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Why are you here?

Discussion in 'Rumors and Speculation' started by james.mooney., Jan 20, 2015.

  1. Wade in Minnie

    Wade in Minnie New Member

    Aug 13, 2014
    In the late 70’s my older brother had a Cowl inducted 396 Chevelle, he took me and my 2 buddies for a ride, I think he was hoping to scare us by going fast down a city side street. I remember today the induction flap at the base of the windshield wide open as he banged the 4 speed, and looking over to the Speedo and seeing it passing 100 (I know now how dangerous it was now) before he woah’d us up. I wasn’t scared, I thought it was cool.

    A few years later (early 80’s) a friend of mine traded his olds gutless for a 68 383 Roadrunner. Many nights were spent cruising around the Twin Cities in a sinister dark red Mopar(at least thats what other people appeared to think) that seemed to turn on, when the others turned off, we pegged the Speedo many times down the highways around town and the car was magic at high speed. We couldn’t get many people to street race but it seemed the few that would always seemed to be other Mopars. I found that while the Chevy & Fords looked good, mostly the Mopars would only be crazy or stupid enough to run light to light.

    I was driving a Chevelle greenbrier wagon that hauled people better than [I should have my mouth washed out with soap for using such terms], which was fine until it needed a new transmission which I couldn’t afford, but I had seen this lime green bumble bee looking thing with huge Crager mags on it parked on a hill with a sign on it, so went to take a look.

    $650 later I was running a 1970 Dart swinger 340 that spit and crackled and sputtered around, the guy had some huge offenhauser manifold with a nasty(in a bad way) themoquad carb that was spewing fuel out of its seams. Way out of my league so I had a friend mechanic put a stock manifold and a carter AFB that he had lying around, replaced the stupid rear meats with stock 70s and I was in business.

    Couple of months later, a while down the road, I came up to my buddy’s roadrunner at an intersection to a highway. He blew me away off the line but the High winding 340 went by him in 1st, he caught me but with the 340, I was going to 5000-5300 between shifts and I kept going by, he finally went by me again somewhere north of 110.

    I was hooked!

    We ran hammer and tong many times and had similar rip snorts vs a couple of other mopars guys around, it was a blast and we always had big grins on our faces win or lose.

    That’s why I’m here.

    Mopar or nocar.
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  2. IronMike3406

    IronMike3406 Active Member

    Jun 9, 2012
    I was always into cars as a Kid and after living all over the world and decided to make my own life I joined the Marine Corps..... I got stationed in NJ at a weapons station and needed some transportation I was looking when my Sgt. Major asked me what kind of car I was interested in I said anything well he had a 1970 Dodge Demon with a 340 4-speed car with 3.55 for the measly sum of $275 dollars I told him I would have to make payments and he agreed to sell me it paid it off in no time and that car lasted me over 10 years and close to 100,000 miles unfortunately I was involved in an accident with a Cadillac that totalled my precious Demon but I was hooked on Mopar ever since. After that I found a 1970 Chrysler 300 and fell in love with it.... Fuel economy wasn't the greatest but that car just kept chugging along I finally decided to purchase a newer Dodge and bought a 1992 Dakota and that was my love and joy and subsequently I bought 1988,1995 and a 1999 Dakota during my whoring days I still have my 1999 and drive it as my daily I also purchased a 2002 Ram and all my Mopars have been extremely reliable with proper maintenance they will keep on till my next new Mopar
  3. page2171

    Level 2 Supporter

    Apr 28, 2007
    Semper Fi, brother!
  4. jerseyjoe

    jerseyjoe Plymouth Makes It

    Apr 13, 2002
    Moth to a flame.
  5. Rick Anderson

    Rick Anderson Well-Known Member

    May 28, 2002
    I'm here for the Chicks, its as simple as that, the Chicks!
  6. cygnus

    Ad-Free Member

    Jan 1, 2014
    My grandfather worked at Chrysler for 44 years. I work for a software software company in Detroit suburbs; outside of the Big 3, I think we have the 2nd highest number of software engineers (in Detroit) outside of Quicken. I live downtown, run triathlons/am pretty active. Run by JNAP at least 2-3 times a week.

    I love rooting for an underdog. Chrysler has so much unrealized potential, it's crazy. I really do hope everything lines up and they knock it out of the park. When I look at a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Wrangler, I think of one my favorite lines from cinema - "this is this." (Deer Hunter)

    This is not a vehicle designed by committee. This is designed and engineering for a specific purpose. The strength and capability are self evident.

