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A bit of allpar history: May 1997 visitor statistics

The predecessor of Allpar had just moved from Mordor to Simplenet, at, and we were tracking visitors given the change in address.

“During May 1997, there were 4,190 individual visitors; 5,240 total visitors; and 124,285 hits, with 476,745K transmitted. As the month went on and more search-service listings took effect, this number increased. Unfortunately, our mainstays (Altavista and Yahoo) did not record us; Altavista incorrectly has us as a spammer and will not allow the entry of our URL, and Yahoo is simply behind in its updates. Most visitors came from America On-Line, though Boeing had a strong presence for some reason.” (It was later pointed out to us that since Boeing used the same CATIA system as Chrysler, many Chrysler people were hired by Boeing after the takeover was announced and engineers started to flee; the Boeing visitors may have been ex-Chrysler employees, or Boeing managers looking for information on the projects that job applicants had worked on.)

Individual Pages

The top pages were:

May 1997 Page Equivalent page visitors, May 2007
3748 cc/index.html 192145
1973 cc/cars.html 20417
1487 cc/model/models.html  
1346 cc/mopar.html 20281
948 cc/faq.html 1765
911 cc/fix/index.html 18590
632 cc/a/index.html (now
457 cc/hemi/Hemicntr.html 2999
453 cc/news.html 46628
336 cc/cr.html 6193
313 cc/help.html  
293 cc/hemi/newhemi.html  
286 cc/mods.html  
274 cc/4bbl.html 4735
251 cc/list.html  
236 cc/model/roadrunner.html 4856
226 cc/hemi/hemispec.html  
224 cc/fix/codes.html 16508
220 cc/hemi/hemi.html  
206 cc/model/superbird.html 4912
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