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About the Plymouth Owners Club

A great and almost hidden resource is the Plymouth Owners Club, Inc. This organization puts out a surprisingly high-quality magazine (an eleven-time Old Cars Weekly Golden Quill Award winner) six times a year, with excellent articles on a variety of older Plymouths, from the very first models in the 1920s through 1974 (cars are eligible when they turn 25).

The Plymouth Owners Club has many regional chapters (though you must be a national member to be a regional member). It also has many technical advisors who can answer questions about specific cars.

A sample Plymouth Bulletin...
  • The first and last Plymouths
  • History of the Bulletin
  • Many other features in this large anniversary issue!
  • The Golden Furys' Golden Moment
  • Overdrive vs. Points
  • The Plymouth of the Century
  • The P15 (including Canadian P15s)
  • Rare 1937 Plymouth station wagon
  • Classified ads: rare parts and cars

The Club gives out a number of awards, including the Chrysler Corporation Trophy to the Best of Show (1928-39) at each national meet; the Mayflower Award to the best four-door sedan not winning Best of Show at each national meet; and Editors Awards for outstanding contributions by the members to the Plymouth Bulletin. Judging classes are:

Membership is $22 per year ($24 for the first year) in US funds and can be paid by VISA or MasterCard. Overseas members may get airmail delivery of the Bulletin for $45/year. It's a bargain!

At least two meets per year are held - at bleat one East of the Mississippi and at least one West of the Mississippi. On years ending in "8" a single Grand National Meet is held in the Detroit area in honor of Plymouth's 1928 beginning.

The Plymouth Owners Club also has a video library - videos may be rented. Details are in the Bulletin.

For more information, write to P O Box 416, Cavalier, North Dakota 58220-0416 or visit their Web site.

For back issues, write to the Plymouth Club Store, c/o Bill & Lynn Bartlett, 1045 West 13th, Crete, Nebraska 68333-2011.

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