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Chryslers, Dodges, Plymouths, Hudsons, AMCs, and Jeeps in movies

See also our "Mopars driven by celebrities" and "Mopars on television" pages.

car wash Plymouth Fury

The following movies are noted in particular for their portrayal of Mopars:

Movie Notable Car(s)
Cars #43 Plymouth Superbird is Richard Petty’s car (it’s named “The King” and is the correct blue). The bad guy is an Oldsmobuick, but the “other hero,” Doc, is a Hudson Hornet. Click and Clack, the Car Talk guys, chose to be a 1963 Dodge Dart and 1963 Dodge A100. Lou Romano showed up as a Plymouth Barracuda, and Harv, not seen, is supposed to be a Plymouth Reliant. Not a single Ford Mustang or Thunderbird was included, making Pixar’s Cars truly refreshing.
The Blues Brothers 440-powered 1974 Dodge Monaco ex-squad is driven by the Blues Brothers, who are pursued by many St. Regis, Diplomats, etc. “It’s got a cop motor, cop suspension, cop gears, and cop brakes.” Bluesmobiles at Allpar
Christine 1958 Plymouth Fury is the subject of the movie. Dennis drove a blue 1968 Charger.
Two Lane Blacktop Hemi Cuda, Dodge Daytona
Vanishing Point The focal car was a white 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 440 four-speed, which survived the final destruction scene (a Camaro stood in for it). Cars were supplied by Dodge. Hemi Andersen wrote that the two cops at the end jumped into a 1970 Plymouth Belvedere powered by a 318 engine with front disc brakes — which was wrecked accidentally when chasing the Challenger; he bought the running gear in 1971 for parts. (Story at the bottom of this page)
The Wraith 1986 Dodge Daytona turbos and copies of the Dodge M4S concept car (rear drive, black with gull-wing doors); 1965 Barracuda.
It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World 1962 Imperial convertible, 1962 Plymouth Wagon, 1962 Chrysler 300 convertible, 1962 Dodge Polara convertible, 1962 Jeepster, 1962 Plymouth and Dodge police cars, and two 1959 Plymouth Savoy taxi cabs... along with Dodge Power Wagon tow truck and Jeep wagon.

The following movies were noted by forum users and correspondents (their names are at the end). To keep this list within reasonable length, we're holding it down to movies where the lead actors drove Mopars - if we took any movie that had a Diplomat, Monaco, Volare, or Fury as a police car or taxi, we'd have practically every movie made in the last thirty years!

A through F

Airwolf Numerous Jeeps including Stringfellow Hawke’s CJ-7 Renegade. (Hemmings story)
The Alligator People 1959 Dodge Sierra wagon, 1959 Imperial
American Graffiti Car scratched by Richard Dreyfus is a 1956 DeSoto Firedome Seville
American Pie Grand Caravan; Oz and girlfriend sit in Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited overlooking the lake
And I Lived Independent feature film, 2003: 1970s Dodge Charger in full chase scene.
Back Street John Gavin drives a 1957 or 1958 Chrysler 300 convertible. Vera Miles drives a 1958 DeSoto, at the climax driven out of control and hits a tree (actually, a 1957 Plymouth was crashed).
Back to the Future 1984 AMCs shown but not featured - Eagle, Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer, Javelin, Hornet. claims that a 1960s Dodge Polara hubcap was part of the time travel equipment.
Bad Georgia Road Terrible movie, but it featured a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner (with a 1970 Dodge Charger, others)
Bare Knuckles

Private eye with motorbike chasing a 1968 Plymouth Road Runner (four-speed)

