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Chrysler - Plymouth - Dodge Neon turn signal switch
and ignition cylinder replacement

by David Zatz

So you've hit the brakes, and watched your turn signals go on? Install a new turn signal/hazard switch. It costs under $40 from a dealer, and takes five minutes to install.

  1. Dodge Neon turn signal attachmentDisconnect the battery, to avoid airbag activation or shocks.
  2. If you have Tilt Wheel, raise the steering wheel to the top position.
  3. Look under the steering column - there are four holes. Using a #2 Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws from the two holes closest to the driver, and the one hole closest to the engine. Ignore the other hole ( KidneyBean wrote: “The fourth hole is used to remove the ignition cylinder from the ignition makes removing the bottom steering column cover much easier if you have to. To remove the cylinder, insert the key and turn it to the on position. Then simply feed a screwdriver, pen, etc. into the fourth hole, pushing up gently after it contacts the switch. This retracts the retaining tab on the cylinder which will allow you to easily remove it from the switch. The plastic ring comes out with the cylinder so the bottom steering column cover can be easily removed.” )
  4. Lower the steering wheel to the bottom position.
  5. Gently remove the top of the steering cover shroud (the grey plastic bits that cover the steering column). Don’t remove the bottom.
  6. Unscrew the lone screw on top of the turn signal/hazard flasher assembly.
  7. Plymouth Neon turn signal wiring clipCarefully, remove the two wiring harnesses. For the first one, we painfully used our hand to separate the harness (carefully pushing down on the clip which holds the harness firmly in place, as though friction wasn’t enough, which it is). On the second one, we used the screwdriver to push the retaining clip down while pulling the harness off. Be careful not to gouge yourself!
  8. Put the new wiring harnesses onto the new assembly. Gently push the new assembly into place, then gently get the top part of the shroud back on. Raise the steering column back up, then put the screws back in.

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