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Chrysler at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show

photos and most
text by Ray Alexander

At the Motor Village, Ralph Gilles told Allpar’s Ray Alexander that the new 2010 Dodge Chargers have better tires; the new Generals cost nearly twice as much as the 2010 Charger’s Goodyears. He said a test drive is your first, last, and only chance to convince non-Mopar people, if they walk they will spend money to get their ride to perform on par with Mopar.

Dodge Charger

An engineer explained the upgraded bushings: on the lower control arm bushings, using the new polymer is producing something akin to a variable rate spring. The lower control arm is also where older Chargers are beginning to experience problems — there and in the sway bar bushings. This doesn’t apply to the SRT, which, the engineer said, “has a totally tuned suspension.”

Ralph, incidentally, remembered Ray from the Long Beach Grand Prix, where Ray showed his million mile van.

Ralph Gilles on the new Dodge lineup

Ralph has a passion for the cars. The Charger was the last on stage. He said, “the Charger is so agressive that it makes vehicles parked on either side wet their pants.” These vehicles are definitely upgraded.

The color of the new interiors has been improved. “We banished what we used to call in the office ‘rat-fur gray.’ Y’know, you ever seen that gray color? We’ll no longer make that color, it just won't exist,” said Dodge CEO Ralph Gilles. Interiors will have more color, “more chroma.”

2011 Dodge Avneger

On the Dodge Avenger: The new powertrain “brings the fun back. ... Now it has the menacing look… and the power to back it up” with the 283 horsepower Pentastar engine. It gets 19 / 29 mpg with low-7-second acceleration. They redesigned the suspension, lowered the track, changed the brake linings, new springs, new sway bars… now, it is “absolutely a joy to drive.”

Avenger tail

The Grand Caravan: “We had to make it belong in the Dodge family.” Dodge sold over 13 million Caravans, “but how can you make a minivan exciting, a little less of a tool and a little more of something you aspire to own.”

Dodge revamped the suspension, added power, and the “interior is kind of a driver's office now. ... The gauges look like something more out of a Porsche than a minivan.” For Stow 'n' Go, they raised back of the seat, made it more comfortable, and added one touch feature.

“I want vehicles to have souls, and we gave the Journey a soul,” said Ralph Gilles, making it more fun to drive, improving the gauges, and rebuilding the interior. They spent over 2 1/2 years developing the technology for the oversized screen, which provides weather, real time traffic, etc. “People said it drove like a minivan, so we went after the suspension and stiffened it, it’s night and day.”


The Challenger SE was dramatically improved, partly by cutting out the smaller wheels and upgrading the suspension. Going from 6.1 to 6.4 in the SRT8 was done largely to make the MDS system possible. They gained a lot of torque along the way. “Still from 19 highway to 22 highway, pretty good for this kind of performance…”


One of the biggest complaints about the old Challenger was the steering wheel, which has been replaced. They benefitted from the 2011 Charger; they took the new suspension settings e.g. negative suspension camber, stiffer rear suspension, and new tires from Charger. Now it can achieve 0.93 lateral acceleration, and “it feels 500 pounds lighter as you drive it.”

Ralph Gilles

The Durango Sport was not originally planned, but was the result of a discussion with some of the younger Chrysler staffers, with the monochromatic look and lowered suspension. Gilles said he did not believe in base models, and now "every Durango looks good. We're differentiating with features, electronics, luxury items... We're making sure that everyone who buys a Durango, starting at around $30,000, has this experience."

The Durango Citadel has features some would never believe would be in a Dodge, and is aimed at buyers who would normally buy far more expensive cars; a special leasing program is being set up for them.

new Charger

"I've been driving an early prototype of the Charger and there's been an unbelieveable response... we're really proud of this vehicle...we've included much more sex per pound." Visibility has been improved by 15%; in the back end, there are 164 LEDs. The dual exhaust is now standard, and you can get 20 inch wheels on any model. The interior was benchmarked against Audi, BMW, and Mercedes, which is why there are cloth-wrapped pillars and aluminum bezels even on entry models.

The Charger has 64 LEDs for taillights, Ralph says that from a distance the lights will identify it as a Charger, being the Charger’s night-time signature.

dodge signs

The Hemi is still there, but most effort went into the 292 horsepower Pentastar V6, which goes up to 27 mpg but still does 0-60 in less than eight seconds; the handling was completely revised; there's no brake dive, and the steering is no longer numb. Super Track Pack provides the same suspension that the SRT gets, on the R/T. The starting price is $25,995 including destination.

