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Roger Lister's Mitsubishi 3.0 Liter V-6 Engine Specifications

Roger Lister wrote:

I'm pulling info from many sources.  Dr. David Zatz and his ALLPAR site, my friend Rob Carter's 3.0 FAQ and his General FAQ, Gary Donovan's site, Paul Berkebile's site, James Dempsey and his Chrysler 3 liter mailing list, Rob Carter and I collaborated on the NEW Mopar minivan Homeworld, and my own personal research [Webmaster note: dead links have been removed].  And many other sources and people and such.  Too numerous to mention.  Including several Chrysler service techs who shall remain nameless for their own protection...


As used in Mitsubishi vehicles

Mitsubishi vehicles (from the Mitsubishi 6G72 FSM, Montero FSM)

Compression ratio 10:1 8.9:1 10:1 8.0:1
Intake valve open 16° BTDC 19° BTDC 16° BTDC 16° BTDC
Intake valve close 66° ATDC 59° ATDC 55° ATDC 55° ATDC
Exhaust valve open 56° BBDC 59° BBDC 48° BBDC 50° BBDC
Exhaust valve close 26° ATDC 19° ATDC 15° ATDC 17° ATDC
Injector N210H B210H BDH210 BDL360

* Naturally aspirated (non-turbo)

Piston clearance (piston to cylinder) .02-.04mm (.0008-.0016")
Service size (overbore) .25,.5,.75,1.00mm; .010,.020,.030,.039"
Throttle body 60 mm

Chrysler version (According to factory service manuals)

  1987-91 1992-95
Compression ratio 8.85:1 8.85:1
Intake valve open 19° BTDC 19° BTDC
Intake valve close 57° ATDC 59° ATDC
Exhaust valve open 57° BBDC 59° BBDC
Exhaust valve close 19° ATDC 19° ATDC
Injector ? ?
Piston clearance Same as MMC .03 - .05 mm (.0012 - .002”)
Service size (overbore) Same as MMC Same as MMC
Horsepower 142 @ 5,000 143 @ 5,000
Torque (pound-feet) 173 @ 2,800 168 @ 2,500 (Chilton)
170 @ 2,800 (FSM)

Apparently the differences between the 1987-89 and 1992 specs are due to a switch from MultiPoint Fuel Injection with SMEC (Single Module Electronics) to Sequential MultiPort Fuel Injection and the SBEC (Single Board Electronics).

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