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Allpar New Jersey Meet, October 3, 2010, 10 am - 3 pm

plymouth reliant R/T turbo  crowd

The Allpar New Jersey Meet at the Slant Six Club Car Show has been getting bigger every year, but is still “pocket sized” and as much a social event as a car show. There was an $8 ($12 for non-members) show fee; Allpar members (including readers) qualified for the discount.


This year was set a record for participation, with 62 cars and trucks; the cars brought by Allpar and Slant Six Club members were augmented by a contingent from the NYC Mopar Club (alerted by the notices in, and by the owners of five Chrysler Crossfires, also alerted by, who appeared all at once and were able to park together at the far end of the show.

allpar meet

People came from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania (as far as Allentown), and Ohio — the latter in a slant-six powered 1968 Satellite. A SIMCA 1000 was popular among the spectators, many of whom had never seen one.


There were trophies (for all participants, not separated by club) and raffle prizes; despite very random selection, including having the son of a slant six club member pull the tickets, the webmaster of allpar actually won the 50/50, pulling in $87 (the rest went to charities), thanks to the purchase of a "car length" run of tickets ($10).


This year was the first time Allpar members travelled in a caravan from northern NewJersey, starting at Teaneck High School and zipping down the Turnpike at varying speeds; only one member was nearly hit by a bus, and only two Hondas shoved their way into the caravan. Most members made it without incident, though one of the Daytonas, held up at the Turnpike tolls, shot by the exit and had to circle back. (The caravan was an interesting mix, with two PT Cruisers, one Town & Country, a 1971 Dodge Challenger convertible, a 1974 Plymouth Valiant, and two Dodge Daytonas of different generations).

NJ meet

Judging was by popular vote. The location was the New Jersey Agricultural Museum, just off Route 1 South, in North Brunswick.

NJ show

John Daly brought his 1939 Dodge Luxury Liner, Jay Holovacs his 1947 Willys Jeep, and Ray Spicer his original 1973 AMC Matatdor wagon. Jeff Roscoe and Martin Deutschman helped at the registration table, while Scott Sigethy helped count ballots and acted as awards photographer.


Seeing chef Martin Deutschman struggling with his small gas grille, buried in hamburgers and hot dogs, Lona and Ira Alpert immediately returned to their car and brought back another table top grille, which, filled with hot dogs, helped fill the stomachs of visitors. While Dave from Allpar brought 36 hamburgers and 48 hot dogs, it proved to be insufficient, even when coupled with four boxes of cookies, slant six club members’ crumb cake and large apple pastries, and extra buns.


Steve Cherry and his wife came all the way from Ohio — again — and Ron Klinczar came down from Orchard Park NY.

Thanks to the NJ Agricultural Museum for allowing us to take up their parking lot, and use their bathroom facilities. Indeed, the museum actually opened just to allow for the use of their bathroom — the museum itself was closed. Thanks also go to Bruce Reils and Melonie Stemba for donating the second chance prizes for the 50/50 Raffle.

Thanks to Ben Deutschman for assembling the following lists. Photos of award winners are from Scott Sigethy.




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