Batman (1989-95) Taxis are AMC Matadors. Main characters drive an AMC Concord. A Joker man has a 1967 AMC Rebel.
Batman vs Superman 2016 movie had an FCA tie-in. Batman drives a Jeep Renegade, many police drive Dodge Darts.
Beginning of the End Many 1956 cars; a New Yorker convertible is featured in this awful B-movie
Beverly Hills Cop 1,2 Many A-bodies destroyed in the first five minutes. M- and B-bodies used for squad cars. Sergeant drove an Aries. In BHC 2, chief has a Fifth Avenue; police use Diplomats. In Distinguished Gentleman, a character refers to a 1982 Dart, which Eddie Murphy calls a piece of junk. Think he has some issues.
Big Fish 1967 Dodge Charger - actually mentioned the name.
The Big Operator Mickey Rooney, Jim Backus. 1950 Plymouth Business Coupe and 1957 Savoy
The Big Show Filmed in 1936, Gene Autry; 1936 Dodge convertible sedan
The Big Sleep Philip Marlowe is tailed by (and later drives) a 1935 Plymouth Coupe (six cylinder), engine # PJE 23958 B; the registration card is good through 1944.
Black Heat1968 Charger in 1976 movie
Black Moon Rising AMC concept car, Concordia II, circa 1977
Blade, Blade II 1968 (or 1969?) Dodge Charger
Blair Witch Project 1988-89 Daytona used to drive out to the woods; Dodge van used.
Blood WorkClint Eastwood has a Plymouth Satellite (1970-74)
Bloody 27 2008 horror movie stars a blue 1973 Plymouth Duster
Blue Velvet 1968 Dodge Charger
Bob Hope movies Featured Chryslers; ScottB pointed out that Chrysler sponsored Hope’s TV specials and golf events.
Body of Evidence Detective driving a 1990s Imperial at the beginning; squads are mostly Diplomats
Bourne Supremacy Town & Country minivans drive CIA personnel through Europe
Brewster McCloud Chase scene with Gremlin X, GTX, squads
Bucket ListJack Nicholson briefly drives a 1970 Challenger on the track
Bullitt 1968 Dodge Charger 440 with speeds of 110 mph reached (for real) in the chase scene. Details here.
California Kid Co-star is a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere 2-door hardtop. The Belvedere is shown in police livery but is a sprayed over civil car.
Cannonball David Carradine's nemesis was driving a black 1968-69 Dodge Charger. Also has a 1973 Dodge Polara squad and a then-new 1975 Dodge Coronet taxi.
Cannonball Run Dodge Ram Van ambulance
Cannonball Run 2 Chrysler limousine, Daytona/Laser driven by Frank Sinatra (he was shown driving at least two cars, interchangeably, due to sloppy shooting and editing.)
Can't Buy Me Love Chrysler 300 wagon. Patrick Dempsey drives it (his father's car) - featured and referred to by others.
Cape Fear Gregory Peck and Polly Bergen driving a 1961 Chrysler New Yorker wagon, and a 1961 Chysler 4 door sedan
Car Wash (1975) 1975 Plymouth Fury Sport, powder blue, extensively filmed when washed and cleaned and is parked on the premises throughout the film.
CastawayTom Hanks movie - Jeep Cherokee
Catch me if you can 1965 and 1966 Belvederes were the police cars .
Le Cercle Rouge Had a black late 1960s Fury in many scenes. French movie was “hugely influential.” 
Chiefs Bill Dee Williams drives a 1957 DeSoto coupe now owned by Dean Mullinax
Cheaper by the Dozen Original (Lucille Ball): 1956 Chrysler Airport (8 door) wagon; now owned by “condav.” Remake: Aston Kutcher has a red Lebaron convertible; says, "Please don't touch the Lebaron!"

