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Allpar at Chryslers at Carlisle: July 11-13, 2014

tents from above

Carlisle is one of the largest Mopar shows in the country, with literally thousands of cars and trucks showing up every year, with an emphasis on muscle. This year, features included celebrations of a hundred years of Dodge (Brothers) and 50 years of the 426 Hemi; the usual retro dealership filled with like-new vintage cars; and a reunion of 440 Road Runners and Super Bees with triple carburetors. The invitational building was full of Barracudas, which also celebrated their fiftieth year. Unusually, the weather was good — neither 100° in the hot, hot sun, nor deluged with water — or both.

The eighth-mile track has been sold to developers, but now there was an autocross track, and a screening of the Snake & Mongoose movie. The Ramchargers and Golden Commandos also both held reunions, including story telling.

mopar truck

Allpar has been present for around eight years now; this was the first year in which the webmaster was not able to appear, but long-time contributor and New Jersey show organizer Chris Carpenter did a fine job of taking up the slack. Ward and Kathy Carpenter took charge of the community meals, for the first time providing a breakfast-and-lunch meal plan.

New features for the show

2014Event organizer Chris Carpenter arranged for a group rate for Allpar members who check into the Comfort Inn (Mechanicsburg-Harrisburg West), cutting $30 per night from their rate.

He also started a new feature, the “meal ticket,” where people paid one price ($20) for breakfast and lunch on Friday and Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. This broke down to approximately $4 a meal. The price went up to $25 per person for the package at the event.

Event coordinator Chris J. Carpenter set up a new schedule of events and activities for one of the most widely anticipated Chrysler enthusiast events in North America. This includes the “MAKE IT MOPAR” kids activity station, where all young enthusiasts can draw pictures of their favorite Mopars, complete Mopar word games and win prizes for their drawing (thanks, Alex Esarey and Rebecca Tittel, for help creating this).



2014’s Allpar event also included workshops to benefit owners of both classics and contemporary vehicles.

bob day

For more information about Carlisle Chrysler Nationals, and to sign up for the show (please put down as your club), visit A schedule of Allpar events and downloadable (PDF) event packet will be available on later.


Note: any schedule is subject to change.


The Carlisle show

judgingCarlisle has seminars, meetings with big name racers and engineers, and a retro dealership with “factory fresh” classic cars; many come for the massive swap meet, where you can get anything from literature to unidentifyable pieces of rusty metal. There is also a kid area and the “woman’s oasis.”

Also see Carlisle 2011 and Carlisle 2012.


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