Done deal: FCA-Ferrari split? (Updated)

The spin-off of Ferrari from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. was completed today. It was announced by FCA’s London headquarters; neither FCA US’ nor Ferrari’s media sites carried the item, though it may appear when the holiday break ends.

Other than a big cash windfall for FCA that will most likely be used to pay down debt, not much will change. An agreement between the Agnelli family’s Exor and Piero Ferrari provides, in essence, the same controlling interest, thanks to a special two-votes-per-share structure. Sergio Marchionne will continue to run the show. Ferrari will continue to trade as RACE on the New York and Milan stock exchanges.

Most Ferrari coverage now will move from Allpar.com to Acarplace.com.

Update: Bloomberg noted that Ferrari was responsible for 12% of FCA’s total profits. Owners of FCA stock (FCAU) were given one Ferrari share for every ten FCA shares. The independent Ferrari is, Bloomberg reported, the most profitable stand-alone automaker.

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