Chuck Norris movies Various Dodge trucks including Ramchargers
Close Encounters Héctor Casarrubias López wrote: “In the desert you can see the UN taking dune sand on Jeep Wagoneers.”
Cobra (1986) Two Plymouth Volares - one used as a getaway vehicle (1979), and one driven by Gonzales (with a Dodge emblem on the hood). Daniel wrote, “In one of the one chase scenes the 1950 souped up Mercury is shredding itself trying to keep up with a Volare.”
Cohen and Tate Plymouth Gran Fury (1980s)
Cold Around the Heart Starts out with David Caruso being thrown from the passenger side of a 1971/2 Satellite
Collier & Co: Hot PursuitJohn Schneider races a 1968 or 1969 Charger against people for their pink slips, so he can resell the other cars
Colors 1977/78 Fury sedan used by C.R.A.S.H. officers (as a replacement for a totalled mid-1980s Chevrolet Impala 9C1). Sean Penn named it Pac-Man since the Fury is painted yellow (former taxicab?). Several LAPD squads - Mopar R-bodies (Dodge St. Regis). Late 1980s Diplomat seen during film's end.
Crazy French-Canadian film. Ken Eisbrener wrote, “Through the years the dad lovingly cares for his new Chryslers. Starts out with a 1966 New Yorker. Later in the movie he has a blue 1976 Cordoba, then a 1979 New Yorker Fifth Avenue Edition. The cars play a large part of the film.”
Crossworlds "A nice 65/6 Dart 2 door get destroyed and then the heroes steal a 66/7 Coronet 9 pass wagon. Otherwise it's not worth watching...."
The Crush Cary Elwes loves and restores an early 1960s (64?) Valiant convertible. With Alicia Silverstone.
Cry Terror With James Mason. Features all 1957-58 Mopars with Inger Stevens piloting a 1958 Chrysler New Yorker convertible, showing the dash. Angie Dickenson drives a 1957 Desoto sedan and there is a nice Imperial 2 door hardtop shown.
Cry WildernessCheap movie revisited by MST3K has just three vehicles shown; two are Dodges (the third is a semi).
Dark Victory (1939) - Bette Davis - Humphrey Bogart has a 1934 PE Plymouth Westchester Semi-Sedan Suburban (woody wagon) - only 35 made in 1934!
Dark Corner (1945) - Lucille Ball starred - DeSoto Skyviews (taxis)
Day After Tomorrow Dennis Quaid and his team take a white 2004 Dodge Ram out to New York.
The Day Mars Invaded Earth 1962 Plymouth wagon driven by Marie Windsor, (as well as a 1960 Plymouth taxicab).
Dazed and Confused Ben Affleck drives the 1971 Plymouth Duster. Coronet 440 in background. 42 minutes in, Beetle girls drive around Plymouth Superbird.
Death Car on the Freeway Black Dodge van
Death Proof “There is a white 1970 440 Challenger and a black 1969 Charger in a spectacular car chase” among others
Death RaceDodge Ram Mega Cab and LX models
Desert Fury Burt Lancaster. All Mopars including 1947 Town & Country convertible and many 1940s Plymouths.
Devil in the Flesh Silver LeBaron convertible
Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry Variety of muscle including 1969 Charger R/T 440.
Disney's The Kid Old man Bruce Willis drives a 1970s Dodge pickup; in the 1960s, Bruce's dad drives a Dodge van
Drop Dead Gorgeous Main character has a red Dodge; several Caravans are also used.
Driving Miss Daisy The only car Daisy actually drives is a 1947 Chrysler Royal which she backs into a ravine. The film gives fine coverage to a Hudson, showing it in close-up shots and giving it better treatment than any other car.
Duel Plymouth Valiant / Dodge Dart driven by Dennis Weaver on the run from a Peterbilt. ShoesHughes wrote, “It's a 1971, and sometimes 1972, Valiant; either a 225 or a 318, depending on scene.” Erik Blitvitch wrote, “Sometimes you can see the Swinger emblem on the front fender.”  Several cars were used interchangeably, and carelessly, in this odd period-piece of a movie.
EdTV 1966 Dodge Charger
Early Elvis movies Various Chryslers - including 1968 Imperial Convertible in Live a Little, Love a Little
Enforcer (Dirty Harry movie) - 1972-74 Satellite squad crashes through a liquor store
Escape from the Planet of the Apes ScottB: "'70 Chrysler 4-door, looks like a New Yorker to me, as well as what appear to be Dodge military trucks of WWII vintage and a white Jeep Wagoneer."
Evening Star Jack Nicholson drove a 1992 Chrysler Lebaron 3.0 V6
Exit Wounds Dodge Ram driven by Steven Segal
Eye of the Tiger1986 movie; 1981 Dodge Power Wagon with machine guns and mortars (via Cpl Joshua Stigall)
Falcon and The Snowman LAPD squads - 1975/76 Coronet (with a Fury grille) and 1973 Valiant. Mexican Darts (Dodge Aspens) used in the film as Mexico City P.D. squads, along with a 1975/76 Dart (during the border crossing scene).
Family Man Dodge Caravan
Fast and the Furious 1970 Dodge Charger (featured; crashed).
2 Fast 2 Furious Viper, 1970 Hemi Challenger, Rams
Father's Day Robin Williams and Billy Crystal drive an LHS
Ferris Bueller's Day Off Principle drives an early Plymouth Reliant; mother drives a Chrysler LeBaron Town & Country wagon
Fifty-Two Pickup Starring Ann-Margaret. Bad guy drives a 1969 Plymouth GTX; he says, "it's old but she still cooks."
Finish Line Large variety of classic Mopar muscle
Fireball 500 Wedge and Hemi action
Firewall Harrison Ford drives 2005 300C
Forsaken Leads drive red 1969 Dodge Charger - Steve Inman notes it was probably a leftover General Lee.
Freddy Got Fingered Chrysler LeBaron
Friends of Eddy Coyle Curious Yellow 1971 Road Runner 383 mistakenly referred to as "...a 383 Hemi...".

