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2012 Allpar at Chryslers at Carlisle

richard petty

The big attraction at Carlisle this year was Richard Petty, who came with Diane Sox and his crew chief Dale Inman. The show’s organizers scheduled Richard’s autograph session for Sunday, a bright move since it provided people with a reason to stay on Sunday, traditionally a “ghost town” day, and at the same time limited what would have otherwise been an impossible crowd. As it was, long before The King arrived, there was a line that covered at least half the length of the show field.

saturday lunch

The tent was between Building Y and the Grandstands, off the Manufacturers’ Midway. It was not orange but white this year. The invitational building housed “Daisy Duke” and “Cooter” from the Dukes of Hazzard, as well as the nearly-as-popular Trey Byrum and his SRT-Hemi-powered Plymouth Prowler, several winged racing cars, and other notable vehicles. Dukes fans could also drink in numerous orange Chargers and Dukes-fashioned police car replicas (or real police cars, we did not check).


Hotchkis was giving demonstrations of their suspension gear off at the nearby track.


Bob O’Neill captured another trophy for the Dodge Daytona he rescued (see story), placing best in class according to the Carlisle judges; he brought along two trophies, signed by drag-racing champion Don Garlits himself, from the “Mopars with Big Daddy” show. Bob and his Daytona were later videotaped by the crew.

Bob and Daytona

For the most part, things worked out, except for the extremely nasty heat. We'll use a different water container and have more ice and water. The “big meet” will be at 1 pm on Saturday instead of 2 pm, so we can all get together for lunch and then for the giveaway and, if we do it, trophy presentation. We might drop the trophy run and presentation -- perhaps do it every other year.

srt sunday


dart 360

Perennial members Bob O’Neill, Bob Lincoln, Bruce and Linda Cassavar, Michael Valentine, Dan Peterson, and John Hummel attended once again; Brian Kapral and his parents, Robert and Pat, also showed up. Their superb AACA-standard-restoration Charger and Challenger had only one visible flaw: the factory never made anything this neatly or cleanly. Robert and Pat’s 1970 Dodge Challenger convertible won first place in the senior class at the 2009 national AACA meet, a true achievement; both Kapral cars featured reproduction Mopar tags, which the factory would have put onto the car before shipping it.

1969 cahrger

We welcomed and thank the Central New York Mopars Association, whose members signed up with us; we happily displayed their finely made banner at the tent.

saturday lunch

Trophies and awards

friday talk

We went with a mail order company to get better trophies this year, with “Mopar Stock Car Toppers.” The “Mopar” stock car turns out to be listed just as a generic stock car in the catalog, and could be any number of Dodge or Chevrolet cars from years passed. Some had bad nameplates or Chevy toppers, and all were delivered late, with a plastic base (so much for “marble”), so we ran down to the local shop and got four made the very same day. We will be using alternatives in the future instead of the increasingly-cheap Chinese-parts trophies available to us.

steve abrams

Top Classic CarRobert and Pat Kapral1970 Challenger Convertible#3 (Class)
Top Modern CarJan Misal2010 Dodge Challenger R/T (customized) 
Most InterestingDoug Berry1967 Plymouth VIP acquired in Oregon 
Editor’s Choice Gary Murdock1994 Chrysler LeBaron GTC  
Forum Master’s ChoiceSteve Abrams2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8 
Most ImprovedBrian Kapral1969 Dodge Charger (restored)#1 (Class)
Best ModificationsBeth Mull1970 Plymouth Duster 360 
Best PreservedBruce and Linda Cassavar1977 Dodge Charger Daytona 
Best Daily Driver ClassicKen Misal1967 Plymouth Belvedere II (modified) 
Top Dodge DaytonaMichael Valentine1986 Dodge Daytona#3 (Class)
Top TruckPaul Reiter2005 Dodge Dakota#2 (Class)
Best Allpar PlacementSean Lyons1987 Dodge Daytona Shelby Z 
Top SUVPaul Immo2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 
Long DistanceBob O’Neill1986 Dodge Daytona#1 (Class)
 Brian Merichko1990 Dodge Omni#2 (Class)

Mike and Bob

trophy winners

paul reither

Bob O[Neill

Changes from 2011

On Friday after lunch -- around 12:45 pm -- Bob Lincoln, John Hummel and Bob O'Neill presented diagnostic techniques, including using a multimeter, code scanners, and handheld scope. They walked through some diagnosis scenarios to avoid unnecessary replacement of parts and wasted time. Questions and real-life problems were answered. Video is coming soon.

More photos of the cars and people

Also see our photo galleries on Google Plus: photos by John Hummel • by Bob Lincoln • by David Zatz

Also see Bob Lincoln’s quick YouTube video from the hill

1969 Charger engine
The “Do not touch” sign reads: “The owner of this vehicle has proven to be of questionable sanity just by being willing to spend their free time in parking lots like this. There is no telling what they will do to you if you actually touch this vehicle!”

1969 Charger sticker

1967 belvedere

richard petty and fan

dale inamn

1970 challenger engine

challenger trunk

1970 challenger window sticker

brian omni

Petty car


Also see our photo galleries on Google Plus: photos by John Hummel • by Bob Lincoln • by David Zatz

Also see Bob Lincoln’s quick YouTube video from the hill

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