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2011 DriveSRT Performance Tour at the Dallas-Fort Worth LX Club

SRT tent

Kids play with toy cars, it’s a fact. We all at some point spent parts of our days driving our toy cars across the kitchen counter and were screamed at by parents to stop. We were drawn to those cars by their real counterparts. The speed, beauty and even finesse that an automobile had was a constant draw in the toy aisle.


Some of us never really grew up though: replace the toy isle with car dealerships and it’s an adult car nut’s paradise. Couple that with a love of performance and bang for your buck and you can quickly see why Mopar draws in the fans.

car club

The top tier of any Mopar lover’s gaze is an SRT, a continuation of the days of classic cars, when a car wasn’t just a grocery getter, but an extension of who you are. The current models have come a long way since the birth of the Ramchargers in the 1950s and the early 2000s Performance Vehicle Operations division of Chrysler. Viper blood has trickled into every crack of Chrysler since the car revolutionized Mopar performance.

the guys

For DFWLX, a day with the DriveSRT team meant not only a testing of the latest and greatest (2012 Dodge Charger SRT8, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, and Chrysler 300C SRT8) but a critique of the Mopar family’s direction. The wet weather didn’t deter the drivers, but gave the DFWLX family the wonderful sound of sliding tires over gravel and concrete. For safety the course had to be altered, but the point of the vehicles was more than made: Mopar performance would live on for one more year.


The usual consensus was that all the vehicles driven had improved, a positive note for Mopar since DFWLX and other car clubs will be both their greatest critic and most loyal fan base.

For DriveSRT the day was a success, no cars destroyed, and their machines got shown off in decent fashion.


For DFWLX, a wet early morning gave rise to a high-performance afternoon.

For those able to make it, it was certainly worth playing hooky from work to play with big kid toys. Ralph Gilles can sit proudly and know that his brand is better than ever.

300C SRT8


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