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Chrysler Fifth Avenue Pictures

What did they look like?

Green 1992 Fifth Ave

This is a 1991 5th Ave. in Champagne

This is a white 5th Ave; a 1991 version

Here you can see the differences in the front end of the 1992 model year. The back end was similarly rounded off for a more contemporary look.

A 1991 Imperial. Exterior differences are the front clip, the taillight arrangement and the extension of the vynil roof to the B pillar.

Inside, Imperial specific seats, door panels, and subtley unique dash styling set it apart from the rest of the New Yorker line.

The interior of the Imperial

A 1992 Imperial in Mahogoney.

This and other Imperial pictures from Superpages

Seem to be a lot of white Fifths out there :) Interesting wheels on this model spied on a used car lot..

The next series of pictures features the car that got me started on all this: My fiance's 1992 Diamond Blue Metallic Fifth Avenue. Nice thing about the color is it hides the time this picture was taken the car was a bit dirty...

On February 3, 2001 this car turned its first 100,000 miles :)

Front end of the Fifth, all cleaned up

A sky shot of the 5th after the bath

Interior from Passenger side. This model features the 'B' package (auto day/night mirror, automatic headlights, floor console, illuminated entry, eight way power front seats, leather steering wheel).

Another interior shot. It's a happy place to be when you're cruising on the highway, as the seats are very comfortable.

Rear seat passengers are kept happy on long trips as well, look at all that rear leg room!

Rear angle. Pentastar trunk lid is in my possession, but hasn't been installed yet. under the lid there's a good amount of room, and the lid opens up high and out of the way.

Here it is with the pentastar trunk lid.

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