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2009 Fredericksburg Classic and Muscle Car Club Car Show

I participated this last Saturday (8/15/09) in the 7th Annual Fredericksburg Classic and Muscle Car Club Car Show held at the Chancellor Baptist Church in Spotsylvania Virginia.  The weather was in the upper 80’s with partly cloudy skies, perfect car show weather.  All the cars where parked on a newly asphalted parking lot with plenty of parking for all the cars in attendance.

Fredricksburg car show
It did get very hot later in the day due to the asphalt and this is why I prefer car shows held in grass and normally try to avoid these types of shows.  However, the parking lot had plenty of shade trees spread around and was surrounded by a nicely kept landscape, which made things rather pleasant.

Many of the usual vendors were present, selling vintage license plates, display boards and aftermarket parts.  One thing lacking was a bigger variety of food with VA BBQ being the lone representative.  Bathrooms and water were provided by the Church, which was greatly appreciated. This show was my second and was much better than last year’s, held in a shopping plaza with inadequate parking on a very hot upper 90s day. 

Fredericksburg car show

My estimate is that close to 200 cars, trucks and motorcycles attended this show.  A wide variety of vehicles were present from many different manufactures past and present dating from the 1930s to a showroom new 2010 Camaro SS. 

1930s coupe

2010 Camaro

The show ran from 10am to 3pm with a $20 registration fee.  All the proceeds of the show went to needy families in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area.  Roughly 70 trophies were being handed out for the show and they all looked very nice.

I brought my 1986 Dodge Daytona to the show and it happened to be the sole Chrysler product of the 1980s—again.  This is becoming the norm at most shows that I have attended, but luckily many other Chrysler products where present.  One of my goals for this show was to pick a “Allpar Best of Show” picked by….Drum Roll…!

Barracuda Formula S

I spent the better part of two hours walking around taking pictures, talking to owners, when I noticed a very beautiful red 1968 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S.  This car looked different than most other Barracudas I had seen up to this point with sidepipes, scoops everywhere, distinct emblems, and some nice looking wheels.  I took many pictures of the car but did not have the opportunity to talk to the owner since he was most likely walking around admiring the other cars in the show as I was doing.  I decided to finish looking around the show and did see some other nice Chrysler vehicles but none that compared to this beauty. 

As you can see by this sampling there were some nice Mopars present.



surfing PT

And the choice did not come easy.

I figured if I wait a little while and head back to the car the owner of the Barracuda would surely be there taking a break from the heat and enjoying the day, which he did when I returned about an hour later.  The owner, Mr. Austin Hott, was more than happy to talk to me after letting him know I was writing an article for and had selected his vehicle as the best Chrysler product representing this show. 

It turned out the car is a George Barris creation.  George Barris is a well-known custom car creator with many of his vehicles used in movies and commercials.  Barris also sold kits to dealers and according to the owner his wife’s brother purchased this vehicle at a local dealer in Woodbridge, Virginia in 1968 with a Barris Kit.  The car has remained with the family since and had a full four-year restoration done after Mr. Hott purchased the vehicle off his brother in law.  The restoration was completed in 2008 and the car earned a special spot at one of the covered displays at Carlisle 2009.

inside the Barris Barracuda

Mr. Hott has plenty of documentation to support the vehicle, including pictures signed by George Barris, a signed George Barris Certificate to authenticate the car, and before and after restoration pictures.  The car is unique looking and a real head turner.  The add-ons are more aesthetic than performance but with a 340 and 4 speeds, it still has plenty of get up and go. 

One of the things that might be helpful with for Mr. Hott is more information on how many of these cars where actually sold like his.  He is aware of only one other one originally located in California but sold to someone in Canada. 

Now to the rest of the pictures of this beautiful Barracuda!

Barris Barracuda kit





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