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Allpar Decals

marioWe now have a fifth order of decals. Because it cuts the price nearly in half, we have just one color - white.

The decals are roughly 5 x 2; they are vinyl, applied to the outside of the window, and easy to peel off when you need to, but are durable when you want them to stay on.

One decal is free to forum donors, regardless of level (Level II and III supporters can get two, with free shipping). Anyone with an active subscription can write to me with their address for free decals.

Choose one of the following and click on Add to Cart, then click on View Cart. You'll be able to change quantities and such afterwards.

When you select a decal, your shopping cart will appear on the top right part of the page. To use a destination outside the U.S., put in OUR address and use the contact form to send us YOUR address, or contact us for a PayPal address.

Consider getting an Allpar patch too! (Note: currently not available.)


Affixing the allpar decals

Here's how you put them on: First, clean the window thoroughly, preferably with a Windex-like product, and let it dry completely.


Devan Standish, our original decal supplier, wrote: "When you apply the decal, go over it with a stiff card with a straight edge at a 45 degree angle, smoothing it out."


Bob O’Neill suggested: “Apply a piece of blue painter’s tape straight at the point where the lower part of the paper would be when you actually apply the decal. Then when you position the decal in advance you can get a good look at it before you have to commit. Then once the decal is applied in the predetermined position and the backing paper has been removed, remove the blue painter’s tape.”

We've been sending out decals the day after they're ordered. If you don't get yours within a week, please let us know! Thank you.

The Allpar Decal Gallery

decal on Road Runner

decal on Dart



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