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Jeremy Schrag, audio expert and Mopar enthusiast

Born into a minister's family during the latter days of 1973, Jeremy Schrag has been interested in electronics in general and audio technology in particular since the early eighties. During that decade, his father took some time off from the ministry to dabble in vehicle sales for a Chrysler dealership before getting back into the ministry in the nineties.

Ever since then, he has been "Mopar, or no car," save for some early rebelliousness behind the wheels of a pair of large Lincolns. Currently, he is on his fifth car and third Chrysler, a 1992 Imperial he "had to own at least one of" purchased in Vancouver in 2008 because he couldn't ever find one close by.

Jeremy Schrag and his 1992 Chrysler Imperial

Experience with the audio side of Chrysler's offerings began with his father's purchase of a brand new 1984 Caravan. While the sound quality was fair with the top of the line Quartz Lock tape deck, Jeremy wasn't satisfied. At age fourteen, he began working on upgrades for the stock sound system that included replacing both rear speakers with Sparkomatic aftermarket models, and adding a Sparkomatic equalizer/booster to drive them. Later, the family upgraded to a loaded 1988 Grand Voyager LE, and he was exposed to Chrysler/Infinity for the first time, kicking off an obsession with sound quality that would last decades.

When the folks' next van and the van after that both came with Infinity, there was no need to upgrade anything. So, Jeremy turned to his own cars. Not having the money to purchase the Chrysler vehicles he wanted, he upgraded the sound systems in his Lincoln with Chrysler/Infinity speakers from a Caravan. He finally bought his first Chrysler in 2004, a 1988 New Yorker Landau. But there was a problem... it had no Infinity. But this wasn't a problem for long, and a couple months later the situation was remedied. From then on, he made sure Infinity came with the cars he bought.

Currently, he spends his days obsessing over audio in his spare time, earning money by writing freelance articles here and there, with the odd electronics repair gig on the side. Future plans include the purchase of a Chrysler minivan with which to go traveling, so that the Imperial can be saved for special occasions. This minivan, if not equipped already, will definitely get the Chrysler/Infinity speakers it deserves. Jeremy already has a full set of speakers for any first to fourth generation minivan he can find.

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