G through N

The Gauntlet 1974 Satellite is blown up; 1971/72 Tradesman (Mercy Ambulance Conversion). 1974 Satellites used by police, constable. Actual Phoenix P.D. squads in the film - 1975/76 Coronets and Furies. 1975-77 Gran Fury squads used by the Vegas P.D.
Gentle Ben and Gentle Ben II Lead drives a Jeep Cherokee
Get Smart The first movie not to feature Don Adams shows a pristine 1965 Sunbeam Tiger, with a marketing campaign that clearly labelled the car. This car may have been in the earlier Don Adams movies.
Godzilla Eagle Vision, Chrysler Concorde
Gone Fishin' Main characters drive a 1968 Plymouth Barracuda, with interior and exterior shots and refer to it by name. Bill S. wrote, “it's on display at Disney/MGM Theme Park in Orlando, outside on the Studio Backlot Tour.”
Gone in 60 Seconds 1972 Plymouth Road Runner or Satellite, 1965 Plymouth Belvedere Police, dealership with several Mopars, 1968 Dodge Monaco squad, 1969 Plymouth Satellite Police,  1970 Dodge Coronet Police, 1971 Plymouth Fury squad, 1970 Dodge Polara squad, 1970 Charger
Great Outdoors Family vehicle was Jeep Grand Wagoneer
Green Hornet Dean Jeffries customized 1965 Chrysler Imperial Crown called "Black Beauty" (link / link).
Green LanternDrives an orange 1971 Challenger. There's also a Wrangler Unlimited.
Grindhouse See Death Proof and Planet Death, separately.
Gumball Rallye The entries who dress as cops are driving a 1971 Polara 4 door sedan; audio seems to be real (440).
Guess who’s coming to dinner (1967) 1967 Barracuda notchback; 1967 Valiant in a minor accident
Guncrazy (1992) Most of the cars are of this era, and the protaganist's car in the end is a Dodge Challenger
Hammer 1972 B5 blue 1972 Dodge Challenger convertible with white R/T style side stripe (without the R/T).
Happy Gilmore 1970s Plymouth Duster (driven by Adam Sandler), others; Mopars rule in Adam Sandler movies!
Hear no evil, see no evil Pryor and Wilder drive a 1980s LeBaron convertible
High Sierra Humphrey Bogart's new car is 1937 Plymouth - that switches to a 1938 in parts of the movie.
Highwaymen A man tracks down his wife’s murderer in a 1968 Barracuda.
Holes The warden drives a white 1957 or 1959 Chrysler Saratoga hardtop. "It's getting washed by inmates in most of its scenes - it's white, and just about the only clean object in the movie."
Honey, I Blew Up the Kid Wayne's boss has a Fifth Avenue limousing his '72 El Dorado.
Hostage Bruce Willis drives a Durango
Hot Cars 1956 Mopars including DeSoto ragtops
Hot Rod Story super stock footage including side by side 1963 Ramchargers run for SS eliminator final (all 16 mm film)
Hot Rod 79 Main character shows up in early 1960s Belvedere, and steals a Hemi from a squad car for his Willy's drag car.
Hot Rods to Hell Dana Andrews plays chicken with punks in a Corvette with his green 1961 Plymouth
House of Wax 2005 movie features red 1968 Charger
Hud Paul Newman and Co. with 1959 Dodge Pickup
The Hunted del Toro escapes police in a Plymouth Acclaim
I Was a Teenage Faust Plymouth Prowler
I’d rather be rich Sandra Dee & Andy Williams are seen driving a 1964 Imperial convertible
Imitation of Life Laura Merideth (Lana Turner) drives a 1958 Chrysler 300 and Steve Archer (John Gavin) drives another (red) 300. The family packs a 1957 Chrysler wagon for a picnic. The funeral uses a black 1956 Imperial limousine. John Gavin's Chrysler 300 is red.
Independence Day Judd Hirsch drove a 1962 Fury 4-door hardtop to Washington DC with Jeff Goldblum as his passenger.
Insomnia Police vehicle is a Cherokee; Al Pacino has a Grand Cherokee; other Jeeps included
