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The Legion of Demons goes racing in Texas

by Patrick Rall on

Earlier this month, a collection of 48 owners of the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon gathered in Houston, Texas for the first ever Legion of Demons Car Club racing event. This event was organized privately with the intention of holding a track event where Demon owners could come together, share tips and work at scoring their best possible quarter mile times in an environment where they aren’t being hurried to get down track. The event was a success, with almost every Demon in attendance running in the 9-second range while many of the drivers recorded their personal-best times.

Demon Group

While the Legion of Demons event was open only to Demon owners, there were two other vehicles racing – a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and a Challenger Redeye – both of which were owned by family member of Demon owners.

The Legion of Demons Meet

I had a chance to speak with Tim Godbee (below with the mic), co-coordinator of the event and founding member of the Legion of Demons. He explained why the Legion of Demons Car Club came to exist and what led to the planning of this remarkable racing event in Texas.

Demon Talk

“The Legion of Demons was a thought not long after I received my Demon. I attended other events that used the Demon as a moniker to attract more cars, but in application we were told to slow down or were included into brackets that did not provide the track conditions necessary to hold the Demon power. The only way I, as an owner, would be happy is if I/we (Demon owners) controlled our environment. Private rental, extreme prep, training for newer drivers, data analysis, a track that had low physical altitude.

Demon Show

An opportunity arose when Brandon Mass and I discussed this. Even though Brandon probably thought I was like many driver-owners with a lot of bench racing, I loaded up and headed west to check out tracks. Halfway to Texas I called him and he was headed to a NASCAR event. I said, man, forget NASCAR and get your ass in the truck and meet me in Texas. We look back at that being the point when the 1st Gathering became real.

Demon Lanes

We rode from track to track speaking with the managers, looking at the surfaces…amenities and hotel availability. We looked at 9 tracks and found that only 4 really were appropriate with dates available. We polled the members that were starting to sign up and overwhelmingly Houston Raceway Park Powered by Pennzoil was chosen.”

The Weekend’s Events

Next, Godbee explained the events of the weekend from start to finish from the first-hand perspective.

Demon Burnout Wheel Close

“I felt it important to build the event around what I expect as an owner to see at an event. I wanted it to feel more corporate, like a convention for Demons. I know that there are some processes that I used to be the first private owned Demon in the 9s with nittos that could be taught. So the plan was to instruct and inform the owners on how to accomplish 9s. We arrived to Houston started setting up, giving registration packets meeting the drivers We had 1 PCP demon on display, 1 RedEye HC on display.

Demon Race Side by Side

Friday morning we battled fog and weather and at noon we made the call to use our rain day which was Sunday. At Friday’s lunch we informed the drivers and crew of the setback and proceeded to discuss the process developed for the sessions with the cars. Friday night street races were still on, and the inclusion of our Demons allowed for us to run with the streetcars. We ran some passes and rain came twice, eventually shutting it down for the night.

Demon Rear Burnout Black

Saturday morning we delayed the actual racing until noon so that way we could spend the morning taking individual pics and the group photo I envisioned for several months, which came out as designed. After the photos we went straight into test and tune, then session practice where we performed the hot lap sequences that we designed for the event. Our test and tune and practice ran us right up to our 8pm cold track time. We ate dinner in tower hall (renamed Legion Hall), discussing our processes and assisting those who currently needed to achieve their 9 second slip.

Demon Pair Launching

Also, throughout the event, we had transbrake, line lock and launch control classes out on the far side of the pit area. I feel this is important to learn from the experienced drivers that have mastered the functions.

Demon Burnout Rear Driver Side

Sunday morning we delayed hot track 30 minutes to let the sun hit the track, not to mention the 20mph winds from Saturday were still present. The Density Altitude was -2100; such a shame wind and track were not in the prime zone with that DA. As the sun came up, the wind slowed and the track came to us. Density altitude hovered around -500 the rest of the day. Cars running 9.7s in the 20mph headwind with -2000DA ran same and in some cases exact same times in -500 with almost no headwind. We set all the conditions we needed to break that record, all we needed was the weather to cooperate. For the most part it did, but if the head wind was not there we would have a lot more to talk about. You know, this just gives us reason to go after it again. We will have our private gathering again. It was great because of the people involved… like family. We just need to find that DA again and a track that works with us as Pennzoil Houston Raceway Park did on this one.

Black Demon Mid Track

We still had 7 cars go into the 9.7s that morning, 13 into the 9.8s and 16 of the final 20 stockers achieved 9s. The last few were attempting different records before going after 9s such as one car with a full interior with full tank of 93 running in 808 mode, which ran a 10.30 @ 130 miles per hour.

Demon Burnout Passenger Rear

We then focused on getting everyone who raced in the “run for the record” (referring to Dodge’s 9.65 record) and the “get that 9” session on Sunday, resulting in a full list of consistent 9-second passes. We did have members who once achieving a 9-second run, parked their car and helped others achieve their goals. My hat is off to them, selfless acts all around from every owner, driver and crew member.

