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2013 Buffalo Auto Show – All Things Chrysler

Dodge display

Every year in February, my dad, brother, and I go to the Buffalo Auto Show. We always like to see and compare the current offerings from both foreign and domestic auto makers, but being the huge Mopar fan that I am, I always go to spend as much time as I can in the Chrysler section.

Chrysler display

This year did not disappoint. Chrysler had quite a large showing for a somewhat “small” auto show. They had multiple models of almost every vehicle in the lineup. Another surprise this year was the buzz around the Chrysler section. More people than I have ever seen before were there looking at almost every model.

brother Andrew's 2012 Chrysler 200 Touring

Back in May 2012, my brother Andrew had purchased a 2012 Chrysler 200 Touring; but this year, he found himself glued to the 2013 Chrysler 200 Limited at the auto show. This car is beautiful, all black inside and out with leather and the big dash screen. It had lot of attention, catching people’s eyes as they would walk by. I heard somebody look at the 200 and say, “It’s a little Cadillac.”

2013 Chrysler 200 Limited

One car of the Chrysler exhibit that my father and I focused on was the Dodge Dart. Another brother of mine is about ready to buy a new car, and he is excited to buy the new Dart. This is also the first time that my father and I ever had the chance to sit inside one. This was a Dart Limited, so it had the upgraded interior with all the gadgets, and this car was absolutely beautiful. The car is very comfortable, well designed, extremely functional, and practical. This Dart, too, had a lot of attention, and at one point even had a line of people waiting to get inside the car.

Dart interior

Next to the Dodge display was Nissan’s showroom. I saw the new Nissan Sentra and decided that I would take a look at it and compare it to the Dart. The car, though nice, had nothing at all to sway my interest from the Dart. Having less features and more reserved styling, I couldn’t find anything I preferred over the Dart. Then a Nissan salesman came up to me, so I asked him, “Why should I buy a Nissan Sentra over the new Dodge Dart?” He got nervous, and after thinking about it for a minute said, “The Sentra has been around longer.” At that point I realized just how groundbreaking and competitive the Dodge Dart is. It really is “best in class” in almost every category.

2013 Dart Limited

Dart MultiAir Turbo

Another area that my father and I both found ourselves migrating to was the minivans. This year’s auto show had a 2013 Chrysler Town & Country Limited, and it was absolutely beautiful! My dad said that this was by far his favorite car at the auto show and that it had “hands down the most beautiful dash.” I have to say that I agree!

Town & Country interior

Now, my father and I are already Chrysler minivan fans, having owned three of them and currently own and love two Town & Countrys. The design and the quality put into this minivan is evident. The comfort of the leather seats is really improved. Owning a Town & Country with the first generation of Stow & Go, I really love the new one-touch Super Stow & Go.

Chrysler Town & Country

Finally, right at the entrance was a sample of the New York State Troopers’ newest potential addition to their fleet, the Dodge Charger Pursuit. I was excited to see that NYS is considering Mopar for their law enforcement needs. They are currently field testing the Charger, and the state trooper said that they are “amazingly thrilled” about the newest Charger Pursuit.

Dodge Charger Pursuit

Charger Pursuit interior

Overall, I loved the 2013 Buffalo Auto Show and was impressed by and excited about Chrysler’s current lineup.

Jeep display

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