Italian Job Main character drives a tan Sebring; many other Chryslers
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World "That chase scene with the Imperial convertible ... proves just how great those Chrysler products did handle. There were no special tires or shocks for those Imperials, so I suspect that what you see is what every other Imperial owner got back then, not to mention the regular Chrysler products too. The balance and poise of the Chrysler torsion bar/leaf spring suspension is impressive!" 1962 Imperial convertible, 1962 Plymouth Wagon, 1962 Chrysler 300 convertible, 1962 Dodge Polara convertible, 1962 Jeepster, 1962 Plymouth and Dodge police cars, and two 1959 Plymouth Savoy taxi cabs
Jerry Lewis/ Dean Martin movies Various Chryslers (1950s)
Joe Dirt 1969 Dodge Daytona, Plymouth GTX, car claimed to be a Road Runner (it’s probably a GTX) - all driven by David Spade
Josie and the Pussycats Early 1960s van; music video had green Road Runner; driven around in white LHS limousine.
Joyride Paul Walker (lead) drives 1971 Chrysler Newport across the country
Jumanji Police drive Diplomat, guard drives Spirit/Acclaim, heroes drive LeBaron convertible
Just Married Dark blue Dodge Challenger driven by main characters
Kindergarten Cop Plymouth Aclaim, Dodge Shadow
LA Story Silver LeBaron coupe
Lady in Cement Frank Sinatra driving a 1966 Plymouth Fury 4-door Hardtop (not his own). Also appearing: 1965 Dodge Polara Police, white 1968 Plymouth Fury.
LantanaAustralian movie has a 1979 Valiant CM (GLX)
Lilies of the Field Sidney Poitier is driving a black 1959 Plymouth wagon
The Lineup 1958 “film noir” movie. “Detectives drive a Dodge, bad guys drive a Plymouth, and the cops a Ford; the suspension on the stock standard Dodge is a little soft.” — Manfred Herzog
Lively Set (the) Four Chrysler turbine cars - all driven by George Stecher, head mechanic of the Chrysler Turbine program.
Lone Wolf McQuade (Chuck Norris) Ramcharger with a blower digs its way out of its own grave; El Paso, TX squads are 1979/1980 Plymouth Volares; a 1978 or 1979 Dodge Aspen briefly seen which pushes a 1972 Pontiac LeMans off an embankment.
Lost Highway 1967 Plymouth Satellite
Love and a .45 main character drives a 1972 road runner, in B5 blue
Man with the Golden Gun Bond uses an AMC Hornet to pursue an AMC Matador. Several Matador squads.
Marlowe James Garner has a 1964 Plymouth Fury convertible and is a passenger in a Chrysler convertible.
Matchstick Men Black Dual Ghia - Chrysler-powered Italian luxury car
Matilda Red Chrysler LeBaron convertible
McQ John Wayne drives a Belvedere sedan in a beach car chase and destroys pursuers’ Caddy, outruns their Caprice.
Meanest Man in the WorldJack Benny vehicle featured a Maxwell (in line with his radio and TV persona)
Men in Black Reggie the Squid drives a Chrysler Town & Country wagon; Neon at the entrance of the tunnel
Missing Embassy vehicle is a Dodge Diplomat
Mississippi Burning Drew: “Great shots of a 1961 DeSoto owned by a Klansman. Comes into town on screeching tires and occupants throw a young man out the door onto the street, then takes off.”
Monolith Monsters 1957; the hero drives a 1956 DeSoto Fireflite convertible
Monster TrucksKids movie (2010s) draws on 1950s-60s and newer Dodge trucks
Monster on the Campus Joanna Moore drives a 1958 DeSoto Fireflite convertible. “She runs it off the road but the Desoto appears uninjured.... 1958 Plymouth convertible driven by the nurse who is the first victim.”
Mother, Juggs, & Speed (1976) Several 1971-73 Dodge B-Van ambulances; local police use 1971-72 AMC Matadors
Mystery Men Rambler Rebel Cross Contry

