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2011 Allpar at Chryslers at Carlisle

Saturday gathering at the tent

A total of 44 people listed Allpar as their club when they signed up at Carlisle this year; two other Allpar members attended, but had cars in the survivor tent and Building T invitational. Allpar placed #5 in the number of members signing up. See the 2012 Allpar at Carlisle meet page.

The tent


We were happy about our placement this year, with Ed Buczeskie placing Allpar behind the Mopar Collectors’ Guide, nearly at the end of the Road Runner aisle and very close to the grandstand. Our banners were visible from the hill, as well as from the survivor’s tent and other key locations. We got a large tent again this year, thanks to the large number of signups — thanks again to everyone who signed up as an allpar member. We were also happy that most of the tent was on high ground when the monsoon came and some parts of the field started to puddle.

tent location

Allpar tent from above

The tent placement coincidentally helped us to find, for the first time, Russ and Gene Deppen’s cars; they’ve signed up as Allpar members for years but we were never able to find them before. Russ and Gene each took home an Allpar trophy as a result. We were somewhat disappointed, though, that nobody from the contingent showed up, and that our outreach attempts with other groups failed to materialize.

tent in the rain

The talk and lunches

Bob Lincoln’s talk on sensors had a good audience of around a dozen people, though at times he was drowned out by grandstand announcements and at one point by an enthusiastic engine-revvin’ by a Road Runner owner.

bob lincoln

The community lunches went well, with some minor glitches around timing and chairs — we didn’t post the times early enough so some people showed up late, and we ran out of chairs on Saturday. We ended up giving out some refunds and taking some “pay at the door” people. Big thanks go to John Hummel and Dan Peterson, the Friday and Saturday cooks.

cooking in the rain

Along the way, chef Daytona Dan noted that he's trying to sell his 1990 Dodge Dakota project, which has a V6, automatic, and 20 inch lift with IH rear axle, Posi carrier, re-arched Ram springs, new Dana 44 axles, 38-inch wheels, repainted body, and much more, for $3,800; it's not street legal due to headlight and front bumper heights. He's looking on to move to a V8 Daytona project. Contact Allpar for details. He quietly gave away a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee headlight on Saturday...

The trophies

Long Distance Award

No speedometer this year, but Art Smitter drove over 600 miles in his Neon SRT4. While not a record (one year, two members came from Washington — the state — in a Dodge Caliber), it certainly is a respectable distance.



Most Improved 

This was a tough decision, since Troy Snyder’s 1969 Dodge Dart GT could well have taken the Top Classic or Editor’s Choice. In the end, though, it was the modifications that made this car incredible. Troy’s best work was done mostly inside — under the hood and in the cabin — which used completely different materials and yet ended up looking exactly as I suspect Dodge stylists would have done it, had they been able to.

dodge dart GT

Top Classic Car (1924-1969)

This went to Vito LaBella’s red 1967 Plymouth GTX, a beautifully restored car which is still in progress. It’s a family affair, with Vito and his son restoring one part at a time, one project at a time; this year it was the gas tank and fuel lines. They’ve purchased used items, like the console, and hand-restored them. The process and the result are both commendable.

1967 Plymouth GTX

Top Classic Car (1970s)

It was a tough choice, but Dominic Mambu won this with his opulent 1979 Chrysler New Yorker Fifth Avenue, a daily driver that was still clean and stock. Oops! We didn’t get a photo of this one.

Top Modern Car

Anthony Lederhaas’ 2003 Dodge Stratus Coupe — okay, Mitsubishi Eclipse with Dodge sheet metal — garnered this one largely because of his tasteful and effective modifications, including larger brakes with cross-drilled rotors and carbon-fiber hood.

2003 Stratus

Best Interior

Ken and Jan Misal’s 1967 Plymouth Belvedere was a beautiful car inside and out, and it took a while to figure out that it was not an original low-mileage car, but one which had turned the clock already and been restored, in some cases with aftermarket parts (such as the wheels and steering wheel).

