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Plymouth car body plates of the Southern Hemisphere

These body plates were attached to Plymouths built by assemblers in overseas assembly plants. Melbourne Body, Lane’s and T J Richards were body suppliers in Australia. Fevre & Basset were the builders in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The French body plate is from an unknown supplier, perhaps Chrysler France?

Melbourne Motor Body: a small plaque
attached to the cowl, left-hand side
near the running board, on
1929-29 Plymouths assembled by this company

(Left) The plate reads: Sole Agents for Victoria & Riverina, (Chrysler) Phone Cen 10490 (Morris Cars), Lane’s Motors, Pty. Ltd., 89-105 Exhibition, St. Melb., Stock Number P27-5961.
(Right) The plate reads: Sole Agents for Victoria & Riverina, Lane’s Motors, (Chrysler Plymouth), 89-105 Exhibition St. Melb., Stock Number P24 Phone Cen 10490. ( Riverina is a region of the state of Victoria, Australia.)

Recently this Plymouth Roadking emblem came up for sale on eBay, the internet auction site. The Roadking was a midyear model, replacing the “Business” P5 series for 1938. The Roadking name was used again in 1939 and 1940, as the model name for the less expensive P7 and P9 series. The top of the line models were sold as the Deluxe.

This brings up a question: Where did this emblem appear and on what model year(s)? Is it a dash emblem, a hood emblem or a trunklid emblem? Or is it an aftermarket item? Any help in identifying it would be appreciated.

It was being sold by Walter Miller, who is a Plymouth Owners Club member.

Interested in reading about more historical Plymouths? Visit our main history page or the Plymouth Owners' Club.

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