N through Z

Natural Born Killers Features a red 70 Challenger R/T convertible
Next Nicholas Cage steals a Dodge Charger SRT8 / chase scene
Nightmare on Elm Street III 1964 Dodge Dart Convertible
No Mercy 1973 Fury hardtop coupe used as a getaway vehicle; passenger door is sheared off.
Nutty Professor Eddie Murphy was driving a red Dodge Viper.
Off Limits 1966 Fury and 1965 Fury hardtop, both driven hard. The 1965 was disguised as a 1966. William Defoe reportedly owns the 1966 still.
Old School Dodge ram van (short wheelbase 70s-80s with side pipes)
On Golden Pond Dabney Coleman's rental is a Chrysler LeBaron Wagon. Jane Fonda rents a “Volare made by Plymouth” and describes the Chrysler as “we rented a car that explodes every 40 miles” and “very ugly and it breaks down a lot.”
On The Town 1940s DeSoto Skyview Taxicab got plenty of footage.
One Way to ValhallaA 1970 Plymouth AAR 'Cuda plays a prominent role in the story. Other vintage cars including a Superbird.
Overboard Mid-1960s Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab Driven by Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn
Parenthood “Mopar Missile” Duster-based dragster
Patton Patton is driven around in a Dodge WC56 Command Car.
Some Jeeps are postwar M38s (CJ-3s)...notice the one piece windshield glass.
Payback 1974 Dodge Charger, 1968 or 1969 Plymouth Road Runner
Phantasm series Hemi E-body driven by good guys; becomes a convertible after being crashed in second movie. Raymond Chang: “In Phantasm, the star was a 1971 340 Cuda. In Phantasm II it was a 1971 318 Barracuda that was dolled up to appear like a Hemi Cuda. In Phantasm III and IV it is an actual 1970 Hemi Cuda convertible.” Joe Ward: “In first movie, the car is a 1971 but the hood emblem states it’s a 440-6 pack.”
Pillow Talk Rock Hudson drives a 1959 DeSoto convertible
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Chrysler LeBaron convertible (rental car); M-body squad car; Daytona/Laser in background shot
Point Blank 1967 Lee Marvin movie. Ken Eisbrener wrote, “Virtually everyone was driving a new Imperial, Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth in the film. Lee Marvin crashed a new 1967 Imperial convertible into overpass pillars. ... 1967 Dodge Coronet wagon featured, 1967 Chrysler 300 convertible featured, and the end scene is a 1967 Dodge Charger driven in a culvert.”
Porky's Porky drives a pink 1953 Hudson Hornet (then a hot car) with a horn that squeals like a pig.
President's Analyst James Coburn (lead) drives a 1967 Plymouth Fury III convertible - many Fury taxis.
Problem Child Jeep Grand Wagoneer (both movies)
Punisher Punisher steals a green Road Runner from the guy who was chasing him, replacing his GTO
Quiz Show Rob Morrow dreaming of the day he can get a Chrysler 300
Radio AMC Gremlin
Rat Race Intrepids and unkillable Dodge Ram
Recoil1968 GTX
Redline 7000 Wedge and Hemi action
Replicant Daytona in parking lot gets crashed into by a Ram Van
Riding the Bullet 1959 Plymouth Fury (homage to Christine). Stephen King movie.
Road Warrior (Mad Max) II 1959 DeSoto
Rush Jason Patrick drives a heavily featured 1968 Dodge Charger
Scary Movie 4 Heroes drive Chryslers - LeBaron Convertible, first-gen minivan, and more... only running cars are Chryslers
Shaft Scores Again Plymouth Road Runner
Shaft's Big Score Plymouth Road Runner Plymouth Road Runner in Shaft movies
Sharky's Machine Crime boss was chauferred in a 1981 Imperial limousine.
Short Time Cop driving 1980s Diplomat; good chase — mostly Diplomat squads that become Chevys when being hit.
Silence of the Lambs Clarise and her boss have a Dynasty
Singles The female lead drives a brown Dodge Diplomat that gets totaled about two-thirds of the way through.
Sleepless in Seattle Meg Ryan drives a Plymouth Acclaim rental
Something About Mary Spy has LeBaron Convertible; also shows a Durango
Space Jam Red Challenger convertible
Speed Music video for the movie (Montgomery Gentry) features a Plymouth Road Runner
Spy Hard Hero’s car is a 1968 Dodge Charger, shown and mentioned by name, near the end
St. Elmo's Fire A woman drives a LeBaron convertible; Emilio Estevez ends up driving it.
Stealing Harvard Dodge A100 van
Stranded in Space Made-for-TV movie where all characters with cars drive Plymouths; MST3K version points this out.
Strange Brew Policeman drives a Plymouth Volare squad car
Sugarland Express Many pre-1974 Mopar police cars
Supersize Me Writer filmed in a 2008 Dodge Caravan
Taking of Pelham 1,2,3 Mopar squads in original movie
Man With Two Brains (the) Steve Martin drove a gray Fifth Avenue
Rundown (the) Black Dodge Ram Hemi
Second Hand Lions "Relatives" drive a 1950s Imperial
Standing Tall Black Quad Cab Ram
Stone Killer1969 Belvedere sedan
Stuntman (the) Dodge Ramcharger driven by Lee Majors
Sunset Blvd William Holden's car was a 1946 Plymouth convertible, while the repo men drove a Dodge business coupe.
That thing you do! 1959-60 Plymouth taxis abound
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Dodge A-100 van driven by the teenagers, Plymouth Fury driven by the evil sheriff (new version)
There's Something About Mary Cameron Diaz drives a Durango. Matt Dillon follows her in a Lebaron convertible.
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot1973 Plymouth Fury
Thunderheart FBI agent chauffered in a 1980s Diplomat or Gran Fury; 1976/77 Volares seen as squads.

