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The 2013 Classic Days Meet at Schloss Dyck, Germany

There are many car-related events that one can visit and their number has been growing over the years. Some are long running events like certain activities at the Beaulieu museum in Great-Britain or are based on old venues like the Mille Miglia in Italy, others grew on historic sites like the Goodwood racing circuit in Great-Britain. Apart from these big names, there are many smaller or lesser known meetings that would deserve to be mentioned.

From August 2nd-4th, 2013, along with some friends, I visited one of the of the realtively new and succesful events called the “Classic Days”. The event is held in and around the renovated 17th century baroque castle Schloss Dyck with its origins going back to the 11th century. This year was the event’s 8th edition.
Schloss Dyck has a number of buildings around, giving a bit the impression of a village itself. The whole style and atmosphere was very pleasent and made me feel at home there.

Unlike many other events, Schloss Dyck has no connection neither to motorsport nor to cars, but the organisers have certainly used the best of the possibilities of the castle and its gardens to make it a great show. Many comparisons with the bigger Goodwood Revival event can be made, still, the Classic Days should be appreciated for its own unique features.

Schloss Dyck has to do without a racing circuit however, although blocked parts of public roads were used enabling cars to drive around.

What makes the Classic Days so different is that cars and stands are spread out all over the castle’s gardens, including the castle itself, resulting in a very relaxed atmosphere whilst the cars are portrayed against beautiful backgrounds – a real treat for photographers!

Also, because of the many trees and corners, one does not easily notice the number of visitors.

This year, the weather was very warm: the first day showed an exceptional 37° - 40°C (around 100°F according to the television reports), although the other days were a bit more comfortable. The bright sun made even the most conservative car colors look very alive..

The cars exhibited on the show grounds were mainly of german, italian and british brands. Looking at the cars that were visiting or displayed there, apart from several A-Fords, Mustangs and Corvettes, there were only a few american makes present. One very interesting exhibit however was a 1953 Packard Caribbean. We saw cars that we had not seen before.

Many corners with different themes were set up but the same as it is with the Goodwood Revival, walking around the car park is an interesting activity on itself.

Looking through Allpar eyes, I looked for Chrysler-related cars. As far as I could establish, there were a Matra F3 racing car, a 1960 Dodge Matador, a 1970 Plymouth Fury 2-door, a Simca Aronde P60 Pickup ice cream car, a Fiat Topolino B Fourgonette (thank you Simca Club France for your exact identification) which was converted to a coffee selling car in retro look. To be honest, the car was a bit beyond retro. To support this car, we bought coffee two times there. The french cousin of the Topolino B was the Simca 6. Also present at the meeting was a number of Sunbeam Alpines and Tigers.

The most special car I came accross was a 1931 Plymouth delivery van which was featured in the colors of Bayer Aspirine. I don’t know anything about its history but looking at advertising on the car itself, it is (or represents) a pre-war Dutch delivery van. A very rare car indeed anyway.

That concludes my small report: the Classic Days-event of Schloss Dyck is – despite its similarities – a different event from the Goodwood Revival. From my experience this year, I would say one could visit them both in one year and be satisfied.

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