in 2003 or so, me and my father where out looking around car lots and there was one in particular that gets in some...lets say less then perfect cars, and my dad always managed to get them very cheap. But we crusied along the road that runs along the back of the dealership and I looked over fast and seen the front of a Maroon car and told my dad that I thought it was an 84'-86' Mustang. So he cuts back around and pulls up around to it and tell me its a Daytona(Fate soon showed us that we where both wrong.). So after looking over the car a little bit we did notice that the car was rusty, the interior was ripped up a bit. Also I find out that the car is a Laser, so I instantly assumed it was a Plymouth, the I later found out that it was a chrysler but at this time the years from 1973-1993' where a big grey area for me and I really didn't know anything about what Chrysler had except that there where a lot of FWD cars. Anyway my father ran in a talked to one of the guys in there and he said that they just got it in earlier in that day in fact. So he came around back and talked with my dad while I looked over the car and I did notice it was a 5-spd car at that time but I didn't really care all that much because I didn't know how to drive one all that well. After a little bit of talking the salesman said that we could have the car for $100. So my father took it for a test drive, he said it handled alright and the clutch seemed ok and the motor ran alright. So he went back gave the fellow there $100 and we took it home that day. Soon after that I guess the car became mine and that car grew on me very fast and because of that car I found this website and they have became my favorite late model vehicle. I drove that car for a while until I figured I would try out some differnt sorts of vehicles also the car was too far gone for any sort of real restoration. So the car ended up getting sold to my uncle and he still drives it to this date. Apperence wise it is a lot worse than when I owned the car infact you can see the road through the floor board, but Heck the car still run really good, and can make it down the highway at 60mph with no troubles.

    2nd Car: 93' Dodge Daytona ES 3.0 5-spd

    This car came into my possesion with a little help from my first car actually. After years of going throught several different types of cars and not really thinking much about those FWD Mopars. I borrowed my old 84' Laser from my uncle for a few days and just driving it that little bit made me remember why I liked those cars so much. So I was bound and determined to get another, so now cut to several days after borrowing the car which was actually a few weeks ago. So me and my father went by his brothers place and he was helping some guy fix a 90-ish Plymouth Duster with a 3.0/auto and well the guy who owned the Duster told me dad where some cheap tires and rims where for sale because my brother needed so tires for his 90' Mitsubishi Eclipse. I was driving at this time and I missed the place my mistake and we had to cut throught the alley behind the place and after we cut through my dad tells me that he seen the rear-end of a Daytona. I didn't see it so I asked him what year even thought he doesn't really know much about those cars he said he thought it was like an 89' or so. Which didn't get me too excited becuase they are probably my least favorite Daytona body. Anyway after my father bought the tires, I just asked if I could take a look at the Daytona in the back. She says yes and we go back to look and on the way she ways that its a 93' which really got me interested but me being pessimistic and all I figured it would be an Automatic. Well I looked over the car for a bit found out it had a 3.0 and a 5spd and it is Dark Green that already sold the car to me, but my dad seen it had some front frame damage. Nothing too bad it was all infront of the wheel so nothing too big, he didn't want me to buy the car. So after talking to the lady I scheduled a test drive for the next day. The next day I took the car out and it handled really good and has a Heck of a lot more power than my uncles so after driving the car I told her to consider it sold. I then picked it up a few days later and its been mine ever since, we are working on getting the frame straightened out and it should happen here soon, then it will be onto engine work.
  17. fireforce

    fireforce Member

    Jan 4, 2006
    I found mine at a small dealer in my neighborhood. I just saw it sitting there one night and thought, "hey that looks like a sporty little car, and its in my price range!". I went the next day and took it for a test drive and literally fell in love with it lol.

    Up till then I never even saw a daytona. I got it for a good deal, 1395.00 sticker price but I ended up getting it for 1200.00

    She has miles on her, 177995 miles at purchase to be exact :p And she needed some new parts, tires, struts, front bearings, alt belt chirped like crazy, and her paint is chipped in a few spots but the engine is as strong as ever.

    I wish I got a bit better mileage but I am relatively happy at 20mpg.
  18. VNT

    VNT Member

    Sep 30, 2003
    Let see

    First introduction to Daytonas, other than following their development in magazines circa 1983 and having a turismo 2.2 and 83 Shelby charger in the family, was at college URI in spring of 1983.

    Dodge brought 4 of em, daytona Turbos to the back lot and set up a figure 8 in the lot and locked the shifters in 1st gear. You got to do the course and, 1 warm up lap, two timed laps and 1 to slow down. Anyhow the tires were trashed by the time I got down there, the steel belts showing thru:) Winner got a trip to Daytona beach for another competition and a "Dodge Boys Have More Fun Jacket. I still have a 24 x 36 Poster with a garnet Turbo Z, with quotes " DAYTONA THE STUFF DREAMS ARE MADE OF"

    My father ordered a loaded 85 turbo Z in Oct 84 and it is still down my parents house in the driveway. I can have it if I want it, but my wife may shoot me if I take it. it is Garnet with silver Ground efects, black leather. Only has 77K miles but has sat for about 3 years and needs some TLC including a paint job.

    My brother orderd a loaded 86 turbo Z Cs with t-tops. I bought it off him in 1992. I still have it and as we speak I am finishing restoring it. Just in time for its 20th Birthday:) Looks mint right now.

    I also had a 89 Daytona ES turbo we bought in Aug 89. Wife totalled it in a snow storm in Dec 1991. We bought a used 90 Daytona ES turbo and still have it. that will be next years project. it is currently sitting under a cover in my side drive way.

    Lastly I bought a 90 Shelby VNT car for 800 back in 1998. It is complete and James Bond was the original owner :) I kid you not. It only had 90 K miles but is pretty thrashed, will need a complete restoration. But it isnt rotted or anything so it is fixable. That will be a project two years out.

    Kind of funny how many people here have multiple G-bodies. Everyone I know including my In laws dont understand. But we know better. THe Daytona in my opinion is one of the last decent sporty looking cars made by any OEM that I can afford.
  19. Jolijar

    Jolijar Member

    Feb 12, 2006
    I found Riona rusting away in a parking lot in Northern Maine
    when I saw her it was love at first sight... :wub:
    I paid to have her towed down to brunswick (90 miles) and shes been sitting in my friends garage since then
    Ive been slowly trouble shooting and repairing whats wrong with her and I hope to have her running well by november... If it werent for allpar I wouldnt have attemped such a large project. Thanks Allpar (and members) your the best :)
  20. Scstables

    Scstables Member

    Sep 4, 2005
    Bought mine brand new off the lot in 1988. I was looking for a small car that was pretty good on gas, but had pep. I knew at the time I did NOT want a Ford Escort (blech, pew, choke!!

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