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The 1999-2003 Chrysler Concorde/Dodge Intrepid Electrical

Body Control Module

The Body Control Module (BCM) had been upgraded to support the J1850 vehicle communications and diagnostics bus and mounted directly on the junction block located in the lower, left cowl side. It was available in two feature levels-base and premium.

3.2 in concorde


Electrical Power Outlet

As shipped from the assembly plant, the outlet (cigarette lighter style) had power only when the ignition was on. By moving a fuse in the instrument panel fuse block, the outlet could have power at all times.

Intra-Vehicle Communications System

A new industry-standard intra-vehicle communications system (SAE J1850) was the means for on-board control modules to share information with each other and to provide plug-in testers with diagnostic information. Concorde and Intrepid were the first Chrysler vehicles to use this technology. J1850 provided the following advantages over the prior communications bus technology:

Wiring System Improvements

New wiring features and their benefits were as follows:

Improved Routing and Harness Protection

Wire harness durability and freedom from BSRs was enhanced through improved routing and protection that included the following features:

Resistive Multiplexing

Wiring capacity was enhanced through the use of resistors in series with switches on the same circuit to indicate by a voltage level which switch had been pressed. Resistive multiplexing had been added to the headlamp and dimmer switches. It was also used with the new central door locking switches, the manual HVAC control mode switch, the power lock, automatic speed control and windshield wiper switches.

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