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Christmas gift ideas for the modern Mopar lover in your life

by Patrick Rall on

Every year, we get lots of questions from readers asking for Christmas gift ideas for the modern Mopar lovers in their lives, so this year, I went ahead and put together a list of the “easiest” gift ideas that most modern Mopar lovers are sure to appreciate. In other words, if you have a car guy or car girl in your life who obsesses about their Mopar muscle car, truck or SUV, here are some gift ideas in time for the ordered items to arrive by December 25th.

Performance Parts

We will start with some basic performance parts that can apply to just about any modern Mopar, from SUVs to trucks to muscle cars. Heck, even a new minivan can benefit from some of these items, so if your favorite modern Mopar lover has a relatively new vehicle that has not been modified at all, the items below are likely to put a smile on his or her face.

By the way, if you aren’t interested in buying parts for a car, scroll down to the next section where we look at other types of gift ideas.

Cold Air Intake

It doesn’t matter whether the Mopar lover in your life has a Ram 1500, a Challenger Hellcat or a Jeep Grand Cherokee – it can benefit from a cold air intake kit. These kits make for a nicer-looking engine bay, they add sound and they often add performance.

I have a Legmaker intake on my Hellcat Challenger and I love it. I picked the Legmaker because the carbon fiber construction looks so much nicer than cheap plastic and the results are fantastic. My car screams like a banshee when the supercharger is providing boost while picking up a few extra horsepower. There are plenty of other companies that make cold air intake kits for modern Mopars – including Mopar – but if Legmaker offers a kit for the vehicle of the modern Mopar lover in your life, that is the unit that I would recommend. They are pricy, but they are worth every cent and best of all, the owner of the company is a diehard Mopar lover with a wicked 9-second Charger.

Oil Catch Can

Next up, we have a performance part that might seem a bit more obscure and non-car-types might not understand what the piece does, but an oil catch can is an excellent upgrade for any modern Mopar – especially those with a Hemi V8. The only company that offers licensed Mopar logos on their catch cans is American Brother Designs, so while most catch cans all do the same basic work, the ABD cans are the only ones that come with the various engine and trimline logos in the exact body colors of modern Mopars.

When ABD announced that they were going to have a catch can for the Hellcat Hemi in matching colors with the SRT Hellcat logo, I was quick to place an order and a year later, I couldn’t be happier with my catch can. Installation was easy and the can keeps a shocking amount of oil from gunking-up my supercharger internals.

There are other companies that offer catch cans that may do just as good of a job of pulling oil from the crankcase pressure relief system, but only the American Brothers Designs piece can be dressed up with a bunch of different Mopar logos.

Cat-Back Exhaust

As is the case with cold air intakes, just about any modern Mopar performance vehicle can benefit from a cat-back exhaust system. In some cases, these free-flowing pipes can add some power, but in most cases, the goal of these aftermarket systems is to add sound and lots of it. There are many companies who offer exhaust systems for modern Mopars, but there are two problems.

First, cat-back exhaust systems for pretty much every modern Mopar are expensive, often costing over a thousand dollars. Second, an exhaust system can be an important decision for the driver, so if you are going to buy your favorite Mopar lover an exhaust system, you might want to get some input in advance.

Active Exhaust Delete Plates

I still run the stock exhaust on my Hellcat Challenger (for now), but to get more sound, I installed a set of MFER1 active exhaust delete plates. Many of the high performance Challengers and Chargers sold since 2015 have a 2.75-inch active exhaust system and frankly, the system sounds a whole lot nicer with the valves open all of the time. However, if you remove the valves or fuss with the actuator, the check engine light will come on.

To prevent that, you install active exhaust valve modifiers like the MFER1. These plates go between the actuator and the valve, so that the actuator thinks that it is still working – thus no check engine light – while holding the valves open all of the time. (A Big Thanks to Craig for the picture of the MFER1 installed on his wicked Widebody Hellcat.)

I didn’t realize how much of a different the MFER1 plates make until I had a Hellcat test car at the same time that I had my own Hellcat with the modifier plates. My car is louder at idle, under light throttle and during deceleration than a stock car, while having lots more of the delightful pops and crackles of the Hemi engine.

