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Allpar New Jersey Meet, October 5, 2008

More information will be posted as we get it.

row of cars

Check out the 2009 Allpar Meet:
October 4, 2009.

The Allpar / Slant Six Club meet in North Brunswick was scheduled to start at 10 am, but people started showing up at 9:30, with the Dodge Ram contingent in particular arriving early to park together. Over 50 people showed up again this year, but in just 33 vehicles, less than last year. The day started with a torrential downpour that began in the night in the Southern part of New Jersey and had not yet completely left North Jersey until after 9 am, which held attendance down somewhat. We still expect over 50 vehicles next year.


The range of cars was fairly wide and eclectic; included were a number of Valiants and Darts, a Savoy with factory turntable, a LeBaron convertible and TC by Maserati, a ’Cuda and GTX, an AMC Javelin, seven Rams, three PT Cruisers, a 1932 Plymouth, and many others, with power ranging from a 2.2 liter four to a bored-out 440 boasting over 500 horsepower. Two cars were for sale — a 1961 Lancer and a 1960 Valiant.

PT line

This year we may have gone a little nuts with the food; there were enough kosher hot dogs for everyone within a one mile radius, as well as hamburgers, pies, two Allpar birthday cakes, brownies, fixin’s, and coffee cakes. That’s not even mentioning liters of iced tea, soda, and such, and gallons of water.

cake slicing

The Allpar birthday cake ceremony took nearly a full minute.


Two grills were running for the whole community; the truck people had their own grill, too. Martin Deutschman ran one grille, and Lona and Ira Alpert ran the other.


Along with the usual trophies and certificates for the winners of each category and the 50/50 raffle, this year the Lee Iaccoca Award was presented to Ben Deutschman, who sustained the New York/New Jersey Slant Six Club for 21 years, putting in extra efforts when the national club disappeared from sight keeping it (with his family’s help) alive and active through years when it must have seemed futile. Ben also organized Metuchen’s regular Cruise Nights.

The prestigious Lee Iacocca Award is given to one individual for “Hobby Excellence,” and requires a $1,000 donation to the Lee Iacocca Foundation; one anonymous donor gave $620, Allpar kicked in $200, Rich Rinisland donated $100, and other members made donations of $30-$50. The recipient was chosen by a committee based on leadership, collector-club activities, community activities, and family involvement; the award was presented by Assemblyman Patrick Diegnan.

The 50/50 raffle brought in $62.50 and $24 was contributed in “food donations.” Allpar donated its share back to the charities, so each of the charities will be getting $35.50. Raffle prizes included $50 gift certificates and hats from Year One; Meguiar’s car care products; two dinner-for-two certificates from Applebees’; andn $25 gift certificates to Apple Hydraulics.

awards ceremony

As in the past, the meet was relaxed and comfortable, with enough to see and do for six hours, and without the long distances and heat of a major meet. We hope to see you there next year.

This AMC Javelin was in great shape. More photos of it will appear on our AMC page later.

AMC javelin

This Plymouth showed up rather late, but it was running perfectly. We’re featuring it as a Car of the Month, sooner or later, so stay tuned.

1932 plymouth







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