1967 plymouth belvedere

Top SUV or Van

Chris Carpenter’s modified Chrysler Town & Country garnered this award again, and probably would have done so for the Carlisle crew as a whole had he parked it with its class. His modifications and stylistic choices show an enthusiasm and practical bent which grab the eye and the mind alike. Numerous visitors stopped to talk with him about it, even in the Road Runner section, where one would think a minivan would be shunned.


Top Daytona

Mike Valentine’s modified Dodge Daytona clearly triumphed in the field (in fairness, Bob Lincoln’s show car refused to move further than five minutes from his house), with sensible and attractive modifications.

Mike Valentine and Daytona

daytona engine

Most Interesting

Russ Deppen has been listing his 1940 Plymouth coupe for years and we’ve never found it in the field until this year, when it was unaccountably sitting among a raft of Plymouth Road Runners. When he acquired the curvaceous prewar Plymouth, it had a Chevy powertrain; he ejected that in favor of a Hemi, with enhanced controls in the cabin. The exterior needs to be repainted at some point, but otherwise the car looks close to stock, and swapping in a Hemi for a Chevy deserves credit in itself. Oops! We didn’t get a photo of this one.

Top Truck

Tim Drake’s 2007 Dodge Dakota R/T, in Invitational Building T, picked up this award; the only additions since the factory made it are the bed cover, windshield graphic, Dakota emblem on the door, and step bars.

Dakota truck

Dodge Dakota

Top LX Car

 Orlan Harman’s tastefully redone 2010 Dodge Challenger, in bright yellow with a matching graphic scheme on the air cleaner (with a honeycomb motif and large Super Bee graphic — get it?), easily picked up Top LX Car. Stephen Schier’s 2009 Dodge Challenger, a beauty in bright red, was not included in the competition as Stephen was one of the judges. Oops! We didn’t get a photo of this one.

Editor’s Choice

 Gene Deppen picked up this trophy for his 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, cleverly adapted to multiple-point fuel injection; he said he’s picked up a few miles per gallon from the big 440 with this homemade system. The car looks clean and mostly stock otherwise. Oops! We didn’t get a photo of this one.

Forum Master’s Choice

 Jim Choate’s body was in Chicago during the judging, but we had a séance and determined that his spirit wanted us to choose Bruce and Lynda Cassavar’s 1977 Dodge Charger Daytona (the Chrysler Cordoba lookalike), a pristine original displayed in the survivors’ tent.

360 V8

Best Product Placement

 Dan Peterson, Saturday’s chef, easily won this award for the second time for his unbeatable graphics. Judge it for yourself!

Dan Peterson

daytona dan

The group hotel

Overall, not many people took advantage of the group hotel, which was inexpensive but rather far from the show. The Wingate in Harrisburg had decent enough facilities, though the desk staff was lackluster and breakfast was good by the standards of motel breakfasts, with seats for everyone, but was just too far away, had a small insect problem, noisy and erratic climate control, and unimpressive sound insulation. rainy tent

Some of the Carlisle events

Carlisle always has lectures, seminars, and meetings with big name racers, rodders, and classic engineers, along with a retro dealership featuring “factory fresh” classic cars, and the legendary swap meet, where you can get anything from literature to unidentifyable, rusty, twisted pieces of presumably classic metal. Admittedly most of the swap meet material is for rear drive cars and trucks but there is a lot for modern stuff as well, not to mention tools and literature. Some of the displays include the invitational area and, at least in 2010, the kewl “barn finds” building. There is also a kid area and the “woman’s oasis.”


More photos: some more cars



1969 Dart GT


slant six

tent drying

hurst challenger

road runners

... and more people ...

The tent was orange, so please excuse color distortions...

Chris Carpenter

vacuum test

Burce and Dave

cooking burgers


table 2

table 3


fri lucnh


dave and gene




dan and smitters

mopar guy



Thursday night


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