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Allpar’s First Board Meeting

Attending: Bob O’Neill (chair), Jim Choate, Bob Lincoln, John Rogers, Mike Valentine, David Zatz

allpar board

One task: we need to set up a group to examine other forums and decide what needs to be done to improve the Allpar forums in layout and setup. Note that we will be moving to the software used by shortly. was proposed as an excellent model.

One member noted that Maryland had an all-Mopar meet of 500-600 cars on the race track (Mason-Dixon).

Note: add upcoming shows to the home page.

Jim suggested sending members to events, photographing them, and writing them up with no formalities such as pre-calls; these members could do writeups like the MOB piece, “pick of the show” car, etc. — then contact them, point them to the article and suggest working with Allpar in a future show.

Allpar ambassadors would have a decal, banner, and special shirts; decent Allpar signs to go with the cars and flutter flags for antennas.

Ways to reward members for contribution event writeups or how-tos: split Google money 50/50, recognition, special forum title, subscription bump-up. Put a shirt and “visit Allpar next week to see your car’s picture” cards into the kit.

Set up an Allpar mailing list for such members. Those who successfully cover at least one show get Allpar Ambassador cards and an Allpar email address.

Give the active off-topic groups their own Facebook group. Jim to implement Facebook hack to show each member's Facebook account from the site if they want. For some reason this is not already in IPB3!

We should do registries for particular cars and have Valiant-specific forums.

Thought: Forum Car of the Month. Members self-nominate at first. Photos go into Registry or Galleyr with link in specific forum thread. Smaller prizes. Voted on by members. Set up poll in separate forum with images, links; voting for two weeks. Nominations, 1st-10th; voting 15th-25th; announcement 26th; Winner on front page with car.

Rules, what to do, etc needed.

Announcement to everyone to fill in their location to help us organize regional events. No good way to get everyone from needed locations to participate.