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Body codes

For brand new codes, a pattern seems to be emerging for the second digit, with “F” representing a Fiat adaptation of a Chrysler code (or a Chrysler version of a Fiat), and “6” or “A” being a Maserati adaptation. Maybe.

Numbers: Hyundais (Mexico), 10=Verna/Attitude, 16=H100, 21=Atos/i10, 52=1000 van, 55=Trazo; Lancias, 22=Delta, 23=Ypsilon; 92=???

L-cars: LX = 300/300C. LD = Charger. LC = First Challenger. LA = Future Challenger, L2=Chinese 300C, LF=?.

K-cars: KJ/KK=Liberty, KL = Cherokee. K2 = non-Toledo Cherokee, K1 = non-Toledo Liberty

JK = Jeep Wrangler, J3 = Wrangler knockdown kit (Egypt production), JL = Future Wrangler

JS = 200/Avenger; JT = formerly planned 200/Avenger replacement?

U-cars: U1 (new/export), U2 (new/export), UA (Fiat small car), UC (Chrysler midsize/JNAP), UF (Chrysler/Lancia midsize, SHAP — 200 replacement), UG (?), UJ (Jeep midsize), UK (?), UL (old code for KL), UM (?), UT (Dodge Avenger replacement, possibly dead)

JC = Journey, JD = Future Journey, J5 = Journey export, JF = Fiat Freemont, JG = ?, JZ = cancelled Chrysler Journey

WK = Grand Cherokee, W6 = Levante, WD= Durango, WL (2017+ G.C.), WS (Wagoneer? 2016+)

FF = Fiat 500, PF = Dodge Dart

VF = Van-Fiat: Ram ProMaster, PW = full size van?, VR (Daily?), VT (Doblo?)

RM = Unknown, new for 2014; ZD, 2013+ Viper

M = non-Belvidere Patriot, MA= Alfa Cherokee, MM = Toledo version of Jeep compact crossover(?)

P3 = non-Belvidere Compass, PJ = future Compass, PK = future Dodge compact

NE = Next Dakota

RT = minivans; RM = Routan minivan; RU= future minivans (2015/2016?)


D2 = Ram 3500; D3 = future Ram 3500?; DA = Ram 4500/5500; DD = Ram 3500 chassis; DE = ? ; DJ = Ram 2500/3500; DP = Ram 4500/5500; DS = Ram;

DX: Ram (Mexico); DY: Ram (Mexico); DZ: New; DU: Future Ram; DT = Future Ram

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