This option won’t change the sound of the exhaust, nor will it make the car obnoxiously loud, but for about $150, you can make your favorite Mopar lover’s Challenger or Charger sound even sweeter.

Collectables and Toys

Many of the modern Mopar lovers I know have at least a small collection of die-cast toys and this holiday season, there is a bigger assortment of options than past years. You can find many of these small-scale cars at local stores, but they are the easiest to find on eBay.

For example, Greenlight Collectables makes modern Dodge Chargers and a few different modern Ram trucks in 64th scale (same size as your basic Hot Wheels). Majorette has several different Hellcat Challengers in 64th scale and Hot Wheels offers the Hellcat Challenger, the new Demon, many Ram trucks, various Jeeps and many modern Chargers in 64th scale. The hottest collectable of this size this season is the new Hot Wheels Dodge Demon, which is available in bright yellow and bare metal Zamac form.

If you want something a little bigger, Jada continues to offer the standard Hellcat Challenger in 24th scale die-cast in a variety of colors, as well as the Hellcat Challenger and Charger in plastic radio controlled form. Motor Max has also recently launched their Hellcat Challenger Widebody models and all of these are relatively inexpensive online or in stores.

Finally, if you are interested in buying your favorite Mopar lover a very expensive toy for Christmas, the Kyosho 8th scale Challenger Demon radio controlled car is an interesting option, but it costs around $600.

The bottom line with toys and collectables is that with some searching on eBay, you can find an endless list of new and old toys that will fit into the collection of your favorite Mopar lover.

Dodge Apparel

If your favorite Mopar lover is one who does not collect toys, then perhaps some branded clothing would make a better gift. The best place to get clothing from Dodge, Mopar, Jeep, Chrysler or Ram brands is their official online stores, with Dodge Life having one of the best selections of Mopar performance-related goodies online. On these websites, you will find a huge spread of clothing from shirts to hats to jackets for men, women and children, but you will also find glasses, toys, belts and other branded trinkets. The only downside to the official apparel websites is that they can be pricy, but as someone who does lots of clothes shopping on Dodge Life, I can tell you that their products are generally worth the price.

As for outside companies, the Detroit Shirt Company has a huge spread of licensed items with a wide range in pricing. They have coasters, coffee cups, beer glasses, wine glasses, keychains and – as the company name denotes – tons of shirts.

How About a Book

So, let’s say that your favorite Mopar lover doesn’t have a vehicle to modify, he or she isn’t into toys and they don’t wear branded clothing (which is unlikely), we have one more great option that has more substance than a remote control car, a cold air intake or a shirt. It is a book. That’s right, a book for car guys, but this isn’t just any book.

The book in question is titled Dodge Scat Pack and Plymouth Rapid Transit System: Chrysler’s Muscle Car Marketing Programs 1968-1972. This book is written by Mopar enthusiast Jim Schild and it offers every bit of information any Mopar lover could want to read from the original muscle car era. While the focus is clearly the classic Scat Pack and Rapid Transit programs, the book ends with a look at the modern (2-14-up) Scat Pack programs and the reincarnation of the Scat Pack name as a trim level for the Challenger and Charger.

This book is 191 pages of information on the original and modern Scat Pack cars, with in-depth details and plenty of pictures – sure to keep even the most devout car guy or girl interested in what is on the next page. It has classic pictures, brochures, graphics and marketing materials from the original muscle car era, so the pictures along make this a great book to flip through, but for the gearhead who likes to read, this book is chock full of cool information.

From concepts to production cars and from engine details to marketing programs, this book explains everything that there is to know about the original Mopar muscle car era – and how the modern muscle cars connect to those originals. Best of all, at $34.95, it is a relatively inexpensive gift and since it is a book, it is a “more responsible” and “grown-up” gift when compared to toy cars.

Dodge is killing it in the performance car world today, just like they did back in the 1960s and 1970s, and this book will help any modern Mopar lover get up to speed on the cars that paved the way for the likes of the modern Scat Pack Challenger and Charger.

Patrick Rall was raised a Mopar boy, spending years racing a Dodge Mirada while working his way through college. After spending a few years post-college in the tax accounting field, Patrick made the jump to the world of journalism and his work has been published in magazines and websites around the world.

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