Demon Huge Front Burnout

I would like to thank the following people:
-My Family, especially Shelby, Ashley, Kimberly and Cole
– Brandon Mass of Mass Traction, Track Operations and Event Co-Coordinator
– SE Ross, Creative Producer & Lead Photographer
– Jaiy Braulick, Associate Photographer
– Austin Hayward, Track Manager – Houston Raceway Park
– Ben Warloc Blalock racemaster extraordinaire
-Jerome Helcat Stone
-Jason Moll”

Demon Burnout Close Front

Detailed Results

The first Legion of Demons racing event had drivers from 17 US states and two Canadian provinces, with Doug Reddicopp traveling to Houston from Abbotsford, British Columbia while Dave Hayes had the longest drive, coming from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. American states represented included Massachussets, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, California, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Mississippi, Kentucky, Ohio, Louisiana, Texas, Minnesota, Arizona, Missouri, South Carolina and Georgia.

Red Demon Big Launch

There were 48 Demons, 42 of which were stock, 5 were modified and one was show-only. 38 of the 42 stock cars participated in the “Run for the Record” and all 38 of those cars ran in the 9-second range. Every Demon in attendance launched with the wheels up, too.

Demon Dark Low Rear burnout

The quickest all-stock run, including the factory-issued Nitto tires, was made by Ray Zografos, who ran a 9.786 at 137 miles per hour. Ron Silva turned in the quickest stock-power time with a 9.715 at 136 and the quickest overall run was a made by the modified Demon of Marc Heidings, running a 9.146 at 144.

Yellow Demon Burnout

Randi Foraker had the highest top speed of a stock-power car with a 140.12, Jason Moll ran a stunning 10.36 with full interior, a full tank of gas and 808hp mode on Nittos, Dustin Keltie made the quickest full-interior run and Rose Chadwick had the quickest run by a sunroof car.

Demon Burnout PAssenger Side

Below, you will find a list of the best elapsed times turned in by each of the Demons in attendance. The first group is cars that were fully stock, including the Nitto drag radials. The second group is stock wheels with some other brand of drag radials with stock power while the third group is stock power, different wheels and different tires. The fourth group is the modified groups, with a variety of upgrades that yield more than stock power. It should be noted that there were two cars that broke at the track and did not get into the 9s, including Jeff Murphy ([email protected] – broken driveshaft) and Lucus Kirkpatrick (10.348 @ 130 – broken axle), who drove his Redeye to a current record of 10.39 @ 130 with 20” drag radials.

Yellow Demon Staging

Stock Power, Stock Tires:
Ray Zografos [email protected] (Single seat) Current Record
Rob Cripe [email protected] (Single seat)
Matt Edwards [email protected] (Single seat)
Dustin Keltie [email protected] (Full Interior) Current Record
Tom Taylor [email protected] (Single seat)
Dave Hayes [email protected] (Single seat)
Rose Chadwick [email protected] (Single seat, Sunroof) Current Record
Gerald Off [email protected] (Full Interior)
Jerry Sanford [email protected] (Full Interior)
Jim Marino [email protected] (Full Interior)
Eric Brumley [email protected] (Full Interior)
Felix Reyes [email protected] (Full Interior)
Mike Wilson [email protected] (Full Interior)
Kevin Knapp [email protected] (Full Interior)

Demons High Track

Stock Power, Stock Wheels, Different Drag Radials:
Catherine Kosiba [email protected] (Single seat) Current Record
David Davies [email protected] (Single seat)
Henry Fernandez [email protected] (Single seat)
Ken Presley [email protected] (Single seat)
Stephen Keen [email protected] (Single seat)
Alan Ley [email protected] (Single seat)
Tim Holmberg [email protected] (Single seat)
Michael Yon [email protected] (Single seat)
Walter Warner [email protected] (Single seat)
Tim Hatcher [email protected] (Single seat)
Michael Sudul [email protected] (Single seat)
Charles Jordan [email protected] (Single seat)
Brandon Sanford [email protected] (Single seat)
Cameron Sanford [email protected] (Single seat)

Blue Demon Wheel Close

Stock Power, Aftermarket Wheels and Drag Radials:
Ron Silva [email protected] (Single seat) Current record
Nephtali Garibay [email protected] (Single seat)
Jason Fetter [email protected] (Single seat)
Tim Godbee [email protected] (Single seat)
Randi Foraker [email protected] (Single seat)
Adam Mueller [email protected] (Single seat)
Nick Brioc [email protected] (Full Interior)
Eric Taylor F [email protected] (Full Interior)
Robert Stephens [email protected] (Single seat)

Modified Cars:
Marc Heidings [email protected]  Current record
Clayton Schmeisser [email protected]
Doug Reddicopp [email protected]
Dale Arnold [email protected]
Herman Young [email protected]

Patrick Rall was raised a Mopar boy, spending years racing a Dodge Mirada while working his way through college. After spending a few years post-college in the tax accounting field, Patrick made the jump to the world of journalism and his work has been published in magazines and websites around the world.

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