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We Are Mopar 2 — in quotes

by Patrick Rall

The massive Texas Mopar show known as We Are Mopar 2 took place earlier this month. Allpar wasn’t able to make it to the show, we wanted to highlight this event.

WAM2 (as it is commonly called online) brought nearly 2,000 Mopar vehicles and nearly 5,000 Mopar fans to Texas Motor Speedway, but the greater good with the second annual We Are Mopar show was a $20,000 contribution to the Homeless Veterans Services of Dallas.


1,857 vehicles registered for the show online, compared with 986 in 2016. Over 1,900 vehicles passed through the gates, including Mopars brought in by vendors, along with around 5,000 people. Those Mopar fans generated $20,000 to charity while exercising their passion for Chrysler Group vehicles.

Having 1,900 vehicles arrive at one place at one time creates long entry lines; but I have been to events with larger organizations and fewer vehicles, which also had long entry lines. That is part of the big-show world, and the WAM2 volunteers did everything that they could to get everyone in and parked as quickly as possible.

We reached out to the Mopar online community, asking for quotes and photos of their vehicles. First, though, a few words from Pedro Murillo – the man responsible for starting this event last year:

by Pedro Murillo

As the organizer of the event, I have seen the good and the bad come to light. We accomplished something great here at The Great American Speedway that opened the doors to thousands of Moparians worldwide. The experience alone was more than enough for us to drive through those tunnels; and hundreds even experienced the turns on the oval here at TMS while supporting charity.

We stepped into the big leagues and we have our work cut out for us. The amount of support has been incredible already and hundreds owners are stepping up because they know how unique We Are Mopar truly is. $20,000 was just raised for our Homeless Veterans while we hung out with thousands of Moparians… how awesome is that? Any event has growing pains but we see this show as a success because it’s just the start of what we have planned. Our team was tested but we all pulled together and provided a place for every owner to connect.

This is our second annual event and it won’t be the last! Time to get to work!

In the words of the show-goers

Below are a few dozen quotes from Mopar lovers who made it to We Are Mopar 2, along with their pictures of their vehicles.

we are mopar 2

Crystal Matherne, Chrysler Crossfire: I really appreciated this event because they are very welcoming to ALL Mopars.... Who would have guessed that a V6 Chrysler could place in the Top 100 and be a “We Are Mopar” VIP?

coronet 440

George Marquise, 1965 Dodge Coronet 440: I was a volunteer for parking process. It was a super Mopar show, “laps for vets” was awesome and unique, and my ’65 Dodge Coronet 440 won “best 100” See you at WAM 3!


James Nohemitwo Blackburn, 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT: It was really an amazing time! Little hot but so awesome to see all my Mopar friends and get to meet them in person. My truck was there but didn’t win anything. Friday night lights was quite an experience that I would suggest everyone to go to! You can’t beat a all Mopar event with over 1900 Mopars in one area. And yes I will be going next year with a bigger and a better truck!!!


Alvaro Lau-Camarena: The most epic event a Moparian can attend right in the heart of the town I live in.

Kevin McNeill, 2010 Dodge Challenger SXT: I had a wonderful time! It was the first experience I’ve had at an all Mopar car show and it was amazing to see and be a part of it. The track laps were by far my favorite part. It’s been a dream of mine from the time I was a little boy to drive on a real professional race track. And it was a surreal experience. I will be back next year for sure to be a part of this great event again!

Ash Forbes, 2014 RAM Hemi V8 Rumble Pony: WAM2 was special for me, because I lost my older brother who was in the Navy. I live and breathe Mopar, and when they put on a charity for Veterans, it hit home in the best way. This event was spectacular!

Duane Duano Weeks, 2017 Dodge Challenger T/A: Both my wife and I had cars there. It’s not about the trophies, it’s about the experience, meeting new friends, catching up with old ones, knowing that everyone came together for one thing, the love of cars!!!

Eric Long: The event was really great. The highlight for myself was the laps for Vets. Being a Vet, I appreciated the laps and the cause the proceeds were for.

Jarrod Walker, 1970 Charger R/T: Heck of a show, yeah it was hot. But had a blast meeting other fellow Moparians.

David Martin, 1966 Dodge Charger: Was a Top 100 award winner. Was the most awesome car show I’ve ever been to. Mopar Heaven for sure.

Kristi Paul Rachal, 2017 Dodge Challenger R/T: WAM2 was an incredible opportunity to see the work other Mopar enthusiasts have put into their rides and learn from the best!

Robby Kohler: My wife Kari and I both attended the inaugural event last year and we couldn’t wait for WAM2. WE HAD A BLAST! It was a very memorable event and was for a great cause! Looking forward to next year already.

John Kinsey, 2012 Ram: I was there for both of them, WAM and WAM2. I thoroughly enjoyed both events. Sure the lines were long at times, but I expected that. 1900+ vehicles were registered. I had absolutely no problem getting around the event, and yes it was hot, but it is Texas after all. I cannot say enough about the kind of person Pedro is. That was a massive undertaking getting that many vehicles into the infield. I’m already looking forward to WAM3.

Amy Jeffreys, 2014 Dodge Challenger R/T Shaker #1814: I was Volunteering at this event. I will do it again! I was there for family, Friends and to even meet new people far away. I’m not there for the awards. This event was the biggest I have ever been too! It was the most awesome event. I will do it again. So when is We Are Mopar 3?

Jay Hollowell, 2007 426 Chrysler 300C SRT8: I am a disabled veteran that enjoyed the event despite the (parking) mishaps. It was a great collection of Mopar vehicles and just remember that “if it were that easy, everyone would do it.” I look forward to WAM3!

Mark Lowman, 2016 Jazz Blue Dodge Challenger SXT: To see a family bonded by Mopar coming from all over the country, gathering together in one place, made for a weekend I’ll never forget. Old school, new school, stock, and customized: Texas Motor Speedway was the place to be.

