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The 150,000 Mile Club

Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, Jeep, DeSoto, and Eagle car owners who have over 100,000 miles on the odometer - membership is now closed due to overwhelming response! See our 200,000 mile club!

We are not responsible for any errors or for any consequences of the use or abuse of this information, or for any consequences of its veracity or lack thereof.

Due to overwhelming response, we can no longer take vehicles with under 200,000 miles. Click here for the 200,000 mile club!

Engines: the 3.0 liter V-6 and 2.6 liter 4 are Mitsubishi engines. All others are Chrysler engines.

All submission were sent from April to June 1999. This list is now up to date.

The 150,000 Mile Club

Year Miles (K) Model Major Repairs Owner Drivetrain Notes
1988 188K Daytona Shelby Z Head gaskets John Nelson 2.2 Turbo I (took out intercooler from T2) Driven hard and fast, including at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Full boost in the corners = 115 coming onto the straight! Best time from Dallas to Portland: average 69.5 mph, 27mpg. Never used oil. Dino/synthetic mix @ 3500. 33 mpg highway if take it easy. Show-ready.
1989 190K Horizon Head gasket @ 150K Anita Robinson 2.2 manual Original clutch, burns no oil, oil @ 6K, bought new
1987 181K Daytona Trans @ 85K, half shafts Angelo Franchi 2.2 auto "You're supposed to change the oil?
1987 190K LeBaron Coupe Steering and water pump, steering rack @ 180K Michael DeZelar 2.2 Oil @ 3K. Original exhaust. No trans work.
1989 184K Grand Caravan Engine, trans, shocks, struts, right drive axle & hub, a/c compressor replaced John J. Flynn Mitsubishi 3.0 V6
1980 176K Volare None! Gary Viola slant 6, 2 bbl My first car
1991 168K LeBaron J Convertible Head gasket 5/97 George Coleman 3.0 / 4 spd auto Purchased at 167K, came w/head gasket receipt
1988 154K Gran Fury (M) Gas tank, lean burn system Michael Hammelman 318 4V (police)/ auto Bought at auction for [email protected] miles
1973 151K Valiant Front end overhaul @ 120K, trans/carb rebuild and front brakes @ 135K Matthew S. Neerman 225/A904 auto Known since brand new. Oil @ 3K, tuned @ 3 years
1987 168K Shadow Head gasket @ 143 Dwight Elliott 2.2 Oil changed every 3K
1988 160K Voyager Exhaust Kevin Blanton 2.5 liter 4 cylinder Oil changed every 4K. Purchased with 46K miles. Does not burn oil.
1987 181K Aries Head gasket @ 141, rings @ 181 Dwight Elliott 2.2 Oil. changed every 3K
1993 152K Spirit Trans rebuilt @ 125K, again at 142K (pan knocked loose) Jock W. Shirey 3.0 / A-604 Oil changed ever 3K, "driven hard," runs well
1989 155K Shadow ES 4-dr Steering pump, rod bearings Craig Golden 2.5 TBI, 5 speed Drive it hard, often! Oil @ 3K. Burns a bit of oil.
1989 168K Voyager SE Head gasket @ 148K, trans @ 150K Brian P. Minnebo 2.5 Turbo 4, A413 auto Bleed boost up to 11 lb (stock 9 lb). Changed the oil once in 20K miles. "Love my van."
1983 150K+ Reliant Wagon Head gasket, engine mounts, trans shifter connection Stephen Matthews 4 speed Got used @ 20K, in flood.
1995 155K Neon Sport Head gasket @ 142K, [email protected] Kent McLean 2.0 SOHC automatic Original trans fluid, struts, muffler...2nd owner (bought @ 73K)
1985 175K Voyager New axles, exhaust; rods & [email protected] Jack Ostrander 2.2 / 5 speed Doesn't burn oil.
1987 163K LeBaron coupe Electronic dash Frank Nagy 2.2 turbo, 5 spd Sold in 1995 with original belts, clutch, trans, "may have been the best car I ever had."
1986 153K Laser (G) Clutch, struts, half shafts, engine mounts, brakes Matthew Neerman 2.2 TBI, 5 speed Runs just fine.
1987 157K Dakota water pump Guy Beatty 3.9 Wrecked in 1994, sold, saw a year later...used synthetic 10W40
1986 176K LeBaron GTS Head gasket @ 150, radiator @ 150, 2 water pumps, U-joint @ 140K, strut @ 130K, power steering pump @ 160K Scott Gray 2.2 Turbo Regular Oil Changes, Used STP Oil Treatment after 100K miles, driven hard and fast from Day 1, drips some oil now at main seals, original exhaust, involved in "Overnight Evaluation" scandal.
1987 169K Daytona Shelby Z Transmission Carlos Perez 2.2 turbo II (stock) Faster than my 72 Charger
1984 160K Ram Trans @ 135K, fuel pump Mike O'Donnell 225, auto Used for deliveries, bought Jan 98 with 89K, prior record unknown
1962 169K Valiant Suburban Rebuilt front end, repainted J. Silver Super 225, auto trans My daily driver, bought w/97K
1989 153K Dakota None (3rd owner - had for 4 yrs) Douglas Jones V6 auto Oil @ 3500.
1992 158K Dakota Water pump @ 120K Ronny Andrews 318/auto Never had a tuneup
1979 159K Diplomat None Cliff Rozar 318 2 bbl A-904 auto Oil @ 2500. Bought @ 110K from neighbor.
1988 150K Lancer ES Fuel injectors, trans, water pump, AIS motors, head gasket George Denzinger A-413 auto, 2.2 Turbo I Oil @ 3000, air @ 6000, "We drove the crap out of that car." Original exhaust. No alignment needed, "crappy service people."
