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Recollections of a Ramcharger, Part 26: SAE Museum

Let us depart from the history stories for a quick trip to the Chrysler Museum on April 30, 2012. The Mid-Michigan Section of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) invited the Ramchargers to discuss the engineering innovations we introduced to drag racing.

group photo

Normally these meetings attract about 20 people. This meeting attracted over 200 people and we had to make our presentation twice because the theater would only hold 100. In addition many senior Chrysler executives were in attendance. Eighteen cars were invited, and all but two clones (High and Mighty and the ’64 Super Stock) were either class winners and/or national record holders. Attached are a sample of photos from the event.




tom hoover and high and mighty


new challenger

The Ramchargers racing team
Back row, left to right: Jim Thornton, Mike (H.H.) Buckel, John Wehrly, Dick Burke, Dave Rockwell (author).
Front row, left to right: Barns Daniels, Gary Congdon, Tom Coddington, Pete McNichol with the cover poster of We Were The Ramchargers
(by Dave Rockwell, published by SAE; see review).

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1. Introduction: Joining the Ramchargers10. Drag Racing the Hemi19. The 1965 championships
2. 1961 Super Stock racing, experiments11. 1964 Hemi Domination 20. Puzzling results in ’66
3. Racing a Chevy on its home turf12. First Late-Model Hemi Dragster21. Rocket fuel, girdles, and springs
4. Trying Automatics13. Max Wedge Family Car22. Squirrely runs and a strong finish
5. 1962: Max Wedge, Indy Nats, Big Trucks14. Birth of the Funny Car23. Back in the engine lab...  
6. Al Eckstrand’s Last Ramchargers Race15. The Trip from Hell24. A revolutionary new body
7. Testing Tires and a New Rig 16. Clobbering Ford, “Funny Cars”25. Supercharging the big Hemi
8. Match Racing, Engine Lab, Jail17. Nitro ’6526. At the SAE presentation, 2012
9. The Hemi: Elephant Rising18. Big loads of nitro27. The 1967 racing season


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