    Anyways, I am entering mid-career and have been looking at opportunities at FCA. But I'd only leave my current gig unless I was able to work on a very specific platform/problem.
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  7. steve577

    steve577 Member

    May 3, 2004
    I was 19 in June of 1962 when I went to a dealer in Virginia and ordered a
    black 62 Plymouth 2 door Savoy Super Stock Max Wedge 413. It was made
    for drag racing and I had fun racing it. Its one of those first experiences one
    never forgets.
  8. movaldes

    movaldes Active Member

    Jan 11, 2006
    I have always liked Chrysler products. And it seems to run in my blood. Though too young to remember, my dad owned a Dodge Colt before trading it in for a brand new 1976 AMC Hornet Sportabout. My mom owned a late 60s AMC Rambler sedan which, according to legend, I managed to "drive" when I was a mere toddler by placing the shifter into Drive and having the car roll into the vehicle in front while parked. I guess I was hooked...lol
    My dad also owned a Dodge Aspen sedan before finally settling on his true love: the 1984 Plymouth Voyager, which he ordered and proudly paid cash for. He would own many minivans since that one and still drives a Caravan today.
    I have owned numerous Mopars through the years: 1988 Horizon, 1989 Shadow ES Turbo, 1968 383 Roadrunner (sadly I never managed to get it running), 1997 Dakota Club Cab Sport, numerous Durangos (2000 SLT, 2003 SLT, 2006 SLT, 2009 SLT, 2014 R/T and, soon, a 2018 SRT) and a 1993 Daytona IROC R/T, which I still own.
    My dream car has always been the Hemi 'cuda. And late 60s/early 70s Mopar muscle really gets my heart racing. I saw this company come back from near death in the early 80s, enjoyed the 90s and lived thru those ugly years (Daimler owned. BTW, I HATE Benz), hoping someone would finally bring it back to its original glory. I love its history and enjoy reading up on it.
    I guess that's why I'm here.
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  9. RR71

    RR71 Member

    Jun 23, 2004
    When I was very young my grandfather and two uncles from different sides of the family had Mopars. One uncle had a gold or copper colored 1960 Plymouth Fury. My mother hated the fins. I remember my father said you could see them in the rear view mirror. My father had two Desotos at different times, when I was very young. We went to NASCAR races with some kind of pit passes from an older cousin who worked for a radio station. We stood close to the Pettys. My father asked Lee Petty to shake my hand and he did. Richard was just as close by but was busy preparing to race. My father owned unusual cars such as an Austin, a Henry J, a Frazer he bought new and never forgave GM for stopping its supply of parts to Kaiser Autos. I don't know the exact story of that. He also had an early Valiant 1960 or 1961. I gained an affinity for Mopars at a young age. Too bad I didn't barn store some of the old Mopars. My uncle had barns and extensive property way out in the boonies. Really just joking there. No one could have guessed. I found the Valiant site and Allpar many years back.
  10. DrDan68108

    DrDan68108 Well-Known Member

    May 28, 2010
    Bad pun alert: I've been into Chryslers before I could walk: Mom and Dad took me home from the maternity ward in a 1962 Newport two-door hardtop, a late-model car at the time and the first automobile I remember (Dad's '64 Barracuda was the second). Mom was about as hardcore Mopar-or-no-car as they come; her next (and final) ride after that '62 was a '67 Newport two-door, kept for all of 30-plus years thereafter.
    Dad strayed from the Pentastar three times: a 1963 Pontiac (which I don't remember except for Mom's retrospective kvetching about it), a '69 Ford Ranchero and a '73 Mazda pickup that suggested that "Mazda" in Japanese means "molasses in January." After that he switched to B-vans and wouldn't get anything else until they got a Y2K Caravan (that I now have). Then there were the motorhomes with B-van chassis...
    My first car was a '73 Scamp that I still dream about as if I never sold it. When I was a kid I became enamoured with the '74-'77 Chrysler T&C... but that's enough for now.
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  11. Cody's Car Conundrum

    Cody's Car Conundrum Active Member

    Jun 4, 2017
    Cars were always apart of my life. From just toys to complete obsession. I only started really getting into Mopars when I asked my dad what make his SUV was (A 2000 Durango). After learning it was a "Dodge" started looking up the brand. A few months (or a year later, my early childhood is hazy for me) I found this game: Speeding Wheels Games (at http://www.cargames1.com/play/speedingwheelsgame.htm )

    There are only two cars in that game. A Ferrari F50 and a Gen 2 Viper. Feeling that the F50 was kinda ugly, I choose the Viper instead. After many hours of racing and racing and racing (and racing) on that game, I was pretty darn good at it. Winning race after race (side note: Tried to race on that game sometime this year and I stunk, my old self would be ashamed haha). Then I found this game: Viper Challenge Games (at http://www.cargames1.com/play/viperchallengegame.htm )

