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2008-2017 Dodge Caravan / Chrysler Town & Country climate control repairs

ImperialCrown wrote about the common problem of having cold air coming from one vent and hot air from another:

climate control

There is an extended warranty for vent doors getting stuck in the “full heat” position; this was for the 2014-15 cars, built after January 12, 2014 (starting with MDH 0113XX) and before May 26, 2015 (up to MDH 0525XX) and having a dual or triple zone climate control system. The company may retune the vent door or replace it entirely if it fails. The warranty extension was five years or 60,000 miles (see service bulletin 24-005-16 rev. B).

There is a flash update for the dual and triple zone climate control systems on 2011-14 Town & Country or Caravan minivans, involving just a computer update, for minivans made before January 14, 2014 (MDH 0113XX or earlier). This covers minivans where hot air comes from the passenger side, or the system sometimes blows cold regardless of the setting (see service bulletin 24-001-16).


A very few vehicles had dash-mounted solar (sun load) sensor issues, as well. This involved only international-sale 2011-14 minivans with dual or triple zone systems made, as far as we can tell, before September 11, 2013; another symptom is headlights always staying on, when in automatic mode (service bulletin 24-002-14).

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