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Styling of the Dodge Intrepid, Chrysler Concorde, and Eagle Vision

dodge intrepid early prototypeThe exterior appearance of each LH model -- Intrepid, Concorde and Vision -- is not simply the outgrowth of a generic design mold ... a shared overlay, according to Tom Gale. 88% of the major exterior body panels were unique when comparing, for example, the Dodge Intrepid to Eagle Vision.

"We had specific divisional goals in mind for each car. ... the Dodge Intrepid, for example, always was intended to be something we ourselves saw in the Dodge image ... very much an American thing, a performance car ... everything we, internally, saw when we thought of Dodge," Gale said.

Herlitz and Trevor Creed (then director of Passenger Car Interior Design), Gale's 'point' men on the LH Team, cite the Intrepid as the most aggressively styled of the three models, having "the most rakish greenhouse profile."

dodge intrepid design studyCreed points to the Intrepid's instrument panel as being specifically designed for the sporty buyer."It's more driver-oriented," he ventured. "It has a cockpit feel. It's very much reminiscent of the Dodge Viper. On the Vision and Concorde, the instrument panel has more of a full, flow-through orientation."

Gale singles out the Intrepid design as part of a,"conscious, deliberate strategy," to deliver to Dodge a new vehicle that would fit perfectly with its performance image.

"Remember, in the same time frame that we were working on the Intrepid, we also were designing the Stealth, the Viper and modifications to the Daytona," he said. "Now, with Intrepid, you see all the pieces coming together.

1993 eagle vision

Gale views the design of the Eagle Vision as the toughest of the three LH models.

"We've always been particularly proud of the Eagle badge so we decided to design the front end of the Vision with the badge as the inspiration."

The idea was to impart an import character to Vision -- a pure, clean design, devoid of ornamentation.

"We wanted to avoid anything superficial," said Gale. "The 'A' and 'C' pillars are straight forward, the bodyside is a clean line. Added up, this gives Vision more of an international flavor."

1993 concorde

The Concorde is immediately recognized as different from its LH brethren by its full-across tail lights and a unique front-end design anchored by the Chrysler brand's signature, waterfall grille opening panel.

The interior of Concorde, in which the full-across instrument panel is shared with Vision, has woodgrain appliques in strategic places, and is designed to better fit the upscale Chrysler brand character.

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