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2015 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Mopar Press Kits

2015 New York Auto Show

This year, with Chrysler not introducing any new cars or trucks or concepts, we show some other brands from the 2015 New York Auto Show along with Chrysler and Mopar.

First, with everything closed or sealed...

closed press kits

Kia was one of the few brands giving out color booklets, formerly a staple. Some companies gave out bags (Toyota and Mitsubishi among others) and even USB thumb drives were on the decline, with some companies, including Toyota, simply handing out cards providing a URL for the online press kit — something we expect to become the norm someday.

The Cadillac thumb drive was solid and heavy with chromed sides — above, we show the case and the drive alike. The Chrysler kit all the way on the right contains a pen with a USB drive fitted.

open press kits

We’re not sure why Mitsubishi thought that they should do a lanyard as well. You can see the Cadillac kit above both open and closed (we borrowed one for the photo). The Chevy bowtie turns out to be a USB thumb drive as well; it too had a nice solid feel. We’re showing the FCA press kit thumb drive outside the pen, above.

We will have photos from the Los Angeles and Chicago Auto Shows soon.

2015 Detroit Auto Show

pen drives

pen thumb drive

rebel press kit

ram rebel stuff



rebel and 4C

spider kit open

spider card

spider card back

alfa romeo kit

alfa kit open

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