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The Chrysler 62TE automatic transmission (transaxle)

62TE automatic transmissionThe 62TE six-speed automatic became available in 2007, behind the 3.5 liter V6 on the Sebring/Avenger, and with the 4.0 liter Pacifica. It was later used on minivans, the 200, and the Ram ProMaster.

The 62TE six-speed automatic transaxle builds on Chrysler’s existing four-speed automatic; it added two new primary gear ratios and a secondary ratio for passing at highway speeds.

The six-speed automatic transaxle provided quicker standing-start acceleration because of a numerically higher first-gear ratio. A more robust differential requires less torque management.

Smaller steps between ratios also make for a smoother, quieter ride, as the engine speed doesn’t change as often with each shift. In addition, more ratio choices, more appropriate ratios for quicker acceleration and a lower overall top gear ratio provide a quiet ride and improved fuel economy at highway speeds. The gear ratios of the six-speed transmission allow the engine to work more efficiently at lower speeds, providing the foundation for a spirited driving experience.

The 62TE had a very low first gear for fast launches; second gear was a considerable distance from first, and all gears other than first were fairly close together. The fifth gear was a 1:1 ratio (the same as the top gear in 1970s TorqueFlites), while the high overdrive gear (similar to the 41TE) was designed for strong highway mileage.

First Second Third Fourth Fourth Prime Fifth Sixth Reverse
4.127 2.842 2.284 1.452 1.570 1.000 0.690 3.214

chrysler 62TE automatic transmissionOf note is the "fourth prime" gear, which carries on the tradition of Dodge trucks and Jeeps having a special "kickdown" gear. When the driver accelerates, the transmission uses the standard fourth gear; when the driver hits the gas for passing, the transmission kicks down to “fourth prime,” to make the shift feel smoother while still providing a good power increase.

The 62TE uses variable line pressure (VLP); that is, it will frequently adjust its internal fluid pressure to reduce parasitic losses from the pump and hydraulic system, increasing gas mileage and lengthening the transmission lifespan. It is expected to use standard Chrysler ATF+4 transmission fluid, a high-quality synthetic with good durability over time (up to 100,000 miles or so under normal conditions).

The 62TE six-speed automatic has adaptive electronic control or AutoStick as a standard feature; the torque converter clutch is electronically modulated. In the Chrysler Sebring, it has an overall top gear ratio of 2.248:1 and a final drive ratio of 3.430:1, with a transfer ratio of 0.95:1.

A company called Tesma reportedly designed the underdrive packs (pictured below) for the transmission and were promoting it in 2004; they have since been purchased by long-time Chrysler supplier Magna.

chrysler six-speed automatic transmission

Coming shortly afterwards is the 68RFE for Ram pickup trucks with diesels and large gas engines; the high capacity of these engines should address reliability concerns, while their multitude of gears should help acceleration and gas mileage. The 68RFE is probably not related to the 62TE in most ways.

Thanks to “Mr. LH” and other allpar forums contributors for the information, and to Fernando for the tip on Tesma supplying the underdrive pack! (The underdrive pack includes two clutch packs, one planetary set, two aluminum die-cast housings, input and output shafts, a one-way over-running clutch, six roller bearings, and a total of 60 components altogether. Pistons and dams are stamped.)

torque converter

The 62TE was built in Indiana with components from the Toledo Machining Plant in Ohio.

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