Tomb Raider Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
Tomcats Jerry O'Connell (star) drives a 'Cuda that gets repossessed by Bill Mahr
Tommy Boy Convertible 1967 Plymouth GTX driven by David Spade and slowly destroyed
Too Fast Too Furious See under “2 Fast 2 Furious” just under Fast and Furious
Truman 1940s Chryslers (historically accurate); movie about Harry Truman
Twister Dodge Ram, Jeep J-10 Honcho pickup, caravan of Dodge Caravans. Honcho is flipped, still runs.
Unlawful Entry 1971 Dodge Charger
Vampire in Brooklyn 1971 Dodge Charger R/T driven by detective
Vertigo James Stewart drives a white 1956 DeSoto Firelite Sportsman.
A View to a Kill Only James Bond film with Mopar squads: decommissioned SFPD vehicles (1978 Monacos and a 1976/77 Volare) alongside mid-1980s Diplomats
Walking Tall 1971 or 1972 Dodge Polara driven by Sheriff Buford Pusser. In remake, Ram slowly destroyed to make a bad guy crack.
Wheels of Terror 1974 Dodge Charger with squashed-down grille driven by evil man. "Bad movie" from 1990s.
Wayne’s World AMC 1975-1977 Pacers, one converted to convertible, one converted to limo.
What About Bob? Jeep Grand Wagoneer driven by Richard Dreyfus
Without a Paddle Driving a Jeep Wagoneer. Dialogue: "I can't believe Duke is still running." ... "I know, but the 318 is bulletproof!" (Wagoneers used AMC 360s)
The World, the Flesh, and the Devil 1959 Harry Belafonte movie with Inger Stevens and Mel Ferrer. Belafonte drives out of a showroom with a new 1958 Chrysler 300 convertible, and drives to New York City, where he sees a 1958 Imperial Crown Coupe sitting on the steps of the Public Library and meets Inger Stevens in her 1958 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer. (Thanks, Ken Eisbrener).

apocalypse movie: The World, the Flesh,a nd the Devil

One “Vanishing Point” police car

The 2 featured “cops” were the ones parked on the bluff as Kowalski drove by on the road below. They quickly jumped into their 1970 Plymouth Belvedere, powered by a 318 engine and A-904 Torqueflite with front disc brakes. Sorry, I don't have the VIN any more.

