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Bob Sheaves: suspension engineer, design process and CATIA expert, contributor

bob sheavesBob Sheaves’ design and engineering background is in vehicle chassis systems, but he has spent many years on all phases of vehicle design (concentrating in dynamics and kinematics), solid modeling, and rapid prototyping (using 3D Systems SLA250 machines). In addition, he has done CATIA training, support, and business process and CAD application analysis.

Bob Sheaves has logged over 20,000 hours using various versions of CATIA since 1984. Indeed, he was part of the evaluation group when Chrysler chose CATIA in 1988.

Having worked on-site in Japan, China, and across the United States, for both well-known and less visible automakers and suppliers, Bob is unusually well traveled and experienced. He has frequently lent his views and opinions, valiantly correction misperceptions and fighting ignorance, on the allpar forums and in the site's pages.

Experienced Allpar people suggest arguing with Bob only when you know absolutely and for sure you are right. He has immense patience for questions, uncertainty, guidance, and education, and very little for foolishness, opinion stated as fact, and stubborn inaccuracy.

catnet team

Some of Bob's experience includes:

turbine talk

Allpar pages contributed in whole or in large part by Bob Sheaves include:

Bob Sheaves

Bob Sheaves

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