Olivier Francois on the new Chrysler lineup

Olivier FrancoisOlivier Francois started his speech by saying that Chrysler was on the crossroads between failure and greatness. “It's time to recontent a brand that has been decontented.”

He also pointed out that good design involved not just styling the appearance, but also working with needs and cognition.

Francois said they had improved the minivan suspension, steering, and tires; powertrain was addressed with the new Pentastar V6 and the six speed transmission. It delivers 25 mpg highway mileage, with a best in class 283 horsepower, in all models. It has new wheels, new fascias, new rear and, and new grille.

The upgraded dashboard, center stack, and gauges “totally changes the look and feel of the interior.” Now the second row seats fold in with a single finger only. The leather was upgraded across the cabin, the steering wheel is heated.


“There is something even more important than performance, great, design, or” SafetyTech is standard on every Chrysler Town & Country, including blind spot monitoring, regardless of trim level. (This is not true of Dodge Grand Caravan.) "We are not about to surrender the segment we have held since we invented it."

Chrysler 200 profile

The D segment (midsized cars) is a prime example of how hard it is to regain a segment one has lost, Francois said. “We took our eyes off the ball. ... It had to be good, and it had to be now... the brief was simple: do everything.”

They needed beautiful design, with quality and purpose, ... within twelve months. He told engineers to look at “every thread, every weld, every stitch, every cut, every seam, every rivet, every collection, every seal, every valve, every spring, every chip, every line, every angle, every detail, I want this car to be stronger, tighter, faster, smoother, smarter, purer, bolder, sharper, louder, meaner, classier, sexier, I want it to be the Chrysler.”

Chrysler 200 sedan

(At that, a white Chrysler 200 rolled out, almost silently; it sat in contrast with the black minivan.)

"A completely new front wheel design, completely new rear end... what are we not giving you? The cheap plastic..." There are new fabrics, new instrument cluster, new dashboard, new steering wheel. "We fixed the ride, handling, performance, and NVH. We took care of the guts." It now has 283 horsepower with 29 mpg (highway).

The six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission will be available next year, and is the first Fiat powertrain component to be integrated into a Chrysler.

The Fiat presentation

The Fiat presentation was the most heavily attended of the Chrysler announcements. Fiat USA CEO Laura Soave came on-stage riding in a classic 500, and focused on woman-to-woman or woman-to-family. The video and graphics were aimed at pre-family partners, “we are not sheep — we are very individual, just like everyone else.”

Moparized Fiat 500

She was well versed on the features and functions, and spoke without teleprompters.

Ralph Gilles made a technical presentation about things that made the vehicles ride and handle better, as well as the quality of the interiors, snappy new colors, soft touch materials, and changes to the console. I noticed that the speedo and tach positions have been reversed.

With Sergio Marchionne, a lot of the meat was contained in the video. The feature list on the 200 is outstanding. The one-touch feature for stow-and-go was prominent in his presentation. The lights were not on, but it has a shape that reminds me of Audi. More people the Chrysler show than Dodge, but the after-presentation action was much weaker.

Showcase dealer event

The showcase dealer has a four story tower inches off I-110. Brand names were shown in high power color, with color intense lighting.

Motor Village

I quickly explored floors 1, 2, and 4.  The fourth floor is mostly open air, with a tower displaying two vehicles to the traffic on the Freeway. The inbound lanes to downtown are the closest and the lanes toward San Pedro are away from the tower.  It is difficult to show how close the tower is so let me say I hope the support is protected from out-of-control freeway traffic.


There was a 2011 Charger parked near the center door on the ground floor, a new color.  I asked the lady who was diligently dusting the car about the name of the color, she didn’t know.  So who better to ask than Ralph Giles.  He replied, “I wanted to name it ‘come get me copper’ but the lawyers would not allow that, so I settled for ‘toxic orange’.” 

On the fourth floor there was a hidden cake that is made in the likeness of a full sized Fiat.

fiat cake

The Fiat car will get two people from point A to point B, but Americans seem addicted to excess baggage.  I rode the subway one day during the event and marveled at the quantity of baggage some people need to survive the day.

The rest of the show

The speedometer and tachometer positions were reversed on the Charger; now, all cars have the speedometer on the right, and the tachometer on the left.

Ray Alexander

fiat buyer

cutaway dodge


Fiat ALley


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