That car was damaged when chasing the Challenger over a narrow bridge in some small town. The driver of the Belvedere overshot the bridge turnoff, sliding off the road and slowly rolling the car onto its left side in the ditch.

I bought the running gear from the car in the fall of 1971, for parts, at Frontier Auto Wreckers in Sunland, CA. I never took the body but spent two weekends unbolting all the useable parts and loading them into my 1963 Plymouth Belvedere station wagon, originally owned by Petersen Publishing Company in LA. (They do Motor Trend among other magazines.)

The complete 8 1/4" rear end went into my 1963 Belvedere so I could take the 8 3/4" "Pumpkin" to New Jersey and install it in my old 1958 Plymouth Fury, which I had given to my father as a second car.

The LA 318 and single-piston front disc brakes went into my ’63, still used the push button 727 that was in the ’63.

The A-904 transmission and driveshaft were sold at the dealer I worked at. Lots of small parts went "who knows where?"

In 1975, the 318 got removed and sold to the Chrysler dealer I worked for. It was installed in a used car that needed it and I installed a 1974 Duster 360 HP short engine that had been removed under warranty. (Nothing major wrong with it, but a long story.)

The Chrysler factory rep that gave me the 360 told me about the movie and the 1970 Belvedere, which was not supposed to be wrecked in the story. It was brand new when it was leased or loaned to the movie company and had around 2,300 miles on it when I bought the parts.

I have no parts left except the name-plates from the front fenders. The 360 short engine continues to this day, never having been disassembled, and now powers my 1979 D-150 pickup.


Thanks, 73PlymouthDuster, Robyn Carter, Fenderbass, stratocharger, valiant67, eaglecars, John D. Harmon, dana44, pentastarfan, Dean C. Finch, locomotion, Curtis Redgap, VoyagerExpresso, sweptline lover, nascarman, freelantz, James Hale, Scott B., johnb300m, ramitdown, EnsRoland, Nate the skate, ongankul, satrnbmb, Steve Hauptman, MattsLeBaron, Sean Doody, Phil Bezaire, CBODY67, E8052, vrun4fun, 83Ram150dude, GTCguy, SuperGlueHero, donut, Rob James, Ryan Dacko, Ben George, Matt (HemiPower at AOL), demon71, Jake, Tom Engel, Mike Sealey, Damian Birch, Thomas Ebersole, Thomas Elkins, Dave Smith, yrun4n, billp2rj, Jonathan W Morrisey, Ken Eisbrener, Thomas Ebersole,, Curtis Redgap, MattsLeBaron, Mark Schmidt, Jim Benjaminson, dartndodge, Sean, Thomas Elkins, John Boyle, Marc, Jonathan W Morrisey, Satorhelyi, Patrick Lynch, John Clemente, Richard Golden, David D., Dorothy Miller, John Homer, Sean, Nick M, Adam Hugo, Viv E., Finleyphoto, Doug, CJ, Johnc1964, Bob Sheaves, Feldman, montrose.patriot, Phil, dave3240, Mark Schmit, Zoe Zatz, Infamous Jim, Jeff, Christopher Novak, andyridesbmx, Ewald Stein of the Netherlands (many entries carefully made!), jadotch, Montrose Patriot, Jeff Wilson, Mike Conti, Jerry Simcik, montrosepatriot, strapp, Jonathan W Morrisey, Ken Eisbrener, Ryan McCary, Tex3X, Mike P., Warren McIntosh, Adam C. Clark, challengermoviecars, plymouth1, LugNuttz, Mitchell Emerick, Jim Benjaminson.

See also our "Mopars driven by celebrities" and "Mopars on TV" pages, and this AMC "car stars" site which has more AMC car appearances, along with some notable Dodges, Chryslers, and Plymouths. It has details on each movie.

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