1991 150+K Acclaim 1 cam seal, front struts, a/c John BonneCarrere 2.5/3 speed auto/lockup Sold last year @ 146K, still on street, knows new owner. NAPA oil @ 3K.
1988 150K Reliant Nothing since 75K (bought used) Anita Robinson Burns no oil, oil changes @ 6K
1988 177K Grand Caravan SE Trans @ 148K, valve guides @ 168K Robert E. Carter III 3.0 V6/ automatic Bought around 1996, 2nd owner
1985 151K LeBaron GTS (H) Head gasket @ 129K Christopher Connor 2.2 Turbo I, A413 auto K&N, performance computer, oil cooler. Trans fluid changed annually, oil @ 3K.
1988 167K Daytona Shelby Z Clutch, CV axles, power steering pump William Lambert 2.2 Turbo, 5 speed I have raced RS Camaros, RX7s, 300ZXs, and just about anything else that wanted to see what a four-banger could do... The original motor is still in tact as well as the original turbo. It uses no oil and still gets approximately 30 MPG.
1988 125K Daytona Head gasket @ 140Kkm, clutch @ 200Kkm, front wheel bearings @ 201Kkm Mark Schmit 2.5 / 5 speed
1982 163K Ramcharger Trans rebuilt @ 154K due to overfill Kirk Winters 318 4V/A727/4x4 Primary family vehicle since new, still is. self maintained
1989 162K D150 pickup AC compressor @ 157K, just blew motor due to stuck thermostat John Anderson 318 TBI / 3 speed auto Wish I'd changed that thermostat.
1985 177K Ram 350 Water pump [withheld] 360 4V, 727 auto
1991 154K LeBaron convertible rotors/drums, needs top, stalls Bill Wiegmann 3.0 auto
1989 192K Daytona ES steering @ 90K Charles Guerra 2.5 / 5 spd Oil leak but not bad, still get 25-30 mpg
1989 192K Horizon new head (cam broke) Jorge Leon 2.2 tbi, 5 spd Engine stock and original, suspension upgraded from 1984 GLH
1968 189K Fury III botched engine rebuild before I bought it Anthony Priore 318 / 727 Best car built by Plymouth
1986 179K Voyager struts, timing chain, a/c, left axle William R. Cupples 2.6 MMC, auto Bought in 1988
1988 171K Grand Voyager head gasket @ 80K, block @ 85K Tom Holley 3.0 V6, auto been a good vehicle needs valve guides
1984 174K Diplomat new to me Adam Shivers 5.2 (318) - police I love her to the end (her name is Louise) she'll be with me
1988 155K LeBaron head gasket Paul Quintin Jr 2.2 turbo Original turbo
1988 150K Voyager head gasket, engine problems Babubhai Lad 3.0 (MMC) V6, auto Just recently (a week ago) the transmission went bad. [July 1999]7
1995 158K Neon head gasket, oil leak Kathy Robinson SOHC It's a good little car
1986 154K Aries Wagon unknown - bought w/143K Buddy Murray 2.5/3 spd auto
155K Aspen none Donald Michael Schofield 225 "Super Six" Restoring
1984 197K Gran Fury front end rebuilt, carb rebuilt Michael Jantzen 318 V8, 3 speed auto (lockup, I think) Engine badly needs tuneup :)
1989 187K Dakota 2 trans rebuilds, 2 computers, cam chain, rear end brgs Greg A. Dillon 3.9 V6, A500 Heads never off, has NEVER left us stranded, wife drives fast!
1971 165K Imperial valves, trans rebuilt after breaking rev band during burnout Greg A. Dillon 440/727 HD Got in 1981 from proverbial "little old lady"
1993 153K Dynasty LE fuel pump, about to redo rear suspension John D. Harmon 3.3 V6 / A-604 4 spd auto Workhorse
1985 153K Caravan starter, catalytic converter Jonathan Hunt 2.6 MMC Runs like a dream, body in good shape too
1990 167K Acclaim Block cracked at 167K due to water pump failure. Peter Reddish 2.5 TBI, A413 auto Now has 1994 drivetrain with 40K miles. Good body.
1980 176K Voalre motor change, rear end upgraded, repainted Chris Swiatowy slant six from 1973 Dart (with 310K miles) / A904
1989 170K Spirit head gasket Jeremy Weaver 2.5 liter turbo, auto Parents bought it used in 1989, now my first car.
1990 152K Spirit none Josh Greenawalt 2.5 liter/5 speed Runs perfect
1984 174K Laser head gasket, half shafts Jason Tillman 2.2 auto runs great, drive daily and on long trips
1987 188K D150 fuel pump, "just normal stuff" Bill Amberger 360 4V, 727 auto Driven daily
1978 155K Newport Rear end, trans repaired at 155K Paul Volkmann 440/727
1986 177K Aries wagon none Steve 2.5 liter
170K Omni GLH-T suspension overhaul @ 167K Drew Baumhaer 2.2 turbo, 5 speed A525 Motor and trans original and untouched - no rebuilds!
1988 191K Shadow Head gasket, front springs, clutch, paint, brakes, exhaust Nick Stenz 2.2 5-speed Almost ready to attempt '88 Sundance RS turbo motor swap
1993 185K Dakota front end rebuilt, fuel pump Matt Durbahn 3.9 auto Got run over by a Yuk but she till goes and goes
1989 189K Omni GLHS eats head gaskets, starter Ian Howard 2.2 turbo, 5 speed Speed demon, affectionately known as "the hatchback from Hell"
1989 161K LeBaron none Eddie Seymour 2.5 turbo, atuo
1978 157K Magnum none Bill Amberger 360 2V, A998 with lockup Bought new June 1978, retired from daily use 1990, restoring

