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Chrysler-Designed Front Wheel Drive Body Types

Beginning in 1989, body designators became two letters, with most existing designators becoming 'Ax' where 'x' was the original one-letter name. (This page only lists the Ax codes).

Based on the K or extended K platform (EEKs)

Actual K body code, 1981-1989:

Years Dodge Chrysler Plymouth Wheelbase
1981-84 Aries
400 (1982-83)
600 (1984)*
LeBaron sedan** Reliant 99.6
1983-84   Executive Sedan

1983-85   Limousine (1983-85)

1985-88 Aries
LeBaron sedan** Reliant 100.3

*600 2 door sedan/convertible 1984-88 [see E body for 600 4 door]
**1982-86 2 door sedan/convertible; 1982-88 4 door sedan

Extended K family (EEK)

These are cars built with very similar architectures, but having different wheelbases and suspension tuning. Interiors could be completely different and body styles often were, but there was a clear family resemblance and many components tended to be interchangeable.

Pages devoted to these cars may be found by clicking on the code in most cases.

Code Years Dodge Chrysler Plymouth Wheelbase
AA 1989-95 Spirit Saratoga (Europe only)
LeBaron sedan (1990-94)
Acclaim 103.5
AC 1988-93 Dynasty Dynasty (Canada)
New Yorker (1988-92)
Salon (1990-93)

E 1983-88 600 (4-door) E Class (1983-84)
New Yorker (1983-87)
New Yorker Turbo (1988)

Caravelle (1985-88) 103.3
AG 1984-93 Daytona Laser (1984-86) Not the Plymouth Laser! 97
H 1985-89 Lancer LeBaron GTS   103.1
AJ 1987-95   LeBaron coupe (1987-93)
LeBaron convertible
K 1981-89 Aries, 400 600 LeBaron sedan,
Executive, Limousine
Reliant See above
AP 1987-94 Shadow   Sundance
Duster (1992-94)
Q 1989-91   TC by Maserati   93.3
AY 1990-93   Fifth Avenue, Imperial   109.3
AS 1984-90 Caravan Town & Country Voyager 112

Other cars

Code Years Dodge Chrysler Other Wheelbase Notes
AB 1988-92 Monaco (1990-92)   Eagle Premier 106 Based on Renault
CS 2003-7   Pacifica     Minivan based
CT 2008-?   Pacifica      
JA 1995-99 Stratus Cirrus, Sebring convertible (1996+) Plymouth Breeze (1996+) 108 Convertible, 106”
JC/JF/FF Journey Fiat Freemont 2012 refresh; Sebring/Avenger based
JR 2000-06 Stratus Sedan Sebring Sedan   108  
JX 2007- Avenger Sebring / 200   108.9  
KL2014-  Jeep Cherokee  
L (4dr) 1978-90 Omni   Plymouth Horizon 99.1 SIMCA origins
L (2dr) 1979-87 024, Charger   Plymouth TC3, Turismo 96.5 Two-door versions
LH 1993-2004 Intrepid Concorde, New Yorker, LHS, 300M Eagle Vision 103”
LWB: New Yorker, LHS, post-2002 Concorde
N 1982-84 Rampage   Plymouth Scamp 104.2 Omni based
PL 1995-2004 Neon, SRT4 Neon Neon 104-105

2000 redesign with
1” longer wheelbase
PT 2001-10   PT Cruiser   103 Based on Neon
2007-16 Caliber (PM)   Jeep Compass (MK)
Jeep Patriot (MK)
103.7 Based on modified MMC GS platform
UF2015- 200 / 200S / 200C  Related to PF, KL

BD (Plymouth Laser and Eagle Talon) ST, and FJ (Stratus coupe, Sebring coupe, Avenger coupe) were restyled Mitsubishi Eclipses and are not included.

Edward Martelle pointed out:

Omni/Horizon (Omnirizons) were 4-doors only. The 2-door coupes carried Omni 024 and Horizon TC3 names but as you noted were on the shorter wheelbase. They were renamed Charger and Turismo, but basically unchanged. Scamp and Rampage used the coupe front sheetmetal.

Chrysler 300M was the “5 meter” car that was to re-launch Chrysler into Europe; demand was relatively high in the US though the 300M was the smallest of the LH series, yet among the priciest. [Marcus Clenney added that the 300M had short overhangs front and rear to stay under five meters.]

LHS was a longer wheelbase version of LH platform, literally "LH Stretch" (thought it funny that made it as a model name, kind of like the Horizon GLHS.) The second-generation Concorde used the LHS chassis but with different nose and less “jewelry.” From 2002, Concorde was identical to the LHS (which was eliminated shortly after) except for de-contented features, trim and jewelry.


Minivans were Plymouth Voyager and Dodge Caravan; Grand Voyager and Grand Caravan (extended wheelbase models) started 1989 and Chrysler Town & Country (extended) started 1990.

Code Years Notes
1984-95 Major re-engineering for 1991 model year
ES is European-market version
Four-cylinder only through 1988
Turbos, five-speeds available in some years
NS 1996-2000 Completely new; longer, heavier
RS 2001-07 Longer, heavier; Stow N Go arrives for 2005
RT 2008-2017 Dodge, Chrysler share suspension tuning
No four cylinder or short wheelbase
Major refresh for 2011 model year
Swivel seats, table optional for 2008-10
Chrysler “RT” ended in 2016
RU2017-Completely new; Chrysler Pacifica only

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