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Ray Alexander, writer and car enthusiast

Ray Alexander grew up in very rural northeast Arkansas. It was so rural that the Rural Electrification Act had not made it to where he lived. His was the last house on the power line. He first drove a car at age 10; he started speeding at age 11.

ray and richard

Ray started to write after reading a book on someone’s life experiences. He thought that he could write on par with the author and he knew that his life had been far more exciting than that of the author. The biggest risk that the author took was removing the contents label from a mattress. There was an entire chapter devoted to this criminal activity.

In the environment of his formative years, a car was a necessity. Living in Los Angeles as a young man proved cars to be a necessity there as well. He moved to San Diego, where again, one must own a car. He did most of his own maintenance. At age 71 he is learning to drag race. Ray has a 2006 Dodge Charger SRT8 that he recently turned 12.007 at 118 mph.

Ray Alexander

In addition to writing about cars, Ray wrote about his Baja adventures. He was also published in Piper Owners Magazine, writing about Piper aircraft.

Ray got started with Allpar by giving them some articles. Then Allpar began to ask him to cover specific automotive events or subjects.

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