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2011 All Mopar Southern Nationals (AMSN)

On Memorial Day weekend, the All Mopar Southern Nationals were held at the South Georgia Motorsports Park. This impressive event was not huge in scale, but it will be soon.

The event was coordinated by the Brat Pack, a group of Mopar guys that coordinates a few events in the southeast each year. The Mopar Southern Nationals included not only a car show with some great looking vintage muscle cars, but it also had a racing venue. Not a burnout contest, real racing.

There was a 1/8 mile track which was used all three days. The first day was for test and tune and a race. The second day was for time trials and eliminations and the finals were run on Sunday. It was impressive to see Mopars run the track. There were some very fast cars here and a Daytona won the final (Super Mopar class). Sure, it was a Daytona setup for racing with a huge V8 and rear wheel drive, but it was impressive. This Daytona driven by Tommy Rodriguez ran a 4.955 ET with 142.26 MPH 1/8 mile in the final.

Here are some photos of the racing Mopars that attended the race venue.

The car show was even better, if you can imagine that. This is not your run of the mill ‘I just bought this “show car” at the dealer’ group. There are some of those, and they are in a class by themselves, as it should be. They are impressive.

We were permitted to make a solo run down the track with our cars. Some of the show cars were very impressive on the track with some great times and speeds.

Mike is a Brat Pack member. You can also contact him for more information about the Florida Sunshine Region chapter of the Plymouth Owners Club. Check them at their forum in the Allpar forums section.

The above car’s owner and Butch, the owner of the red Duster above have an interesting history. More on that in a future article.

This is Jerry Martin’s Duster. Jerry is a Brat Pack member too. This impressive Duster has a 360 with 430 HP at the flywheel. It has a 3.91 rear gear fed by a 4 speed manual tranny. The engine has been blueprinted and sports a 1000cfm thermo quad carb. The TTI headers flow the exhaust through 2.5” tubes. And…. It has Air Conditioning.

How interesting is this? Jim Marrone is a Brat Pack member and owns this ’67 Dart GT. It’s one of 228 ever made with a 383, 12.5:1 compression, Keisler 5 speed, Fast Fuel Injection and Air Conditioning.

Here is Ken McNally’s ‘Top Banana’ Charger Daytona. Ken is the one to contact if you would like information about the Citrus Mopars. Both Citrus Mopars and the Plymouth Owners club have forums on the Allpar forums site.


I wasn’t able to get the names of all who attended nor can I include pictures of all the cars but here are a few more.

The show was judged by the Brat Pack on a number system. There were several categories and an award was given to the three top cars. The rules were that the judging would be done on exterior, interior, trunk and engine compartment. Here are some pictures of the winners.

Tim is great to work with and I look forward to working with him on future events.

The Brat Pack Mopar Association (PBMA)

The Brat Pack, or PBMA, was founded in the late 1980s as spinoff from the Bay Area Muscle Care Club (BAM Club). The two main founders, who are still members today, were Jim Marrone and Steve Tipper, both who are Officers in the Association. The BPMA is an Association dedicated to the business of preserving our Mopar car heritage, we do not have meetings, that is what Saturday night cruises are for and we don’t assess dues except for new members, that’s why we work the Garlits’ Show. We are family oriented club in that girlfriends and wives and children are always welcome especially for our annual picnic.

Our major events throughout the year include Mopars with Big Daddy, and the former Daytona Spring Fling (Mopar Show within a Show), the Hayes Mopar Meet in Commerce Georgia and Crusin’ the Coast in Biloxi. We have one major, out-of-state trip each year, which is now Biloxi and/or Bowling Green, the All Mopar Southern Nationals in Cecil, Georgia, but in previous years we have gone to the Mopar Nationals both at Columbus and Indianapolis, Carlisle SME Competition, the Smoky Mountain Mopar Show and most FMA Member Club Shows.

We were heavily involved in coordinating the three car shows at the Zephyrhills Festival Park (Fall, Spring and the Import Power Blitz), judging at the Commerce Show, however are main focus is coordinating the car show at the Don Garlits’ Museum of Drag Racing for the last 14 years and the All Mopar Southern Nationals in Georgia for the past two years.

Our efforts are to assist member’s getting/maintaining their cars in as good a condition as possible depending on how they are used – show, daily driver or weekend warrior. To that end we have maintained a 5000 square foot shop, for the last ten years, where some members store their cars or equipment on a long term basis and that is open to all members for short term storage, repairs/and modifications.
Our current Officers are Jack Morton, President; Jim Marrone, Vice-President, Steve Tipper, Treasurer and Jerry Martin, Secretary.

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