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Allpar New Jersey Meet, 2007

cars at the show

This was a nice small show, albeit more than double the size of last year’s show - and we expect next year to be bigger but still friendly and intimate. The weather on October 7 cooperated for the most part, with a quick sprinkling of rain that brought a refreshing change from the 80 degree weather of the late morning; clouds provided relief from the sun and a cool wind kept the climate friendly.

People tended to cluster in groups, chatting and talking, rather than taking up posts at their cars or under individual tents. We’ve been to a few neighborhood and local shows now, and this one seems to be the most open and inviting. Nearly everyone who showed up was showing their car, which meant, among other things, few of the spectators disliked by some classic car owners - the ones who don’t think twice about rubbing their belt buckle up against a brand new (or, worse, original) paint job, dropping their soda into the cars while peering at the dash, or letting their kids run rampant. Mutual respect was the norm.

For me, one of the highlights was meeting Eddie Abbott and his Mopar family again - they appeared at Carlisle two years ago wearing custom Mopar/Allpar T-shirts, and were prevented from coming with their new 1974 Charger in 2007. We’ll almost certainly see them in Carlisle next year, too.

the abbotts

(the following photo was from Carlisle - 2006)

allpar family

The meet was traditionally held by the New Jersey/New York Slant Six club, and they graciously allowed this meet to be used as an experimental Allpar/Club meet. Normally, they got around 15 cars; this year, at least 33 showed up, and next year we expect forty. Half of the club’s net was donated to charity, including the 50/50 raffle.

There were trophies (with popular-vote judging) and raffle prizes, including a surprising number of Meguiars products. There were ten trophy categories, and new categories were created for vehicles that didn’t fit into any of them. Two more trophy categories will be added for 2008 to accommodate the newer vehicles from Allpar members and others who traditionally did not come to these meets. All AMC and Chrysler products were eligible, but this year, no AMCs (or Nashes or Ramblers or Hudsons) showed up; we hope some will be represented next year.




We thank the New Jersey Agricultural Museum, just off Route 1 South, in North Brunswick, for lending us their parking lot and allowing use of their facilities during the show — with special thanks to the Slant Six Club.

allpar meet directions


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