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Chryslers at Carlisle, 2005

Click here for Carlisle 2006 and the Allpar Summer Meet at Carlisle.

Chryslers at Carlisle at Allpar

We came on Monday, and saw a steady stream of Mopars running in the other direction the entire time; so the field was fairly denuded by the time we arrived, after the main days of the show. Still, there were a huge number of rare and common cars, spanning all nine or so brands - yes, AMC is welcome. People who visit each of the brand shows there said the Mopar show seemed to have the most families and kids, and the nicest people - but we knew that, right?

Despite Monday being the tail end, there were hundreds of cars out there, not all of them being sold for six or seven figures. There were also events continuing and plenty of vendors; refreshments were not unreasonably priced for this kind of event.

Here are a few sample pictures to get you thinking. Just keep in mind that on Saturday and Sunday, every single square foot of available space would be taken up by people and cars! (Even on Monday, there were people taking test drives on various new Chrysler test vehicles, and activities for kids. Also, there was a hot, hot sun, so take along plenty of water, put on that suntan lotion, and remember to keep the kids under shade now and then and not to feed ’em too much sweet stuff...)

Chryslers at Carlisle at Allpar


dyno testing

inside a Carlisle building

These pictures really don’t show the immensity of the show, how many cars were packed in out of camera reach, or how perfect those cars were. You'd really think that every car made between 1966 and 1975 had been stored under perfect conditions by the factory, except that so many of them are better than they were in the showroom. It's an incredible place, and next time, we’ll take more photos - and be there before Monday, though that makes photography harder, because there are so many people and cars around!

(Don't think you can't show up if your car isn't perfect, there were plenty of not-quite-perfect cars too! Daily drivers showed up in droves, from early cars to brand new ones.)

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