Supercharged Grand Cherokee Trackhawk confirmed

Mike Manley confirmed the future supercharged-Hemi Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk today, according to the Detroit News.

Manley did not describe the Hellcat V8-powered Jeep further, but did say that the Grand Cherokee SRT would continue to be made with its 392 cubic inch V8 as well. The SRT name will apparently continue on the popular performance Jeep.

The Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is debut at the New York Auto Show in April, according to the Detroit newspaper.  He told their reporter, “I don’t see any reason to stop our current Grand Cherokee SRT just because we’ve launched the Trackhawk, because they’re going to be very different vehicles.,”

Allpar has long predicted the Trackhawk, but has cautioned enthusiasts that its power output is likely to be far below the Hellcat’s usual 707 hp — the low-to-mid 600s seems more likely, if AWD is, as rumored, to be used.

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