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Hemi Production Facts and Figures

See an original 1965 Hemi dyno test sheet from Chrysler Corporation!

The race Hemi

The Hemi was reintroduced in 1964 as the “race Hemi.” It had iron heads, a 12.5:1 compression ratio, and two large carbs mounted on a cross-ram manifold. In 1965 the A-990 race Hemi was introduced with aluminum heads and intake manifolds made of magnesium. The race Hemis weren't built again until 1968, when they were bolted into 'Cudas and Darts. These were the fastest, quickest factory race cars ever built, and still dominate the fastest two super stock drag racing classes, SS/A and SS/AA.

Race Hemi Production  
1964 Race Hemi B–Body 271
1965 Race Hemi B-Body 360
1967 Dodge Coronet (W023) 55
1967 Plymouth 
Belvedere (R023)
1968 Hemi Cuda-Dart 155

(1967 figures are from Kevin Dempster)

Street Hemi engines / cars

The street Hemi was introduced in 1966 in B-body models. It was surprisingly similar to the race Hemi, the main differences being in the intake and exhaust manifolds, valve train specs, and compression ratio. Street Hemis were also bolted in E-body models in 1970 and '71.

Street Hemi Production
1966 3,350
1967 1,282
1968 2,428
1969 1,787
1970 1,571
1971 486
Total 10,904
Modern Hemis 5.7 Hemi • SRT 6.1 and 6.46.4 Truck Hemi • Supercharged “Hellcat”
Classic Hemis 426 HemiOld Hemi History • 392 Crate HemiDevelopmentPlane Hemi
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