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National Chrysler Product Owners Club 2009 National Meet

2009 meet

From July 16 to July 18 2009, the National Chrysler Product Owners’ Club held its 31st annual meet in Lahaska, Pennsylvania. The first two days included local tours, banquets, and social events; the third day had a large car show open to the public, culminating in an awards banquet.

hill view

The show portion of the meet filled the site, a large field in Peddlers’ Village, with well over a hundred cars signed and showing. Pulling in at just after 10 am, our 1974 Valiant was the 104th car of the day, and numerous vehicles of varying years were waiting behind. The range was from 1924 to 2009.


1924 Chrysler

The variety of cars was rather stunning; there was much more of a mix than in a typical meet, where muscle cars tend to be the order of the day. Whereas Chryslers at Carlisle is heavily weighted towards B- and E-bodies, the NCPC meet seemed to be a more gradual progression from the 1930s through to the late 1970s. The only cars not in abundance were the newer models, with nary a Neon, one pure K-car, and a couple of extended K-cars on the way to a line of Challengers. On the other hand, trucks were better represented than usual — at least, 1950s trucks.

1953 Dodge truck

This show was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the minivan, and as such, a small line of minivans graced the field. They sat facing the muscle cars of the late 1960s and early 1970s.


The tone of the meet was fairly informal, though judges had a detailed specification sheet to fill out in their categories, and hoods and trunks had to be left up; fire extinguishers also had to be seen. We found no shortage of people to pass the time with, and the atmosphere could be said to be a little more collegial than at some other meets. Many of the people attending were staying at the local hotel — even the locals — in order to be in on all the events of the weekend. The show was one event among many.

muscle area

The “Prestige” class, including at least one Concours d’Elegance winner, was ranged around the perimeter of the event to draw in tourists and passers-by. This included numerous pristine cars of the 1930s and one 1924 roadster.

1940 Desoto

Inside, of course, one finds the car needed at every show...the winged warrior.


Many of the members hail from the active New Jersey Shore region, which is also sponsoring their fourth annual Antique Automobile Show (for 1989 and older models of all makes) on September 12, 1-7 pm, at the Central Regional High School in Bayville, NJ. Mark is likely to be there in his unrestored, survivor 1951 Coronet — that’s its original paint and emblem.

1951 Coronet

Visit the National Chrysler Products Club.

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