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2012 Chrysler Press Kits and Giveaways

Usually, decades after a car show, the materials handed out by car companies become collectible, but they are usually not well documented. This year, we hope to provide a clean record of Chrysler’s materials for the benefit of future generations, or absent-minded editors of the current generation.

New York City: Viper and Ram

press kits and bags


viper tube

viper kit open

ram kit

Mopar 75th Anniversary

Mopar gift bags

Mopar goodies


Mopar logos

Mopar book

Quill pen

Detroit (NAIAS)

The Mopar 75th Anniversary Press Kit

A cardboard can with a Mopar can pry-opener lightly glued to the top and a plastic spark plug-style flash drive inside.

Mopar can press kit

spark plug detail

mopar can

2012 overall press kit

This is simply a USB drive that swivels out of a plastic card the size of a conventional credit card, held in a card-stock container with a large black rubber band. All 2012 product information is on the flash drive. Far more convenient if somewhat less permanent than the old paper-plus-slides or CDs/DVDs. In the past all sorts of nutty software was used, but now it’s a somewhat more permanent html + PDF setup (which can be appreciated if you try to run, say, the 1998 software on a modern Mac.)

usb card


Dodge Dart press kit

This kit came in a heavy box which resembled a dart-board cabinet, and when opened, had chalkboard-like graphics inside the doors. Inside was a booklet containing the full text of the press releases, and a riveted-together set of circular pages with each paint color and wheel style.

dart box

Dart kit

header orange

dart wheels

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