    Long after that, I found out that the car was a Dodge Viper (no, I didn't know what the car was when I played those two games). So I looked the car up and became insanely obsessed with the car. Looking at picture after picture after picture for days (and very well years) on end. Not long after I found an automotive news site (whether it was credible or not is something I don't remember and it probably doesn't exist anymore anyway). Which I browsed every day for months. Then it happened, Dodge was canceling the production of a car I had just become infatuated with. While unfortunate, It didn't stop me from increasing my passion for Mopar (and very much for the Viper). At the time, my second favorite vehicle was the Ram Power Wagon. That truck will always hold a special place in my heart. Even though the Viper was gone, things were looking up. Dodge was unveiling the 2011 refresh for the Charger and the Durango was being unveiled as well. 2011 Was a great year of growth for me as a Mopar enthusiast (I can't tell you how many of those Jeep 4x4 system videos I watch on their website).

    Time skip to early 2012 and the Viper making a return was all the rage. It was so incredibly exciting to hear the Viper was coming back, those teasers were probably the hardest part of it all haha. Right up to the big unveiling and I was terribly anxious that day, constantly refreshing the page, waiting for the time to tick down till it was time to tell all. So to take my mind off things, I went outside for a little bit, after coming back inside it was time.

    The unveiling of the Gen 5 Viper was incredible for me. Somewhere I still have the thing bookmarked and I put it on my MP3 player just 'cause. The design of that car was everything I had hoped, the engine was more powerful than ever. Viper was back. My childhood obsession was back with a vengeance and it was awesome.

    Time skip to a little bit earlier this year and I was thinking more and more about college. Feeling like what I the knew wouldn't be enough, I started wondering what would be a good place to start learning new information. Soon enough I found out Allpar had a forum. While I've been using Allpar for years (ever since the Gen V unveiling, so I've been browsing the site for 5 years), I never really paid much attention to the forum aspect of the site. Then I saw the threads will all those future cars (the next-gen large cars grabbing my interest immediately) and seeing all those juicy tidbits about the future cars had me sold. I had to join this site.

    Not only have I learned about future Mopars (which is awesome), but through discussions from and with other users, I've learned more about brand identity and brand product (features, chassis, color choices etc).

    Not to mention the industry insight from users like @aldo90731 , @BobbiBigWheels , the insiders and countless other users.

    Allpar is a great learning experience, that's why I'm here.
  12. rapidtrans

    rapidtrans Well-Known Member

    Jul 29, 2005
    Your story kinda intersects mine.
    Dad worked at Kaiser-Fraser before moving on to Chrysler in '53. He was always in body design and was lead engineer on the Henry J while at K-F. He was probably 26 years old then. In '61 he bought mom a year old Valiant from his boss after her Desoto was rear-ended. He entered the company car lease program in '62 and i grew-up with at least two new cars every year. it didn't matter if he ordered a Slant six Dart or a New Yorker. It was new and it was always a cool looking car.
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  13. humdrum

    humdrum Well-Known Member

    Nov 4, 2010
    Why am I here? That's a good question, aside from the fact that My dad's first car after immigrating to Canada in 47 after the war to Sidney Nova Scotia, and a year later to Toronto, was a 48 Desoto, followed by a 52 Desoto. I remember those two cars and their particular driving characteristics in the winter time, over the streetcar tracks with new snow on the ground. You could easily swap ends if you weren't careful.

    A 55 lime green Chrysler Windsor that was T-boned by a drunk driver on a empty country road, replaced by a 56 two toned Chrysler Windsor. That, my dad drove and handed it down to my brother when bro was in High school. That car lasted until my brother replaced it with a new 69 318 Chargrer. My dad next purchased a brand new VW beetle. I remember the price of that car new was $1,262.00 out the door. Incidentally, that became my first car after I graduated from HS. I immigrated to the US in 66 bringing it to the Us, driving it from Toronto to Chicago to start college.

    My dad was a physician working for the State of Illinois, while I went to school, He helped me buy a new 66 Mustang. After College , Grad School and marriage I returned to Chrysler to two of my favorite long distance drivers, a Plymouth Voyager (83) and a 96 Chrysler Town and Country. We've owned an Eagle Vision (good car) and now a Jeep Cherokee. Florida, Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, Toronto, Mountain Home Arkansas, Missouri were annual trips.

    Aside from those car ties, Chrysler was a thread of my life that was pretty consistant that kept me grounded in my values, family, and tradition, and the good and the bad in those cars was what life was all about. A refelection - of what life was all about, and a part of the family, good or bad.

    I am here because this site is my connection with my past, present and a hopeful look at the future. A place to share ideas, the What-ifs, and why nots? The biggest reason is to enjoy the fellowship of other likeminded people and simply "to learn"
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