The 100,000 Mile Club - "Just Broken In"

(No additional submissions are being taken unless you have over 150,000 miles)

Year Miles Model Major Repairs Owner Drivetrain Notes
1989 124,279 Aries Head gasket @ 120K Stephen Matthews 2.2/5 spd Oil @ 9K until 90K miles, then @ 3K
1967 134,400 Barracuda None!! Dave Rothman 273 V8, 4 spd manual Owned since 1974. Do all my own maintenance.
1987 130,659 Voyager Valve guides, radiator, head gasket, brake rotors Dale Schroyer 3.0 V6/3 spd auto Oil @ 3K
1987 128,210 Grand Caravan Valve guides @95K. Water pump, oil pump gasket, front crankshaft oil seal, camshaft oil seals. Needs both half shafts. Roger Lister 3.0 V6, 3 speed auto "It is hands down the best vehicle I have ever owned....and I am working towards making it one of the fastest minivans out there"
1995 100,000 Neon Highline None Matt S. Rogers 2.0 manual I know it is a little early to be writing in but I doubt there are many Neons out there with 100k+.
105,000 Dodge Dart GTS Rebuilt engine/trans/power steering pump at 100K Richard Kendzora 340 engine, 727 trans Oil changed twice a year. Needs leaf springs.
1992 100,000 Shadow Radiator, a/c compressor Tim J. Inouye auto trans Still going strong, despite "combat driving" in Honolulu
1989 145,000 Daytona [email protected], ps pump @ 140K Thomas R. Mize III 2.5 TBI, 5 spd Bought w/86K, runs like new
1987 111,600 LeBaron Coupe (J) New head @ 80K, rockers @ 105. 3rd set of axles. Ean Orsel 2.2 turbo I / 3 speed auto New cam ate factory rockers. Still full compression. Synthetic oil.
1978 143,000 Volare Coupe Carburetor Edward R Hennessy 225 /6 2-bbl, A904 auto Car known since new. Oil changes every 6 mos till 1991, 3 mos after.
1986 134,345 Daytona Cam, lifters, followers, struts, floor, 5th gera Bill Countie 2.2 T1, 5 spd Needs engine work. Saved from crusher.
136,273  600 Convertible Engine, trans rebuilt, new top. Howard Reiss Survived 1 kid, another starting to drive. Bought 10/95.
1984 145,000 Daytona TZ Trans replaced @ 140K John Stump 2.2 turbo, 5 spd Burns a little oil
1973 126,000 Duster Twister Floor, frame, brakes, exhaust Jesse Moser 318/904 auto 3K oil changes. Drivetrain all original, never taken apart
1975 137,309 Valiant radiator, head gasket Elliot Burd 225 slant six, auto
133,000 Caravan SE engine gaskets and timing chain Marc Patterson 3.3 V6, 4 spd auto All engine work done before I bought it - we love the 3.3!
1991 112,000 Spirit R/T timing belts Jorge Leon 2.2 Turbo III, 5 spd Killer commuting car, eats timing belts, humbles Mustangs (224 hp)
1985 141,000 Reliant none John T. Rotterman Leaks a little oil and trans fluid
1989 125,000 Sundance RS none Dave Killeffer 2.5 turbo I, A525 manual Very quick and fun to drive, squeaks in front suspension.
1991 145,000 Shadow America cam, crank seals, struts, fuel pump K. Fox 2.2 / 5 spd No smoke, original exhaust and clutch
1992 125,000 Sundance Duster trans replaced, brakes fixed Keith William Kunze V6 (3.0), auto car runs excellent
1992 134,000 Grand Caravan Replaced trans @ 109K Robert Kortyna 3.3 V6/4 spd auto
1993 104,000 Dodge Shadow ES None Kevin St. Andrie 4 speed auto, MMC V-6 Oil change every 6K miles. "Great car."


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