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Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge Options and Colors Lists 1970-1978

This is one of those times when you just say... "wow." We owe one to Mr. Stein.

Introduction by Ewald Stein

 Option lists, option codes, equipment codes, colours, interiors, all these data are important to car lovers, especially if he or she wants to keep (or bring back ) his or her car in original condition. Modellers value these kinds of information very much as well.

Regarding interiors, it seems impossible to put that in a list. It looks like no buyer of a new Chrysler Corporation car ever got any information on the subject. I wish I could lay my hands on orginal sales manuals that should contain colour samples, interior fabric samples etc.. I say “should” as I never saw one from Chrysler but a friend has such a book from Chevrolet from 1980.

When making these lists, I had to limit myself to certain years and models. Please forgive me if I overlooked some Dutch words for translation.

1. Sheet “Option lists”

I took both the Production Broadcasts (of my Coronet and my Fury) for comparison. Then I arranged the options per chapter. Next step was to add the many option codes I found in a booklet on Mopar Muscle cars.  Of these I only took the models from about 1973 onwards and put them side by side. Then I added the options of both my cars for comparison - the data concerning the Coronet are marked reddish, those on the Fury in green.

To the right side of this sheet, you’ll find the remaining data of these production broadcasts that I could not catagorize or for other reasons could not incorporate in the option list.

2. Sheet “Option list compressed”

All these codes, I compressed into one long list. Again I added the Fury and Coronet data to make all some clearer (to me at least).

3. Sheet “Identification”

Taking the chassis number as the basis, I put all the possibilities I had found under concerning digit in the chassis number. 

Then I singled out the year 1976, which is, as explained, currently the most interesting for me.

4. Sheet “ Engines”

Not quite a complete list, but I tried to make clearer which engines where delivered for what makes in which year. 

Hopefully you can fill me in on the missing data.

Download the spreadsheets here (Excel format)

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