John Edwards, 1933 Plymouth PD Coupe: I took home a top 100 and was glad to be there. I liked that FCA brought their truck display and I’m glad that Pedro got it together. I will go next year.

Jeremy Rodahl, 2015 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack: Drove a thousand miles from Minnesota and this event was worth every mile.

Crystal Manning, 2008 Dodge Charger SRT8 Super Bee #777/1000 “Darth Bee”: I loved the entire experience! It was great seeing all the different aspects of Mopar all in one place as well as spend time with friend who we may have only met online before. It was also a great opportunity to get in touch with vendors face to face versus over the phone or online.

Laura Johnson-Headrick, 2008 RT Dodge Avenger: WAM2 was the best show/event I had ever been to. And the fact that it went to help homeless veterans was the whole reason I went!

Dawn Lowery, 2013 Charger SE 3.6L: My favorite things about WAM2 were the overall cars, loved seeing my friends for the first time or seeing again. It was an amazing event and I will be back next year.

Ray Chance, 2006 Dodge Ram SRT10: My experience overall was good. I can’t believe how large this show became and was only in its second year. With great growth comes great frustrations. Great opportunity to learn change and adjust for the better. I cannot wait for WAM3! I was unable to do everything I wanted but hopefully I can next year!

Christopher F. Waller, 2016 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack: I thought that driving my own car on the track was incredible. The cars they showed looked awesome and most everyone we met were great people. My 16 yr old daughter enjoyed it immensely. We will definitely attend again.

Shawn Ovalle: We Are Mopar 2 blew my expectations out of the water from the venders that were there and all the awesome cars!!

Mike Fogarty, 2008 Chrysler 300C SRT8: The best part for me was the laps for vets. I totally forgot about the hour and half wait when I hit the first turn. I got top 100 award and my biggest highlight was connecting with the people and driving on Texas Motor Speedway.

Jose E. ModFx: We Are Mopar was an awesome opportunity for us to meet the many vendors that attended face to face and put a face with the name... so to speak, but done all in one place. I (Jose Rosado) and Randal Carter own a small custom shop in Houston called modfx customs, we had the opportunity to interact with hundreds of customers and do a few live installs, something no other show allows or has time to fit in its busy schedule.

My social impressions branched out another 800 followers due to networking at We Are Mopar; despite the complaints others voiced, this was one of the coolest shows since #LoneStarMoparFest held in October every year. No one understands the frustration, hard work and dedication behind making an event of this magnitude successful. I’m a true believer of practice makes perfect! See you at WAM2. Side note: Pedro Murillo outdid himself, I can’t expect anything less for the years to come!

Justin Cruz Sr: The experience was good I loved it out there the only issue is that waiting to get in was kinda of hectic but in all it was a badass show.

Randall Carter, 2012 Super Bee Charger: From mild to wild and everything in between.

Will Dent, 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392: I drove from Florida to We Are Mopar. The show was fantastic. Yes there were some small hiccups however without enough volunteers it happens. Laps for Vets was amazing raising the 20k it did.

Clifford Steffey: So Proud to be a Vet and part of this donation.

Steve Lowery, 2006 Dodge Charger R/T: My whole weekend was great, I got to see a lot of friends from all around that I haven’t see in a while. Some friends that I got to finaully meet in person...It was a great opportunity, I had fun. I’m vet, so the laps for vets was a great idea to bring the Mopar community together to support the vets. Hats off to Pedro and everyone involved, it was an AWESOME experience. Thank you.

Tony Clark, 2011 Dodge Charger SE 3.6L: I have one thing to say, okay, several: Because of Pedro Murillo, a BIGGER THAN LIFETIME dream came to be a reality for me yesterday. I watch every NASCAR race that I can on TV. My dream is still to attend a NASCAR event in person. Yesterday my dream was exceeded because one of Pedro’s dreams was realized when he founded the “We Are Mopar” event. I didn’t attend a NASCAR race — even better, I was able to put my Mopar on a NASCAR track. Yesterday I experienced a little of what my NASCAR heroes like Dale Earnhardt Jr. , Jimmy Johnson, and so many others experience when they come to Texas Motor Speedway. Just being at the track, on the infield, in the Media Center, behind the same desk that Michael, Dale, Denny and all the awesome commentators sit at, was amazing. Woooow. To top it off my wife Sylvia and I were able to assist in getting drivers and their awesome mopars from around North America into the competition/show area. Pedro, if nothing else brother, YOUR DREAM MADE MY DREAM SO MUCH LARGER.

James Battles: Being a Purple Heart Commander and Vet, I really appreciate what Pedro and We Are Mopar did for my fellow vets. I try to raise awareness with my car and even use it to help raise money for vets. I was so honored to be able to participate this last weekend. My hood depicts my time in Afghanistan and the trunk has my state flag and American flag.

james battles

Jason Moll: we drove to Dallas from Louisianna as a club and had the best time. I also volunteered for Friday night and Saturday. I worked most of the day and enjoyed it. This was a awesome show. Pedro and his team did a very good job putting all this together. I will be going again and will be volunteering again. Where else can you go and see 1900 Mopars and give $20,000 to vets.

Carlos Enriquez: I was one of the volunteers at WAM2, even though I worked for most of the show it was amazing seeing every one there. The fact that I got to park a lot of Mopar was incredible, so many different builds that were all unique from each other. I can’t wait for WAM3 which will be bigger and better than this year.

Beth and Jim Newvine, 1974 Dodge Challenger Rallye: The staff/volunteers were awesome because they allowed us to bypass lines to get parked and out on the track for Laps for Vets. The unsung individuals who pushed us when The Lady vapor locked were lifesavers.

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