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Chrysler - Plymouth - Dodge Neon Computer Code List

Chrysler’s instructions for retrieving Neon error codes

1. Cycle the ignition key ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON within 5 seconds.

2. Count the number of times the "check engine" lamp on the instrument panel flashes on and off. The number of flashes represents the code. There is a slight pause between the flashes representing the first and second digits of the code. Longer pauses separate individual codes. For example, flash-flash-flash [pause] flash-flash represents the code 32.

To cycle the ignition key ON means to turn it only as far as it takes to get the radio to come on. It does not mean to turn the engine on.

PCM = error computer. MAP = manifold pressure sensor.

The codes

11 Timing belt skipped 1 tooth or more from initial learned value, Intermittent loss of either camshaft or crankshaft position sensor, No crank reference signal detected during engine cranking

12 Direct battery input to PCM was disconnected within the last 50 key-on cycles

13 No change in MAP from start to run

14 MAP sensor voltage too low

15 No vehicle speed sensor signal

16 Battery voltage lost while engine running (may not apply to Neons)

17 Closed loop temp not reached or engine cold too long

21 Oxygen sensor problem, upstream or down stream (there were two sensors)

22 Engine coolant temp sensor out of range

23 Intake air temp sensor out of range

24 Throttle Position sensor out of range

25 Idle air control motor circuits, target idle not reached (+/- 200),vacuum leak found

26 Peak injector circuit voltage has not been reached yet - (may not apply to Neons)

27 Injector control circuit

31 Evap purge flow monitor failure or evap solenoid circuit

32 EGR system failure

33 A/C clutch relay circuit

34 Speed control Solenoid circuits

35 Rad Fan control relay circuit

37 Torque converter clutch solenoid circuit, or park/neutral switch failure; might be low voltage on transmission temperature sensor

41 Generator field not switching properly


43 Multiple/ single cylinder misfire

44 Battery temp sensor volts out of range

46 Charging system voltage too low

47 Battery voltage too low and alternator output too low

51 Fuel system lean

52 Fuel system rich

53 Internal control failure

54 No Cam signal at PCM

55 End of error messages (If you get this only, no errors were found)

62 PCM failure SRI mile not stored

63 PCM Failure EEPROM write denied

64 Catalytic Converter Efficiency Failure

65 Power steering switch failure

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